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My Testimony

Updated on February 20, 2013

Finding your Purpose

For I am not what they say I am... Because what they say I am is an illusion. An illusion... For what they see is the man in the mirror and to only see the flesh and physical attributes of a man who has been battered and beaten from his NOT so loyal relationship to Christ. I started childhood with Jesus in my heart with not knowing much about him from the lack of Sunday schools which only came once a year...Easter, like many. But regardless of this lack of knowledge I craved the truth, his truth. I wanted to be just like him and never do anything wrong and to strive for perfection as he did. Well, apparently these were too big of words for a 7 year old, it wasn’t long before I was tested on this loyalty. I believe that it was not the Lord tested me but his opposite began to invade my brain throwing logic and reason, science and new age ideas. Finally it got to where the Dark Side my word for devil after all these words are just labels made by man to give more power to the entity, with no intention of doing so but their ignorance is bliss to this entity. Anyway the Dark had totally tricked me to do just as it wanted by showing me a world who just didn’t care, no shoulder to cry on, no one to see people for who they really are. Well little did he know I still had Christ in my heart, I turned cold for many years from 10-18 I was a not a great person. I thought no one cared bout what was inside so why should I. Well all that changed. My father was just on the verge of leaving this world, a very emotional time in my life. Christ that was in me began to show his truth to me but only what could handle at the time, each day came with more and more insights , dreams and intuitions. I started to feel the worlds pain as he does and was trying to bare that weight of the world on my shoulders. I was so ignorant myself, as he showed me that no one man can bare this weight by his self and that is the purpose driven.... to not bare this on my own but to work in his corner for him not be the light but to reflect his light so that it can be felt by many. When I was a boy I wanted to be the light, so The Lord let me try and fail as he knew I would have to see first hand what was in my the years to come and the trial and tribulations of the Darks commitment to put out my light. Well the dark cant touch my light if it is a reflection from my saviors Light., cant put a reflection. This is my turning point.

I was a light worker and I felt it in my heart and soul. That's what it took to get me to understand my gifts that I felt as a boy and their power to bring many to Christ. I found Christ and his Father Prime Creator (my label for GOD) I found him when I wouldn’t have expected him to still be with when I doubted so and questioned him for the truth. Excepting nothing but the truth and In his way he showed me the truth. He showed me the evil and what it will do to me to get me off Lords path then follow the rest of the world into darkness. Where people are too scared to believe in the lord because they don’t understand him. What they say they understand is the here, the now, the physical, whats real in this dimension not whats bigger and beyond physical. So they say they don’t believe in anything when in fact they are saying from their heart and in their eyes not with their mouth but they are saying " help me understand ". So once I had this realization I began to receive so many contracts as i called them. These contracts were people who like me had Jesus deep down inside so deep we felt as it left us. But the lord gave me that ability to see within peoples souls and see them for who they really are. Those were the ones that were able to be saved, those were the ones who felt unsure and claimed to not believe in anything, as I once believed myself. So I had a mission, a conquest, a purpose driven life. I began to receive messages from forgotten souls that deserved light but couldn’t rest until their messages would be delivered because they did not want to leave their loved ones sad and hurt. Now i do believe these spirits were already in the light but needed it to be brighter knowing their loved ones would find the light when their time came. Because with no guide through an unfamiliar realm one could easily get lost, this is what we call ghosts. They missed the light cause it was not bright enough or ceased to exist at all, this is what happens when you forget that spirit is real and think there is not a NEXT journey after this life. If you don’t believe in a heaven or that you just die and that’s it then you are depriving your loved ones who can come and escort you to the next of being able to shine. So you can see the way. So what I began to do is listen to them, trying to keep my sanity I asked the lord to help me understand this connection being made. So the following night while meditating, I had an intuition of a controlled planned connection being organized by a higher Archangel or higher power, allowing the connection to be made because these people who it pertained to were like me worth saving.

After that night I was sort of sketchy on the whole idea of what my purpose was, because I was beginning to hear some people say a Medium is not of God , So I visited my good friend a Pastor at her home. The first thing she said to me when she let me inside was " I am surprised the Devil let you get here" and that was very strange because I turned around twice talking myself out of it making up all kinds of reasons why i shouldn’t go there . So I told her everything the road i took to get here from a non-believer to a believer and the purpose I felt I was here for. along with the idea of being a medium. She said the lord was radiating from me and gave me the green light as she put it. But only if I kept Jesus and his father at center of it. So I did. She said she always knew that God had great plans for me and as a boy I remember her often telling me that but I just thought she said this to lots of kids to provide some hope to a troubled boy with a not so great home life. But she was right....When I left there I was so ready to take on what the "devil" or man i should say has declared broken or better yet has confused. Shortly after that day my father past away and I was so caught up in trying to help others that didn’t even noticed my father might not make it through the outcome of what The dark had done to him and at the same time what better way to knock a young light worker off his chariot. It worked! I was so regretful for what I didn’t do for or say to my father that I completely shut down. Not that I didn’t want to still be a light worker but I just didn’t think I deserved to I guess. But now I'm back.... I’m ready to start where I left off, these past 7 years, I have gotten married have beautiful children and couldn’t ask for me nor could my father would have asked for. My point is... I never felt completely satisfied with what I was doing, what my motivations and intentions were. I felt like I was wasting my time and time was running out! So I'm calling you out and asking all for a hand I cant do it on my own, help me make a stand and carry out his plan. This is my testimony


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    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      "each day came with more and more insights" and to reflect His light for others. Such beautiful wisdom. Voted up and awesome.