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Totally recreated in the hand of God

Updated on May 26, 2015

Prayer Changes Things

Strategies applied for Deliverance

Seven Strategies to apply for your Deliverance:

  • Attend Fasting Consistently
  • Attend As Much Prayer Meeting as Possible
  • Constant Meditation in the Word of God
  • Develop a Repentance Manual
  • Associate yourself with Christ-like friends
  • Commit yourself to changes in Christ
  • Develop a relationship with God



The Genesis of how I Overcoming The Trial

My journey with the words of God began on a Saturday night as I was attacked by demons. I had read the words of God before but my soul was not being edified, because I was not born again of the water and of the spirit. With demons oppressing me on the inside and outside, I required the physician-God. My body was heavy with things which cannot be seen by the naked eyes, restricting my physical abilities and mental ones, in some ways. By that time I had fully memorized Psalms 27, which I used that moment, however, I never understand the physics behind the words of God at that time.

That Sunday morning, which was Mother’s day, I went to church feeling down and depressed and I asked for prayer. It was the pastor’s wife who preached that Sunday and immediately as she laid her hand upon me to pray she picked up my complaint; she began rebuking the demons. The Holy Ghost showed her that because of my education and my job, people of evil eyes envied my progress.

That Sunday I was saved again, but this time I was ready to go all the way. Persons were in tears, in tongues, in shack, and some were consoling me. I was also in tears, while peering straight ahead on sorrows and mistakes I had made in my life.

The following Tuesday I went to school in Kingston with the intention of getting prayer, but upon reaching downtown I did not find any church there, so I went to Papine, and as I stepped out of the taxi I asked a young lady, “Where is the church?”

She said, “it was right across the road,” but I honestly did not see the church that was just a few steps across the road from where I stood. However, while I was in the lounge having lunch in my state of depression, a young man arrived in fury, wanting to evoke violence, but my mind was far away, even those I replied in a stern masculine tone in my defense

So I threw away the rest of the stuff and picked up my bottle of water and turned out. On my way down the stairway I saw my classmate and I said to him, “Where is the church?” and he replied, “Right across the road.” I still didn’t see the church.

What is Faith? Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evident of things not seen. Hebrew 11:1-2. For by it the Elders obtained a good report.

Three ways you can obtain Faith:

  • By hearing the Word of God
  • By Historic documentation
  • Learning The Truth

Three ways to obtain Wisdom:

  • Though Observation
  • Through Experience
  • Through God

Faith struck me, and I decided that wherever the church was, I was going to find it. I walked across the road and lifted up my head to an upright position and there the church was before me. I muttered to myself, but nevertheless I was feeling relief. I went inside and told a lady that I was seeking prayer and she immediately informed the prayer team that was in a deliverance session with someone. I was then approached by the prayer leader, Mrs. Harris who said to me, “Young man, what’s up? I only have five minutes before my meeting starts and I don’t know if can pray for you now.”

But after I finished explaining to her my troubles, five minutes became five hours of exorcism where curses, spells, witchcraft, and voodoo magic were broken, along with maintenance yokes, facilitating yokes, blood line yokes, generational yokes, and operating yokes. Those five hours were long, painful, tedious, tormenting, unforgettable and resentful; and so they illustrate the depths of my condition.

After the exorcism I was baptized with the bottle of water that I had bought at lunch. Mrs. Harris said when I told her that I wanted to be baptized, she was going to encourage me to wait, however she explained that the Holy Ghost said to her, “Now, he is ready.” I felt something run through my veins as the water poured upon my head.

This was a step toward Heaven and a move from Hell. I was ransomed from hell with Satan pursuing death, but the yokes and the spiritual boundaries that were set up in my life were now broken. My eyes were opened, seeing the world, and the generation of vipers that surrounded me. I was terrified. My life was scrambled and falling apart. At the age of twenty three, with no spiritual warfare experience, I held onto the words of God.

What are the steps that you use?

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How The Churches Should Deal with Deliverance sessions

How to deal with deliverance session?

The person who are leading the deliverance session should ask the person who are being deliver some questions, if the chance is given. This questioning can be done after the session have been completed.

What type of question should be ask?

1. How long have you been experience the problem or the condition? "Jesus Christ also asked the parent of a boy who had an unclean spirit. The spirit throw him in fire......."

2. What are the symptoms? It is also important to fine out if there are any unique symptom that can be identify easily.This help in the deliverance session.

3. What time normally occur most? Time is essential also in order to capture and break the link in the Name of Jesus Christ. It may have many factors that trigger the time but it worthy factor in. This speaks to evil summon or spell.

4. How about your family, are they having the same symptom or trace of it? This question speaks to bloodline curses and if it is active in the person live. "The truth shall set you free"

5. Are you with anyone? The attacks maybe coming through an open door, so this question is relevant to the subject.

6. How many session should be done? It all depends on how will the persons is at to fight with faith. Basically the situation will tell.

How I Trained my Heart

My heart moved with compassion toward my growth in faith; feelings emerged at times and were low at other times, as it shifted from the shadow boundaries of darkness to everlasting life. But at time, I became double minded and fearful. I would immediately cast those thoughts out of my heart and mind. I felt relief after exercising my authority and reassuring myself of who God is and HIS works.

Nevertheless, behavioral patterns and birth mark conceptions within my heart were still standing. However, I continued to expose them to the truth by persistent concentration to God’s words. Being in the world for twenty three years left its mark on my heart, and now coming out of that world has its effects some somewhat on my psychological features. Knowing what I want I pushed on, grasping every word of God within heart, mediating on them and allowing God’s words to shape and reform new ways and patterns.

My heart at time felt tired as it grew and advanced to a higher level in faith through the words of God. However, I felt empty sometimes, constantly pondering on the words of God, but having the craving and desire for holiness gave and continues to give me the urge to become stern in finding the fountain of faith. I read the words sometimes over and over until they speak to my heart and I that is how I continue to experience growth. I pressed against the attacks of the adversaries, challenging myself, so to find my root of my faith. Finally, the elements of darkness were broken and faith was revealed.


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