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My roots keep me Standing

Updated on June 26, 2017

My roots keep me standing

My roots keep me standing

Everyone has things in their lives we wish we could change. As much as we wish we can click our heels and wake up to a unharmed life, when the tornado spins our life upside down, we are faced with cleaning up the aftermath. Although it seems like storms are only there to rage havoc in our lives, they can also bring forth benefits as a byproduct.

We look at a tree standing tall and strong. Yet what gives it stability is the unseen, its roots. We all have life experiences that have formed who we are. Many times we feel crippled by these experiences, and resent many scenes from it. But truth is, it is the very experiences that we have lived thus far, that have us standing.

"What ifs" are very powerful, but are as real as a unicorn. We can map out our lives a thousand ways if this or that would've gone as you planned. Although we may not always have control over the things that happen to us, we have control over our reaction to this things. I want you to know that in order to stay standing tall you must stand firm on your roots. What has happened in your life until this point, has had a purpose. In Gods hands, even your mistakes can be a testimony. God has a purpose for your life. Would you consider a soldiers scars shameful or a thing of pride? If life has scarred you and you bitterly resent these scars, then you are as un-sturdy as a tree planted in sand. But if you turn those scars into a story of Gods glory, you are not only sturdy but beautiful and inspiring.

Today is a day of healing for your soul. Have you ever been at a point you even feel angry at God? Today his love wants to penetrate the protective barrier you have set up all around you. He wants to embrace you with open arms. He wants to give you the smile your father never gave you, the approval you mother was unable to provide, the peace an apology from an abuser would've given you, etc. He wants to hold you in his arms, wipe away your tears, and tell you "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT", while meaning it. He wants to whisper in your ear, "Everything will work for your good".

If you receive his love and strength, your experiences will be the very things that will keep you standing strong.


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