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My perspective about God

Updated on August 1, 2016

I was brought up in an Indian family with Indian culture. Whenever we sat to pray we were taught to chant long sanskrit verses called slokas. I never understood the meaning of those slokas but we had to learn them. And whenever we had the opportunity to ask questions we were asked to be quite and focus on our chants. Repeated chanting of mantras without understanding the meaning was getting boring. I felt I was focusing more on learning the sloka then actually praying to God. Praying always sounded hard and confusing to me. We were also taught not to ask God for anything because it is not good to ask.

With all this nonsense feed into my brains I would pray, go to the temples but without the belief and the faith that God actually existed. When something good would happen in my life I would use sentences like “ it is because of God’s grace” without even understanding what it actually meant. I would read several spiritual books to understand the spiritual path but still would not get it.

I used to wonder why is it bad to ask God for anything, after all he created us. When I was small I used to always go to my parents if I wanted anything. Sometimes I would get it immediately and sometimes there would be a wait period. Sometimes they would explain that whatever I wanted wasn't right for me at that time and would give me something else instead.

One day my husband asked me to hear sermons from a young pastor named Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria Osteen. When I heard their sermons something within me began to change. The sermons they preach are so simple and easy to understand. All my confusion about God began to go away. I learnt to early watch for God’s miracles everyday in my life . When I started doing that I began observing how God has already arranged everything for me and how much He takes care of me. Let me give an example. My husband one day came from work with a very bad toothache. When he consulted the dentist he was told to get a root canal done followed by a crown. He got the root canal done and he called the dentist to set up an appointment to fix the crown. He was told that we would have to pay a copay of $574 dollars for the treatment. It was a big amount. But couple of days before the treatment we received a cheque of $573.93 from the department of unclaimed properties which I had applied for a month back. When I was holding the cheque in my hand I could not believe it.

We are all connected to a bigger source. This source guides, protects and is the provider for all our needs. I would like to compare this source to an apple tree in my backyard. I saw that there were several apples hanging from the tree. Those still attached to the tree looked fresh and nice while those that had fallen down had rotted. In the same way we are all connected to that source. If we stray away from that source then anxiety, frustrations and sadness sets in.

So the important question to ask ourselves everyday is “Do I Believe in God ? Because the base for this belief is faith and patience. Faith that God is always with us and taking care of us and patience for when things don’t go our way. Because he knows what is good for us just like a parent knows what is good for their child. God is good. If we remove bad from within us then only good exists.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from California

      Thank you.

    • Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image

      CH Elijah Sadaphal 

      2 years ago from New York, NY

      I wish you well in your journey of faith.


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