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My personal story: Spiritual pathways 101 Part 4: Reincarnation

Updated on September 14, 2012


As a former Christian I believed in a linear universe where we all are born on planet earth, suffer for our sins, determine whether we believe in Christ Jesus as our Savior, and then die and go to heaven or hell (if Catholic, possibly purgatory). But then one day I met the strangest man. He literally had a kinetic connection to me. And I began to awaken to a whole new existence. Yes, I had had a former boyfriend who introduced me to a myriad of odd and euphoric beginnings, but this was different. It was palpable.

And as I got to know this new individual, I began to grow in ways I never knew possible. Suddenly the universe was a spatial dance. I can't define it any better than that. I began to time travel. No! Not like a Twilight Zone episode. Rather it happened through the Astral realm where time and space cease to exist---where everything is infinity and you can go forward and backward all at once. And so I did.

This is a multidimensional experience.

At first, I was enthralled with my new friend. That lasted about four years! There was just so much there. It seemed like every time he and I would interact, a synchronistic event would occur. That was cotton candy as it was!!! But then I began to expand. I began to encounter information that would magnify my experiences with the incarnational plane. I found shipping records (i.e., Mayflower shipping records---but not the Mayflower) for one of my ex-boyfriend's former girlfriend's families from a part of Nova Scotia to Louisianna. Actual shipping records! And they corresponded to a life that I shared with my new friend. Then I had a craniosacral session in which I resolved some negative karma involving that family. Again it was palpable.

I would say I lingered in this state of being for quite some time. Then, I began to expand even further. I started intuiting when and where I knew other people from different incarnations. And life would provide evidence to support the intuitive hits.

So what does all this mean to me? It means that my life is becoming a sculpture in the round. I am experiencing Oneness. Lives are converging. Time and space are becoming continually more and more abstract rather than reality. Quantum leaps are expected. People are becoming like characters in a book. They shift costumes with each lifetime. I turn a page and a different life is revealed. It is incredible! Moreover, the texture of my life is getting robust. When one comes to know a person for multiple incarnations, the depth of the relationship in the "here and now" is enlarged.

Also, one learns all about soul education or karma. That revenge you wanted is definitely no longer needed. Source does actually take care of all the situations you never thought were taken care of. But the judgement factor that you relish so highly is removed. Rather, God created all souls with a graceful guarantee---a compassion system that eliminates chaos and rebellion through empathetic experiences. Unlike Christianity, though, the system works over the course of the soul's infinite existence. It is much more forgiving in the end. No one is left behind. All spirits are sanctified by and in God's eternal LOVE. That would be bitter to most Christians. I, however, find it liberating. I feel free to truly live without reservation; and when I feel the pain from someone else's knife between my shoulder blades, I realize this "too shall pass" and God is big enough to take care of it for me.

It doesn't mean there is not a forgiveness process to endure, but it does mean I can trust in my Source. And I can learn to really love despite my imperfections. Karma is a blessing and not a curse. Multidimensionality is a magic carpet ride. Reincarnation is a shallow term to describe all this. When you can go back and forward there really is no "re".


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