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My soul ambition

Updated on November 11, 2012

Saibaba in blissful mood!

The soul seeks merger with the supersoul!

Individual soul aims for merger with Supreme soul! Likewise, the aim of every one is one and the same as far as the soul is concerned. Our earthly life may have different ambitions like money, position and power. But the soul is absolutely desire less! Is the statement is contradictory? No. As far as the world is concerned, the soul has no desires. The soul wants merger with the all-pervading supreme soul. It is just like the aim of the river to merge in the Ocean which is also its source.

Hence, all my soul’s aim is merger. When I say merger, it presupposes two identical things. They only can merge with each other. For instance, oil can merge with oil only. It cannot mix with water. Hence a soul can merge only with identical soul. The fact is “Originally everything was one only. The separation is due to the illusory power of Maya! It is only seemingly separate. I will provide few examples to clarify this point. The ether in the sky, the ether in a big water pot and a small water pot is one and the same. The seeming separation is due to the pot! When the pot breaks, the outer sky and inner sky merge or become one. Like the pot, our bodies too act as a separation for the soul within! Once the body goes the individual soul gains merger with the super soul! Even then, some new bodies are always born again creating a separation. More than the body, the ‘body conscious’ acts as the chief obstruction for the soul within.

We might have heard about a separate category of people who are known as ‘self-realized one”. Recently in India, one such saint called Ramana Maharishi lived in Tiruvannamalai in South India. He had no thought or conscious about his body. He was aware of only his soul and not the body. For six months he was meditating on God, oblivious of his body in an underground cellar in a temple. His posterior regions were food to many creepers and cockroaches. He was motionless without food or water, sitting in the same posture for around six months. Some people who noticed his hard penance want to save him for posterity. Hence they forcibly removed him bodily. To their utter consternation, the skin peeled away exposing blood and pus due to many creepers and cockroaches which feasted on him.

They took him away from the scene, nursed him, cleaning the wounds, applying balm etc., they force fed him since he was absorbed in his own Self! In fact, he was in bliss all through the period. He despised disturbance from other people. Hence one day he escaped from their care and has chosen an isolated cave in the hills. Likewise, there are several saints in the Himalayas and other deep jungles, practicing meditation, away from the glare of locals. Hence such saints were bereft of body consciousness and thus the ego. They were utterly selfless and they are already realized one even while living in a body!


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