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My journey to my dear God!

Updated on January 3, 2016

Following Him!

How I came into the ambit of Saibaba?

When I was a baby, I relished toys. After few years, my interest shifted to games with friends both indoor and outdoor. My beautiful toys were ensconced in a suitcase safely. Few years then, story books, cartoons, attracted my attention. I started growing and I was in a big class room with more than forty students in a single class. The classes were mostly boring and I often started daydreaming even while my teacher was emphasizing some important lessons. Then came the adult age when engaged in fantasies like watching cinema in theatres, reading novels of famous authors and chitchatting with one or two chums in high school and collages engaged my time. From the beginning, I had a fascination in philosophy, scriptures and lives of great saints and sages. I don’t know what attracted me at the age of 15 and 16 to search for esoteric topics. One reason may be the sufferings witnessed in family goaded me to take shelter in spiritual topics.

Now I feel that those years when I pursued spirituality were the most productive years. Even after completing my polytechnic, I was not serious in searching for a job since my age old grandmother will miss my help. However I could not postpone searching for Job. At the age of 22, I opted for a paramilitary job in border roads. That took me to far off corners of India, which I have never imagined. Placed in an alien land with language problem, I had no option except to learn “Hindi” which was in vogue in military service at that time. After spending seven and half year in deep jungles of Eastern borders, I felt a pang to be nearer to my home state. Fortunately I got a decent opportunity to work in my native state retaining a lien in border roads. Problems in the home front prevented me from rejoining the border roads. I applied for discharge and it was granted by them without hitch. At that time I married and worked for two years in state government. Owing to my lien in border roads, they too discharged me and advised me to go back to border roads But I never relished the idea and hence I was jobless for six months.

By the grace of Divine, I could secure a government job at the age of 33 years while none was taken in after 25th age. Some relaxation was granted to me for my paramilitary services. What I want to convey is ‘my deep interest in philosophy and spirituality aided me safely through turbulent years and today I am a happily retired from service with a sufficient pension. My life has taught me many truths. First of all, god is the backbone of all individuals and if we pray sincerely, we will achieve our desires which are good. Today, I am 72 and all the fifty years from my first job were mostly tough with few years of office works. I underwent all the trauma of field work as an engineer in construction works as full in charge. I was learning my job and simultaneously performing it to some satisfaction to my higher Officers. I tried to remain honest in my assignments which earned a good name from my officers and colleagues though many of them differed in my view points.

My spiritual encounter with Sri Sathya Saibaba during 25 December, 1964 was the most fortunate one in my life which guided me all through the turbulent years. Since I liked his teachings and philosophy, I longed to visit his ashram in Puttaparthi very often. I was fortunate to get around three personal interviews. It helped me to get a personal touch from his Divine hands which really improved my spiritual vision slowly but surely. All the hubs I post here is only due to the blessings of Sathya Saibaba, since I never tried my hand in posting articles. But the memories of yester years were etched in my memory deeply. Hence whenever I tried to post articles, those thoughts were flowing through my mind as though somebody dictates it. Mostly I type those ‘mental dictation’. I never plan any topic before I write. When I open a blank word documents, within few seconds some random lead will come spontaneously and then I will start typing. Mostly there won’t be any obstructions in the flow. Only if I start thinking, there will be a full stop. When I relinquish the doer ship and consider myself as an instrument, the flow seems to be smooth!

What I learned from many books, saints and sages aided me to present them in our forum for the benefit of readers. They are the thoughts of our ancient sages and saints. I enjoy reading about all the saints in each religion and hence I love Jesus and other prophets equally as I like Saibaba! The faith in him saw through me all these years. Hence choose any form which is dear to you and chant his divine name. You are sure to progress and march on the Divine Path!

Life is a challenge, meet it!


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