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My View of After life

Updated on June 28, 2017

Every single person in this world will eventually die. That is why I chose to research and write about the topic of “after Life”. Majority of world religions have a belief on the meaning of death and after life. All other things in life are not bound to happen, we might not get children, we might not be rich, we might do the things we always want to do, but death is the only thing which everyone is sure of. We will all eventually die and as such, the notion of life after death becomes extremely important for every conscious person.

Christians do believe that there is life after death and that even though when we die our bodies are buried underground or cremated, the soul continues to live on until the Day of Judgment. Since our savior Jesus Christ died on the cross and resurrected on the third day, Christians too have hope of being resurrected just like Jesus Christ if they live according to the teachings of Jesus and accept him into their lives (Woodhead, 2004). Christians believe that life after death was made possible for everyone when Jesus was born human and when he died on the cross. This can be found in the book of John 11:25-27 and Romans 10:5-19.

Christians know their God as a just and fair God and as a result, will judge every individual according to how they lived. Most Christians believe that there will be judgment in the life after death and God will judge them with regard to how they had lived their lives before death. Further, the Bible presents several descriptions about how heaven will, though there is no clear picture of how it will appear. Some Christians believe that heaven is only the act of being reunited with God because their souls live on when they die. Other Christians believe that heaven is a real and physical place and their bodies go there when they die. Similarly, there is no specific description of how hell really is. Some Christians therefore, believe that hell is a state of spiritual separation from God while others perceive hell as a place full of suffering, punishment and separation from God. Some Christians hold the notion that there is a place between heaven and hell where souls stay awaiting judgment, and preparing for heaven as they cleanse themselves from sin (Sheffield, 2004). A number of Christians believe that God has set aside a place in His kingdom for people from other faiths and for those who lived an honorable life even if they did not hear about God. Christians believe in the much anticipated return of their savior Jesus Christ to earth. During this time, the dead will rise, and judgment will be passed on every soul after which the kingdom of God will be established (Ratzinger, 2010). More on this is found in the book of John 5:24.

In the social environment where I come from, we believe in life after death. Consequently, several rituals are performed when someone dies to prepare them for the afterlife. For instance, there was one incident where my aunt had to be buried with her favorite dress because she kept saying she wanted to use it when she passes on to the next life. Christians have had the idea of an afterlife embedded in their minds and they strongly believe that all people will continue living on even after dying.


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