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My personal story: Spiritual Pathways 101 part 2: Multidimensionality

Updated on September 14, 2012


As soon as one begins to have an awareness of multidimensionality, one begins to experience life completely differently. In fact, I would say interactions with average people will begin to feel frustrating or mundane...perhaps both. This is because of the timeless and space-less elements that life takes on.

Childhood is a period in which individuals are beautiful white boards that can be written upon endlessly. There is creative liberty and an incredible openness. The personality is not fixed. It is malleable. The parts of the brain are one big mass rather than division after division. The imagination and the subconscious are as important as the conscious intellect. The conscious mind is even less agile during that phase than the other two components.

Multidimensionality is like childhood. The mind resembles a daily magic carpet ride to lands unforeseen. The soul is excited to learn that there is so much wonder in the world. If only the whole planet could learn and be like this!

It can and it will, but not yet. Each soul comes into its own in the perfect moment. I am happy to give each soul the same lovely opportunity I have had and I am having.

So to be more specific, multidimensionality literally forgoes any constraint involving time and space. I will give an example of one such experience in my life. I had a dream involving an old boyfriend who I had just reconnected to for a short time. We were on a boat just like the one in Jaws in the cabin so you couldn't see us. I sensed Jaws circling the boat. But a voice over (like a narrator) said, "It is OK." The following day was Thanksgiving at a friend's house. That friend's boat had just been destroyed in a Nor'easter storm. He was wearing a black t-shirt with Jaws on the front.

Many months later I was getting a craniosacral session. I suddenly had a past life experience flash through me involving the ex-boyfriend that I was in the boat with in the dream. My cranio therapist said, "It is OK." The past life experience was me getting raped.

Two months later I thought of that ex-boyfriend. Suddenly he was calling me. I had another dream around that period. I was in a dark body of water with many others. We were in white life rings. I felt like this was the Titanic. One of the women next to me was a local woman who appears regularly in car commercials for Honda. People began being pulled under water. I knew it was a shark attack. I woke up. The next day, I drove to work and I was behind a truck with a silk screen of the lady from the Honda commercials.

This is all true. As we all reintegrate into perfect LOVE---Oneness---we will begin to have these types of experiences more and more often. Technology has already sped up our basic existence and connected us to the whole globe. As we realize we are not solid but condensed energy, all other issues will speed up as well. Vibrations will harmonize with the overall frequency of LOVE. Magic will be the norm instead of the exception.

Can't you imagine it? Well, if you can, do it daily. Our thoughts create our lives. We are co-creators with Source. God empowered us to live BIG MAJESTIC lives. He/She/It never meant for us to walk in a box and stand there looking up so that God could coddle us and carry us. No! We are Divine Collaborators. Our palette is something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and our canvas is as blank as we would like it to be.


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