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My journey through Soul Damage recovery

Updated on February 23, 2018
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I wrote these during some dark times. Putting a voice to some pain, that my family would never agree with me doing. BUT I DO IT ANYWAY!!

Spirit Orb

Spirit orb
Spirit orb

History of soul damage

God doesn't make mistakes. Soul damage runs through families. It runs through my family, as it runs through my ex-husband's family. Soul damage can occur moments after conception, and throughout life on Earth. Any type of trauma that damages the soul, (a 12 year old boy who loses their mother to suicide, a young girl molested by her mother, children witnessing their father abuse their mother, this is all relevant trauma) and causes sickness in the body. Traumas are where demons can enter the body, since evil spirits are associated with fear.

We all know that many of us experience fear. It is part of today's society. As my lawyer continued to speak, I continued to look up the key words on my computer. Our souls are created by God. It is there that our whole lives are written. Nothing happens by chance. (The dream that I had when I was a teenager, about the gender of my future children, it was my soul mind connecting with my subconscious, to give me that information.) Everything that has happened in every one of our lives was supposed to happen exactly as it did. You can live a physical life and actually die spiritually very early in life. Once a soul has been created it is eternal. The soul envelopes your intelligence, your talent, your memory and your emotions. Personality is located in the soul, not the brain. Evidence is shown in the fact that you don't teach a child to sin. It comes naturally from within each and everyone of us. Jesus died to save us from our sinful nature. The soul remains on Earth until the body dies, is freed, and goes to heaven or hell.

Remarkably, soul damage can occur while the mother is pregnant. The soul hears and feels the emotions of the mother. (My children's souls heard the issues their father and I had pertaining to his bipolar mother way before they were born. It is all relevant. Their soul damage will happen soon enough. I cry for their souls. This isn't the life I wanted for them. However, this was God's plan.) If there is trauma while the mother is pregnant it will cause fear and anxiety in the soul of the unborn child. This causes problems in the body as it matures. Case in point, if a child is conceived out of wedlock, and parents talk about aborting the baby it would traumatize the soul, a spirit guide would be sent to block a guardian angel from guiding the person. A spirit guide will prevent emotional growth and the person will not progress emotionally. Fear paralyzes the person from developing faith in God.

If the parents have arguments and fights during the pregnancy, the soul of the baby will be damaged, and enough to attach demons to that child, which can cause diseases to develop, from retardation to diabetes. Do you think one fight is worth a lifetime of difficulty and pain for that child? It happens. Pregnancy is supposed to be a peaceful, nurturing time. If a child is placed in the position of witnessing abuse between their parents, all children would be removed from the home. I have actually seen it happen.

Satan and the demons have the ability to alter DNA in the unborn child. (I recently found out that I have an abnormality in Chromosome 20, which led to the information on Epilepsy Syndrome. What happened in my parents relationship that caused this during the time my mom was pregnant with me?) When that child grows up and possibly, homosexual tendencies manifest, it is because the genes have been altered. Many homosexuals say that they did not choose the homosexual lifestyle. They were simply born that way. I would say that that is true.

The soul consists of a spiritual body and a spiritual brain. The brain is pre-programmed by God with trust, love, faith, knowledge of right and wrong and a language learning ability. Most children have these programs destroyed or altered. Demons can enter the soul through these traumas. It is said that diseases originated from the subconscious soul mind, which creates negative energy that alters the functions of the human endocrine system and digestion. (I have seen an Endocrinologist for my hypoglycemia. Has anyone ever seen someone get angry due to hunger? I have.) I had a client who could not figure out why his body did the odd things that it did. His doctors couldn't figure it out either. It is said that his soul's conscious mind is unable to read into the subconscious mind to discover the problem. (This client was raised Catholic. My lawyer was raised Catholic, but became an Atheist, then he learned about this and went back to God. I was raised Catholic, and became Agnostic, then learned about this and went back to God.) Since the soul must stay in the body, the body will become handicapped, and not function the way that it should.

Dementia and Alzheimer's can shut down the physical body's ability to communicate.

As we know, the physical body is controlled by chemical secretions and electrical impulses. Demons exploit soul damages to over produce or under produce chemical secretions and electrical impulses, which causes the body to be dysfunctional. The physical body is a vessel. It doesn't matter what it looks like. It will return to dust. The soul and spirit are eternal. It is said that, "the spiritual and emotional maturity you attain before death will be what you retain into eternity. All spiritual growth happens on earth. None of this will take place in heaven."

The soul damages can cause the soul mind to deviate from normal behavior and results in the person acting abnormal. The subconscious mind of the soul can be fractured and it stores different traumas and closes those memories off from the conscious part of the soul brain. God built a protection system for each soul, so when a person is exposed to trauma, the soul mind will send the memory of that trauma into the subconscious and block it from surfacing. For example, a person involved in a car accident may remember events prior to the collision, (which I did), but despite the fact that I still have an injured left elbow, the crash itself was blocked, and I don't remember anything.

Traumas create soul damages, which generate negative emotions. A list of negative emotions: self centeredness, envy, jealousy, resentment, hate, worry, over-sensitivity, guilt, fear, sorrow, desire for approval and frustration. Through these emotions, the following parts of the human body are attacked: thyroid (my mother is on medication for her thyroid), esophagus (my father and I are both on medication for some esophagus/digestion issue), lungs, heart, liver, kidneys (my brother's girlfriend had a kidney removed due to kidney cancer), gall bladder, stomach (my maternal grandmother died of stomach cancer), intestines, and the colon. Therefore, you get ulcers of the stomach, intestines, colitis, high blood pressure, heart trouble, strokes, arteriosclerosis, kidney disease, headaches, mental disturbances, goiter, diabetes, and arthritis. Of course, not all of these are caused by soul damages. They can be caused by accidents, chemicals (legal and illegal drugs), toxins, and food that God instructed us not to eat.

We have a soul and physical body to deal with the stresses of daily life. Did you know that you do not have to have been in a war to have PTSD? It can come from a car accident, a painful divorce, living through an earthquake or hurricane. All of these things can cause PTSD. Some people will turn to alcohol, legal and illegal drugs to drown out the pain from the wounded soul, but as I said before in another hub, this is not a solution. It just continues the cycle. "If you are not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem."

I also said in another hub how when I was a teenager, I had a dream of the genders of the three children that I would have some day. Since I was closer to God back then, that was my soul connecting with my sub-conscious soul mind that gave me that dream, which came true. Because God wrote everything that happens in each one of our lives on each individual soul.

Therefore, I am off to heal my soul wounds. It is time to realize that I came into this world alone, and I will leave this world alone. I believe that my soul will lead to a much better life than any other part of my being. I just need more patience to wait and see how things unfold.


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