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Wheels in my fathers Will

Updated on February 9, 2012


Wheels in My fathers Will

Wheels in My fathers Will

My waiting period is a period of immense teaching and thorough purging from my Lord. I had cried to my father (the father of the fatherless) to brake me down everywhere I needed breaking and remould me where I needed remoulding. I had said, father uproot every tree in my life that I have planted with my own will and trees that the enemies have planted in my life that you have never planted there, fill every hole with your flower and let them begin to blossom with nice scent. Renew my youth and fortify me with everything new from before your throne. I had prayed all sorts of prayers and had most importantly surrendered my wheel to His will, I told Him to take me through all I needed to go through for me to be who HE wants me to be. He answered my prayers and sent me on a training.

One of My training grounds was at my friends’ house. My friend has two growing children and my father sent me there to learn both from my friend and her children. You may wonder how God was going to do the training but He did and most days I spent in her house looking after her children were learning days, all I had to do was to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in what events of the day He wanted me to learn from daily. To tell you how God trained me, I need to tell you one of my daily encounters.

The sky was blue and clear, there was a bit of sunshine and an airy atmosphere today; spring was here, flowers were budding, life was blooming and everybody seemed happier than usual. It was this particular day that I decided to surprise my friends’ little 4yrs old boy. On my usual rounds of picking him up from school, i decided to take his bicycle with me. He had often pestered me in bringing his bicycle along for him to ride back on the way home alongside his classmates. I knew he would be exceedingly happy and grateful for bringing his bicycle and it was so when I saw Joshua - the king of the lions (he had carved out the name for himself after seeing grandma read from the book of Joshua in the bible one morning and had subtly insisted we all call him by the name).

Joshua – the king of the lions is a really happy, lovely kid, caring kid with a large heart. He ran with arms opened wide and shouted my name while running to embrace me, I quickly hid the bicycle and gave him a massive hug while he chatted away about events that transpired at school earlier on (he only spends two and half hours at school but he always has stories to tell) I listened on and he suddenly spotted the bicycle behind me where I hid it, he wriggled himself out of my big hands still wrapped around his little body with eyes wide opened and a big smile on his small framed face, his lumped body straightened out and his small round full lips chatted away excitedly shouting, aunty you brought my bike, I’m excited (he was indeed excited as he jumped up and down in excitement). He spotted one of his school mates, Jake riding his bicycle and shouted animatedly at Jake to wait for him.

Joshua excitedly jumped on his bicycle shouting wait for me Jake! Wait for me Jake! while trying to peddle to move the bicycle forward, to the amazement of on lookers impressed in this little boy’s energy and enthusiasm to ride his beloved bicycle and to my dismay, Joshua was peddling backward instead of forward peddling, he was not moving the bicycle forward, he revealed he did not know how to peddle. I couldn’t take it anymore, I cheered him up alongside his friend who was also trying to teach him how to peddle forward in his identical bike but Joshua would peddle forward and almost immediately retreated to peddling backward.

Jake – Joshua’s friend had to leave him behind to go home with his momma who was becoming more impatient with him and Joshua began to cry, his friend had left him and he really wanted to ride with his friend. I tried to console his little broken heart while nursing my melting confidence in the ability of my friend's son to ride his bicycle. I just could not fathom that he could not ride his bicycle because he was so excited about it.

While getting ready for the bed at night, I pondered over the day’s incident and something clicked on the inside of me and revealed, how most times in our attempt to move forward in life, make a living for ourselves, leave a legacy or attempt to affect our generations and generations to come positively, we ride the wheels of life given us by the father backward especially when we do it with our own strengths, energy, knowledge and expertise without consulting the Holy Spirit to guide us. We carve out images, careers, marriages, ministries and even contingencies for ourselves without a proper consultation to heaven. I realized that many at times when we ride our wheels like this, we struggle and when the grace is there to help us, we are still not working in the Will of the father. Until we learn to put our 'wheels' in His Will, until we stop controlling and manipulating the ‘wheels’ by our own strength and hand over to His Will, ‘the engine will never stop coughing up smokes’.

Father let your will be done! is a simple prayer but with different meanings to different people and for me it is a difficult prayer to utter to the almighty father because it requires total and complete submission of ‘my wheel – my life in spooks’ to the will of Him who moulded and put me together but what better way to ride and maintain my wheel than to surrender to the maker. Life is like a wheel with a will to drive on behind it but when the wheel is ‘faulty’ or in troubles and trials and the will is shaken, the best way to maintain the wheel is to turn it to the maker to fix it not turn the wheel to the garage because the garage will only make temporary fixes or patch things up and will only concentrate on the one faulty object but the maker will revamp the whole wheel and the body; and will create a new wheel to match the whole new body. 'Is there anything too hard for the LORD to do?' and ‘Is there any one who puts the new wine in an old wineskin’?

When you and I ride our wheels ( the wheel of life) daily in our own interests and knowledge, we become like my friends son who kept peddling backward on his bicycle in his own knowledge with the hope to move forward despite many nudges and instructions; but when we surrender our wheels – our lives to His will of total submission and we have no control whatsoever and the Holy Spirit controls, directs, informs, guides and guard everything we do (though this may be difficult in the controlled and manipulative world we all live in) then our wheels are renewed and the will to move on becomes easy and the journey begins and lo! It will be a smooth journey though bumpy sometimes but his peace will never leave our hearts, giving us the assurance that all will be well.

It is never too late to surrender to the father’s Will for only He can revamp the old wheel, He also controls the Will behind the wheel when permission is given and it’s the best thing we could all do for ourselves as we continue to embark on the journey of life with a restored wheel. Please find a place for His will in your wheel.

Have a happy week in His will!


Ayoola Bandele

A chosen generation


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      So there will be no smooth journey in life without God's will be done

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • Cari Jean profile image

      Cari Jean 

      8 years ago from Bismarck, ND

      It's amazing what God can show us through the little anecdotes in our life. Thanks for sharing this.

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      God speed i really enjoyed reading you hub thanks


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