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What I Believe

Updated on December 3, 2013

So I was just thinking…

I considered the size of a hummingbird, bee, and an ant. They’re so small, but each one unique and intelligent in their own way. Yet, as fascinating as the ant’s capabilities are, they remain small compared to the large world they live in. And their intelligence does not compare with man’s.

Then I considered how small we are compared to our planet, moon, the sun, solar system, and universe. Perhaps there are ones greater than us. Maybe we are not the most intelligent life out there.

Well, I believe there is someone greater than you and me who is the source of all life. He sits high and looks low. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. He is God and Creator, and He cares for us more than we know.

I believe that we are all a creation. From the tallest mountain to the life found in the oceans deep, we can be aware of His awesomeness and glory. We cannot see God, but that does not mean that He doesn’t exist. God is a spirit. We also have a spirit that we can not see. Just as wind, gravity and love all exist.

…Then I imagined myself as just a mere ant in the large universe we live in. God Himself, holy, high and mighty, came way down to my level and showed me that He loved me and wanted me to know and love Him more. I must be important…we must be important. He must really love me to even care.

I believe we were made to live and commune with God. Man messed up his relationship status with God because of sin. Wrong and right, evil and holiness, like oil and water; they just don’t mix. But God became one of us, through Jesus Christ, to offer restoration. Jesus was born, lived a sinless life, but took on our sins when he died nailed to a cross.

I acknowledge what Jesus did on the cross for mankind. I acknowledge that His blood was poured from His body. I accept that the blood covers me and that because of Him my relationship status is restored, no matter what.

I believe that Jesus is now alive. He is in heaven…His spirit is in my heart.

Colossians Chapter 1


When Jesus was on Earth, he came into town riding on a donkey. I am glad that next time when he comes to take His kingdom on Earth, he will come on the "white horse he won for me!"


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