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My Two Cents on why God Created Man

Updated on July 1, 2012
There are three that bare record in Heaven and those three are ONE.
There are three that bare record in Heaven and those three are ONE. | Source

In the Beginning God Created

Well here we go again with this is this and that is that. All scripture is good and Not one piece of it is for any ones private interpretation, for all to hold too. This is were most god fearing Christians go astray in my own opinion.

They do not know who they are seeking and how or why they are seeking to begin with. They do not know or care to know the rest of the story. They only wish to be saved and live out their life; here. As they already are believing that they know what they were told to be true. And yet, not fully understanding who it is that has told them, their truth. They do not ever realize there are two who claim this title and one is wholly deceived into believing he is; and he has been here longer and was with us daily incarnate or in his GOD given body one unlike our own.

He is the god of this world our earth and he is known as the Dark Prince, Satan, that old dragon, the devil, Death and many more names. He can appear as an angel of light. And does so whenever there is a soul to deceive. He is in your home, your church, and at times your mind and the mind of others. Do you know how to discern him out?

Who Holds the Truth and Why is it That There are Three Recorded Records?

First off we must always be seeking the truth. For it is not here with us today incarnate or in the flesh body, (as we are) but only in spirit. Only His Gospels remain. And they have been tampered with as often as GOD allows the ruling body of this world; our earth to do. There are too few churches today that teach the bible to those who can not read or comprehend, those with small vocabularies. Those with little understanding of communications and how they rule the world.

When one first comes to the Knowledge of GOD or even that there is such a Being they begin a Journey and they do so at their own pace. They wrestle with the very Idea of such a being and they may do so all of their lives and some according to the story are under a gift from Father to do so. The gift is a gift of slumber of being fixed to the line drawn between the Father and the Fallen Son.

The greatest power that Satan has over us is the power to influence; to make us question what it is we believe and this is his new order of business. As before it was to enlighten us to the Father and His Kingdom.

Understand One thing if you don't get anything else from this write GOD is the Creator of ALL it is His purpose that He purposed for Himself and He does so to the best of His GODLY abilities which are perfect. And He does this because it "Pleases" Him to do so. He loves His Job. And He does it Perfectly!

There are three records, because there is now three periods of Time. One before the Fall, the Fall itself, and after the Fall. Our current Time period or dimension of it the present is now being recorded.

So Why did GOD Create Man (Adam)?

Adam was Created to call the fallen and Lucifer back to repentance. And GOD decided that the Fallen who took this chance would need a new teacher. To do what the first would not do. Lucifer being that first who was awarded the commandment to do this Task which he then turned into a Coup D'etat an Over through a Revolt. In other words Lucifer wish to become the ruling Body of this small group of free will created beings.

The ones that could show true love instead of service. Now this is what the theologians contend that some of GOD's creation had no choice of free will. I say NUTZ to that! GOD being the One and Only Creator would have no need to do this enslavement thing purposed. And if he did we would not be here where we are today. Nor would there need be a governmental body or a Mercy Seat in Heaven which there is according to the story and scriptures. And GOD is the Same today as He was yesterday as will He be tomorrow. For Time is not greater then He that cause it to come into being.

There is Nothing New Under the Sun or of the Son of GOD

Lucifer after the fall was given a New Name by the Father it is Satan for Lucifer did not and still refuses to repent from his trespasses. Upon GOD the Father, The Creator of all! Upon the Order that was of Heaven; that was, and upon the Children of Heaven.

God planted a new seed (a new Crop) in a garden (the Garden) and went to prepare a place for this crop and when He did He commissioned the Brightest and the best to care for that crop of seedlings. GOD has a Purpose for everything He did, does, and has always had a Purpose. These I believe were just a crop of Angels that were likened to those that already were.

They were not better or different just incomplete or not of age. Everything GOD creates is Free for with out freedom there can be no true Love. Case in point Lucifer chose as did, the fallen angels chose, as they still choose. As did the angels that Lucifer went to war with, they all chose. As we all must now do; we must chose Life with the Creator or Death with the contender.

Did GOD Create the Man of Flesh?

In my opinion GOD did not create Adam in the flesh. Not until after he fell. Satan is a trickster, a deceiver, a murder, and a liar. In fact GOD calls him the Father of all Lies, the first Murder, and Death. But GOD does not repent from His gifts and like it it or Not! He loves all of His creation. Satan being one of them. And a highly prized one made in the full pattern of GOD's image. GOD so states this, and that He wishes that None of His children should Parish He does not wish to lose even Satan (Lucifer). But it is decided and was done so by Satan, he chose to and shall parish.And GOD will not repent from this his decision (Satan's decision).

GOD also states that His children are destroyed because of their lack of Knowledge. And Satan is the cause of this as well. And this makes him the destroyer as well; as well as many more things of destruction or names of the beast.

The one who caused "The Fall" and the "Original Sin" the Original Sin is the failure to repent. Nothing more and Nothing less. Before this there were only trespasses made upon the only One Perfect Being and His creation. And there was, is, and always shall be a "Mercy Seat" a Place for Forgiveness.

GOD is a Jealous God (a possessive God). He wants His children back and has caused a limit of time. Because of this failure to repent. God doesn't like the Hell (the separation) caused by Satan's Desire to be GOD or greater than GOD. GOD States that hell is the separation from His Creations or Children. Hell is also known as the grave or garbage pit; were destruction takes place. The Lake of Fire is designed for only one; until after, The Great White Throne of Judgment.

Satan is the God of this earth or he was until he was told to "get thee behind me Satan" by his Maker. Who told Satan this? The story and the scripture say it was Jesus but Jesus in the flesh was not Satan's Maker. Lucifer caused his change to come about. Not GOD! By his failing to repent to the truth of Who GOD is. Lucifer denied the truth and fails to acknowledge the truth. This is why GOD calls him Satan.

Man the New Soul (Adam) was created to try and get Satan (Lucifer) to come back to his designed calling. Which was to instruct the children of GOD; and not to rule over them. God provides an escape from this world created by Satan and his beguiled followers. who all wish to be GODS and not of GOD's. TIME was created to put an end of this evil behavior and this behavior shall never again be allowed into the eternity.

There is a choice to be made by all here and that is to chose between LIFE or death. The true GOD and the one who has deceived himself some angels and this world, our earth, and our Nursery. The god of this world with GOD's help created the Fallen into their Image of what Satan beheld for himself, what he desired to be, and Satan doesn't see the flaws in his creation. Do you?

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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      What Most would Fail to realize is That the casting Out was not as we would Know it! As humans. I shouldn't be answering you just now because I just returned from my Night Out which is to my shame a drinking night of Pool and beer. I am still a little buzzed, but I will; because I am moved too. Anyways, But Lucifer was Not and ordinary Angel, But a special Angel.

      Some say a Cherubim others aren't sure. I would say He was higher then a cherubim Because he was made in the full pattern according to the scriptures. So Yes much higher. Another case and point is that Micheal the now arched angel would not contend with him (Satan) over Mosses's Body of Flesh. But Lucifer was a special angel with a special authority The one who covereth what did he covereth it was the Mercy Seat or GOD's throne the place of forgiveness. The !/3 I believe as do others that they were new seed or a new planting.Babes in a nursery. As God Is a Creator He Creates and He Does so because it pleases Him to Do so.

      What Satan Did was in all accounts was Hi-Jack the Nursery God's favorite place in the whole of Creation our Earth The actual Center of the Universe. And I know this makes me sound like a loon, but it is truth. Case in Point Where is God Coming too or better yet returning too? Here Earth Just read Revelations And You will soon get this truth. So No God doesn't know everything before hand but as it happens and God has the world's best insight to the facts at hand so yes it may seem to us that He is all knowing and in fact this is a truth because until it does happen it is not a fact or a free will result. God never casted anyone From Heaven. Lucifer fell from Heaven along with those that were under his authority But they did not fall in the physical sense Powers and Principalities Is what this War is about. As I said I should Better answer this Tomorrow as I need rest.

    • SamboRambo profile image

      Samuel E. Richardson 6 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah

      When the 'dragon' was cast out, he was cast out to earth, with, as you said in another post, 1/3 part of the host of heaven. They are now tempting us.

      God knew they would tempt us. So why did He cast them down to earth? Why not Mars, or to another solar system?

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Why was he in the Garden and why was he not suppose to be eaten from?

      Todays Bibles are not how we as humans ever learned the words of Christ OR THE "SAINTS" or the Prophets.

      These all were taught to others these stories and Told over and over through the years brought forward from past believer who received what they sought.

      The Bible is not complete the story is not complete. I can not give you what you will not ask the Lord God for, or the Comforter that he promised to send for you to ask of.

      If you do ask God in Jesus name for the answers that you seek. I can only present you with the parts of the Story as I have received then You must Seek, You must Knock, you must Fast, you must Pray,you Must build your relationship with God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (Ghost) To ever receive what it is you are seeking.

      Read the Good Book as a Book and not a Legal document and the story will begin to come to you. In Heaven we Know there is Order or an Order we Know who is the Head of that Order The final word the truth.

      Lucifer was an angel of Authority a bright an morning Star Jesus is the Bright an morning Star Jesus was the Greatest Teach that ever was or will be. Lucifer when he Fell was a Cherubim Know he is Know as One that has no truth Left in himself Satan the name God Gave to him because of his Failing what did he Fail to do? what is it We are to do ? Repent and sin No more! the lesson was not given by the one who did sin First and who still has not repented from the First Original sin Satan believes that he is right and that GOD is wrong. You will only get this by asking from Father the truth of the Story that he has sent to us through inspired Men. Jesus states that he saw Lucifer fall from Heaven as a fallen star falls So Lucifer was More then an average angel in fact he was the Angel that covereth.

      What did this mean? Satan who was Lucifer he was the one who protected the Mercy Seat. What is the mercy seat? it is where GOD deals out Forgiveness.

      What is the First Sin ever Made? The Failure to seek Forgiveness from the Only Perfect Being GOD the Father and Creator. Satan is the very reason we all are Here. This is what the war in Heaven was and is about.

    • profile image

      einron 6 years ago

      Interesting theory, but I prefer some Bible quotes. Can you cite which verses indicate that Satan was supposed to teach man?