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Doing the Will of Jehovah or the Will of the Church?

Updated on April 8, 2013

Who are we serving?

Every one today is having a ministry, a fellowship gathering, and all in the name of the "church". Every one I know is doing "church work", and I have never heard anyone say they are doing the will of JEHOVAH, even in ministries all they do is promote their ministries and make money for themselves.

Has the Scriptures not foretold that in the latter days, men will be lovers of money and of themselves? Let us look closely with our spiritual eyes and see, that it is all true, that at any church gathering, the work of men desires that you pa y a fee to obtain a book, a CD, and any piece of material that has the word of Jehovah GOD. The churches are making money by using the word of our Creator, to make wealth for themselves.

Jehovah has said that His word is FREE, no men should use their groups or ministries to profit from his word. Even when the Messiah was here on earth, the Israelites were making money in Jehovah's Holy Temple, and the same we are doing today in our time. People may say that I am wrong but, if you see closely, you will see that the objective is to make money for themselves. Did the Messiah, Yehashua, profit from His ministry? NO. The pure truth He was teaching angered the high priests, and brought Him to the stake. If the pure TRUTH was taught today in our world, I am positively sure the ministers would not a favored group of people in or around church groups.

Let us ask if we are truly doing the will of our Creator, Jehovah, or are our words and actions pleasing to Him. I have not attended a service, or a church gathering and or fellowship for the past eight years, since I came to understand that all ministries are using the word of Jehovah to profit from for their own gain.

We have mocked Jehovah from right under His footstool and yet we DO NOT have a care in the world, if He chooses to swipe us like ants from a platter and have us disposed of permanently. Thousands, and yet thousands of church ministries are arising and the world is changing for the worst...we have no love for the Creator, but rather for the gain, that comes from exploiting, twisting and manipulating a people thirsting and hungering for more lies; even believing they are receiving the truth.

We are NOT serving the WILL of JEHOVAH, but rather ourselves and loving money, pleasure and living in lies.


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