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My personal experience with Saibaba!

Updated on October 24, 2016

Life is....

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a dream, realize it, said Sathya Saibaba in one of his teachings. For those, who never believe that life is a dream, he said, “Life is a challenge, meet it. Those who are not that much serious about life, he pacified them stating, “Life is a game, Play it. He has not stopped at it and said the great Truth, “Life is Love, share it.

People are of different kind in this world. To suit each one, he has defined life in four ways. The dream theory is for the wise man among the people. For those with a fighting tendency, he said that “Life is a challenge, face it. To those who want to enjoy the life, he said, “Life is a game, play it. For the selfless souls, his command is, “Life is Love, share it. Human life is perhaps enveloped in the above four.

Most of the people view the life as a great riddle, a great problem which could not be solved in spite of best efforts. When we ourselves are not able to solve any problem, we turn to the elders or teachers! But faith in the elders and teachers is a prerequisite. I would like to narrate my personal experience when I was a fifteen year boy staying in a temple town in South India. Due to adverse home conditions during the period, I was always worrying and brooding about the future! Not a day passed with a smile on my face! Such was the grief I underwent when I was a boy of fifteen. But I had a sense of responsibility towards my parents and younger brothers. Hence my worries were manifold. I undertook many tasks in the home front besides helping my aged grandmother. I used to wash the clothes of my younger brothers taking them to a nearby river. In addition, I was pursuing my Pre-University course in a collage around five to six kilometers away. I was walking all the way up and down. I was not much interested in studies and I was able to just scrap through the course. In the town there was a small temple of Saibaba situated amid rice field. One has to walk around five kilometers to reach there. Weekly marketing errand took me another walk to distance. During that time, I used to carry my youngest brother on the shoulder to venture marketing. I was not so much a devotee but Saibaba attracted me from a very young age!

I will not allow my devotees to come to harm

My personal experience in a temple!

Due to constant troubles at the home front, one day I decided to visit the temple around 10 AM after completing my daily cores at home. I had a strange inclination to go around the small temple 1008 times. It is very small temple and within a second, one can go around few times. Hence the target was not big. I had a strange way to count the numbers. I know by heart the 108 names of Saibaba. I had decided to call one name during one round. Thus after completion of 108 names, I used to place one seed that fell from the nearby tree in the camphor pit, so that after completion of ten such seeds, I would have completed 1080 rounds. But the weather was very sultry. After completing six hundred rounds, I was thirsty and I had to search for a water source nearby. But even before that, I implored mentally to Saibaba, “I am not a great devotee like Nana Saheb, or whom you have provided water in a distant hill. With this very thought, I came out and went beside. Fortunately there was a hand pump connected to the well behind. But it was not used for several days or so, completely rusted and only some air came out when I tried to push the handle. Unable to contain my thirst, I tried to venture into an agricultural well with the help of protruding slabs. (The land was a private property and the temple was constructed and maintained by the land owner, who hardly visits the place. Some Pujari used to perform the rituals at least once in a week. For major part of the week, it will remain closed. But there was a door with many openings for the public to view the statue of Saibaba!) It was midafternoon. The time may be 12 Noon.

I descended down the well with the slab footings, quenched my thirst and came up! It might have taken few minutes. When I came up, what I saw astounded me! The owner of the land himself was repairing the hand pump with a spanner. It was unthinkable. At the mid noon, inside the paddy field, the sound of the car could be heard from a distance. Moreover, if the owner wanted to repair the pump, he would have deputed some plumber. But instead he himself was repairing it. Instantly, I realized that within few minutes of my prayer to Saibaba, all these astonishing things happened. I could not believe my own eyes. Again I continued with my rounds and within a round or two, everything vanished like a dream, the car, the owner and the spanner all vanished. Then only it struck me that Saibaba listened to the boy’s prayer, manifested himself as all and repaired the pump in trice. Now, it is my turn to verify! I went once again behind the temple and tried my hand on the pump. Water was flowing copiously as never before! Then I blamed myself for not believing in the merciful Saibaba who is everywhere and listens to our heart prayer. I have not said my prayers vocally. I just thought I am not a great devotee but a boy!

I will come..

Saibaba of Shirdi - an incarnation of God.

This incident made a huge impact in my Faith in the merciful father, Saibaba! Where there is faith and Love, it will surely fetch the blessings. Saibaba was a saint lived in Shirdi in Maharastra state of India during 1858-1918. But he had proclaimed many times, “Why Fear, when I am Here?. Cast all your burdens on me and I shall surely bear it. If you look to Me, I look to you! Wherever you are, whenever you need help, call my name “Sairam”. I will be there instantly and relieve your suffering. This point, he had proved me several times during my life. Now I am thinking, What is Life?

Belief in incarnations.

Do you believe in prophets and incarnations like Saibaba?

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