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My day with the Lord

Updated on July 29, 2011

When we all get to heaven

It is no secret among my readers that I am a Christian and a minister. Therefore it is no great surprise that I plan to make heaven my eternal home. We have heard about this wonderful place for centuries and it is still as fascinating today as it was two thousand years ago. But have you ever really given any thought to heaven and what you will do there? When we hear someone mention heaven the first thing that comes to mind are streets of gold and gates of pearl. While all this is absolutely wonderful nothing can compare to the true jewel of heaven, Jesus Christ. I have for most of my short years on this planet longed to meet and converse with the Lord of Lords and king of kings. Jesus has visited me several times in my dreams and we have walked and talked together, he has spoken at length to me in my night visions of things I must do to please him and how much he loves me. Yet these night visits with the master are always short lived and leave me longing for more. One day a thought came to me, "What if I could have Jesus all to myself for one whole day in heaven? (Yes I realize that there is no concept of time in heaven but for the sake of "what if" We are going to look at twenty four hours with the Lord God almighty.) So come with me as I visit with the master and have all to myself for one whole day.

Preparing to meet him

It is another perfect morning in heaven and I am ecstatic because today is the day that I get to spend with the Lord Jesus and have him all to myself for the entire day. "Oh my, I am beside myself with excitement, Jesus is coming to my house to spend time with me, just me!" Where do I begin, what shall I do first? Ready, I must be ready; dress I must put my best garment on. I have been here in heaven for several years now and I still haven't gotten use to having exactly what I want or need at the tips of my fingers. While I have many beautiful robes and garments, today is different today I will be presenting myself to the Lord.

I must have a look in the wardrobe, ah here it is, I found it a beautiful with robe without spot or blemish. Now that I am properly adorned I must make ready my house, opening the windows over the garden I set about to tidy everything up and make sure that everything is in place. As I fussed about the house a brilliant flash of light shot through the open window. As the Glare faded there stood Michael, with his chin resting in his palms, holding a face filled with an inquisitive smile.

"Good Morning, Johnny." What's all the fuss about? After all it is heaven you know, there is nothing imperfect here, why, just look at yourself in that glorified body." I hardly glanced at the mirror that he was holding as I went about my straightening and dusting. The Transparent gold dust shimmered like fireflies as it fluttered in the air around me as I worked. "This must be some special house guest if you are making all this fuss about it. " Michael said in a jovial tone. The warrior angel and I had been fast friends since my arrival in heaven. He saw me running one day and mischievously attempted to race me and lost. He was extremely intrigued by a mortal who could out run an angel. As the race ended He took to flight shooting ahead of me and standing in a battle stance to face me. I stopped short at the sight of this magnificent creature standing before me with his hand outstretched palm up as if he were ordering me to stop. I stood there eyeing him curiously, wondering to myself why such an important leader of the kingdom would be wasting his time with me. "Halt human!" he commanded, how is it that you run so fast, fast enough to outrun an angel? I should have been afraid but I was not, I reached out and shook his outstretched hand, "Johnny Newell I said smiling, You see sir I was never able to run on earth so I guess I'm just making up for lost time." "Ah and you ran well my friend." he said playfully. " They that run the race run all, but only one receives the prize." I shot back not wishing to be outdone." Before long the two of us were almost inseparable.

I am sorry my friend but I have to finish I have a very special guest today. "More special than me my friend?" He inquired. "He is your creator, I answered with a big smile." With a flash of light he was gone, and no sooner had the light faded than a great peace fell over me and suddenly there stood the master. I fell on my knees immediately and began worshiping the Lord. He gently placed his hand on my shoulder and said "Arise my son." I stood, trying not to look him in the face but I could not turn away. I looked into his eyes like fire and his love for me swept over me like a tsunami and suddenly I was at ease.

Christ My Companion

He spoke softly and his voice was very comforting, as amazing as he was he talked to me like an old friend. "I am your guest for the day Johnny, what would you like to do?" Imagine that Jesus Christ was asking me what "I" wanted to do. I paused for a long time and then said a verse from the garden of Gesemanie prayer. "Not my will but thy will be done." Jesus smiled and said there is no need for you to quote scripture to me today, just be yourself and tell me what you want to do.

A lifetime of Questions:

"Can I ask you some questions, Lord?"

"Anything you wish, my son."

"Why was I born crippled Lord, why did I have Spina Bifida?" In a blink of an eye we were at the Gates of heaven where it seemed thousands of people were coming through the gate. Jesus waved his hand and pointed to the crowd, These are the people who came to me through your ministry, many of them were drawn to the church because they watched you struggle to walk and get around, yet you never complained.

In a flash we were looking at my funeral and one of the women who we saw walking through the gate was talking with my daughter. " Your dad was such a special man, he struggled so hard in his life, yet you never saw him without his smile. One day he was having a really hard time getting around and I asked him, how do you do it, how do you keep going?" He just smiled even bigger and said " I walk by faith!" Your dad's attitude about his life made me want to be a Christian, I wanted to know the God that could make you smile through that kind of adversity. The following Sunday I was saved at your dad's church and I've been a Christian ever since. Suddenly we were back at heaven's gate, the Lord waved his hand and said these are they which were won through your struggles.

Faces Unseen

We turned away from the gate and I asked Jesus about different people whom I hadn't seen upon my arrival in heaven. His face fell and the sadness that overcame him was almost unbearable to watch. " There are many whom I reached out to who would not hear me. Many of whom I gave great wealth and riches, some whom I allowed to endure hardships, hoping they would turn to me for comfort and help, but they would not. Then they were those who became engaged to me and followed my will for awhile but when persecution came, they left me for the pleasures of life. Many claimed to be my bride but when I was hungry they passed me by, knowing I had blessed them with the means to help me, There were others who seeing me thirsty would not even bother to give me a drink of water. I filled up their hospitals and jails and never once did they take time out of their busy day to visit me. I sent them Apostles, Prophets, Preachers, evangelist, pastor's and teachers to tell them of my love and this beautiful place you now call home. They stoned the prophets and killed the preachers, withstood the Apostles and discredited the evangelist and teachers. Then when I visited their places of worship in sackcloth and ashes they turned me away saying that they didn't want me to bring my troubles and miseries there. But if you can't go to church when your troubled, who is there left to care. So I left them alone and I went out into the ghetto's, allies, and slums, I spoke to the deaf, the mute and the lame. All those who had burned all their bridges and had no where left to turn. Now they are comforted and blessed far from the troubles they felt below, because they came to me when there was nowhere else to go. As for the others I will see them again, but the next time I will be their judge instead of their caring friend.

Land of Milk and Honey

Before long we found ourselves beside the river of life that flows from the throne of God. Jesus showed me the trees of life that grow a different fruit every month. As I sampled a fruit he pulled a hand full of leaves from the tree and reminded me that these were for the healing of the nations. We sat down beside the cool, clear water and took a drink then we laughed out loud was we put our feet in and splashed as fast as we could. Then we got up and walked to the mouth of the river where it emptied into the crystal sea. Gentle breakers swept the shore as the light of the Lord reflected off them, casting a kaleidoscope of colors onto the warm white sand.

Then Jesus took the lead and lead me to a banquet room and there we were greeted by some great men of God, such as Peter, James, John, the Apostle Paul, Silas and so many others. All the great heroes of the bible that I had longed to meet. We ate food that I cannot describe and do it justice, the only word for it was heavenly. Then we all sat and laughed and talked for hours. It wasn't long into this reminiscing that I stopped feeling like a guest and started feeling like the member of the family that I truly was. We heard about Paul's shipwreck and Jonah's voyage to Tarsus, This seemed to go on for a long time, then I felt Jesus touch my shoulder and I rose and followed him as he walked toward the door. Once outside he looked at me and asked if I was enjoying myself? " I am having the time of my life!" I said with a grin. He then put his arm around me and said " I am glad you are here." Then he playfully asked " Why do you insist on walking or running everywhere you go here? You do realize that all you have to do to go from one place to another in heaven is will yourself there,right?" Perceiving my thought we both found ourselves downtown heaven,where we ran our hands along the smooth walls of Jasper. "I know. I just love to run, run without pain, without being hindered or being out of breath." It makes me feel good to know that I even outran an angel, pointing to a tree a good distance off I said, Lord I believe I can beat you to that tree." and without another word I took off and ran as fast as I could but when I got there Jesus was there waiting for me. Amazed I looked back at where we came from then looked at Jesus and said "But-how did you?" To which he just smiled and said "You can't outrun your blessings,Johnny."

On the way home

After our race I felt the overwhelming urge to thank the lord for all that he had done for me and as we slowly made our way back to my mansion I told him of my love for him. He in turn told me about his love for me and it brought back memories of how my earthly father and I had,had this conversation many a many a time. Yet unlike my earthly father, Jesus never once mentioned regret or disappointment but rather told me of how proud he was of me each time I overcame another obstacle and how he cheered for me at the end of each fiery trial I made it through. Before I knew it, we were at the door of my house and I realized I was home, but never alone.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Now I'm following you (on more than one level). Thanks!

    • profile image

      Jill Deibel 

      7 years ago

      Have you ever read the book, "My Time In Heaven" by Richard Sigmund? It's the best glimpse into heaven I've ever seen. I highly recommend it. Definitely makes one yearn for our eternal home.


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