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My new phone!

Updated on November 12, 2012

My new phone!

A week ago, I got a new phone called HTC Titan II. It's a window based phone and completely different than my Iphone 3G.

Now I enjoy both phones for different reasons. I am a smartphone freak. As a hard of hearing person, I love any kind of smartphone. Different smartphones have helped me increase my communication ability such as text messaging, emailing, internet surfing, and add some apps on the phones.

On both phones (i-phone and htc titan II), I was able to watch netflix, crunchyroll, and some other shows with subtitles. I didn't have to worry about going over my data plan because I always watch them at home where I can connect to my own personal wifi connection.

There are some differences between I-phone and HTC.

First of all, HTC Titan II is quite bigger than the Iphone 3. Because of my by eyes sight, I was able to see the screen on the HTC much better than the Iphone. But it's almost to big for me to put it in my pocket! HTC have office software that enables me to do Word, Excel, And Powerpoint which are very cool to have. My I-Phone have Itune, Ipod app, and better facebook app (in my opinion).

Iphone is very loved by my kids since they loved the game apps such as talking baby, bubble poppers, etc.. I have 2 used iphones plus my previous one and we let the kids play with under OUR SUPERVISION. Nowadays, we can never tell what the kids will do to the phone. My kids are much more tech savvy than I was when I was a young kid. I was a type of kid who doesn't care about those stuff like cell phone and computers. I was more into gameboy or playing sports and martial arts.

HTC so far have been good to me. It has allowed me to do basic things such as checking my emails, facebook, and weather. It has also enabled me to view the internet much better than my iphone. The camera is 10 times better than my iphone as well as more hard drive storage space than the Iphone. Also it has front camera to where I can talk on tango or skype. The Iphone 3 only has the rear camera to where I can't use tango or skype.

If I was to choose which phone to use, I can't tell you. I just got this a week ago and still learning about this new phone. But so far, I am liking the HTC Titan II.

Good thing is as a minister / pastor for the deaf, I was able to download YouVersion Bible app on the HTC, Prayer Journal, and other religious apps. I am grateful that God have blessed me with something that can serve Him. I can use my phone for references, biblical help, and many more!


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    • RogerSanchezJr profile image

      Roger A Sanchez Jr 5 years ago from Sequoyah County of Oklahoma

      Thank you very much for your kind words. God bless you too! Be blessed!

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Your new phone sounds great. Mine is just the cheapest I could get but it seems to do lots of things, too - if I knew how to use them all! Interesting hub and God bless you and your work for the deaf community.