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Ghostly Premonition By My Son in Indiana

Updated on March 25, 2014

I took this ghostly picture of a angelic woman and a man in my friend's window..

A picture of a ghostly angel I  took  at friends house/.There is a smaller picture of a man's head in upper left corner of picture...
A picture of a ghostly angel I took at friends house/.There is a smaller picture of a man's head in upper left corner of picture... | Source
Dylan embracing life at a 4th of July parade in Linton Indiana
Dylan embracing life at a 4th of July parade in Linton Indiana | Source
a picture of Dylan and his father
a picture of Dylan and his father | Source

My Son's Paranormal Dream

One frosty morning in January 1990, my son, Dylan Sean and I were getting ready to attend our perspective schools. Our son, Dylan, who was now a tall, attractive boy of 16 years was presently attending Eastern High School in Solsberry, Indiana.

I was working in Broadview and Child's Elementary in Bloomington Indiana as a before and after school program supervisor..

My occupation required me to be at school very early at 6:45 AM, each morning as my assistant Sandy and I set up tables, breakfast, and prepared the arts and crafts supplies for creating projects, scheduled for daily morning activities. Children began coming through the doors, as soon as I arrived at school.

Sometimes in life, nightmares come true, in mysterious ways... . I was reflecting on some of the events that had recently transpired in my own life and my son's, as I drove to school. This is a true story, and hopefully this will inspire all parents to listen to their children's dreams and nightmares..

Scary Premonition

We were living in a beautiful hilly area in rural Owensburg... Although it seemed to be a fairly safe community with about 100 residents, there were times, when life became very dangerous.

One of these times, was when my 4 year old son, was visiting my neighbor's son, Andrew Mendenhall.

Andrew and his mom, a wonderful friend and neighbor Jan Mendenhall, lived next to us in rural Greene County. Jan called me, one day, to say, she was sending Dylan was a custom to have her escort Dylan to the top of her driveway on her land, and I would wait for him at the end of the long straight driveway at the top of her hill. As Dylan came into view at the top of the hill, he began descending down the hill. Suddenly a wild dog came tearing out of the woods and began chasing Dylan. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, as he ran frantically down the hill towards me.

Terrified for my little boy, I began running up the driveway, screaming for help. I knew I could not reach him in time!

Suddenly, before the dog could leap upon my son, a shot rang out, behind Dylan. The dog, shot and wounded, fled into the woods.. My husband, Steve, hearing our screams, had grabbed his rifle. He was a excellent marksman, having been a combat veteran in Vietnam.

Firing quickly with his rifle, Steve aimed and shot the large menacing dog. That action saved our son, from injury or possible death...Although it initially upset, me when the dog was shot, I was truly grateful that Steve stepped in to save our boy's life...

Sometimes guns are a good thing, and sometimes they are not.


A few years later, at the age of 12, Steve bought our son a Daisy BB rifle.... He taught Dylan some basic safety rules. Dylan practiced shooting at aluminum cans hanging on a homemade wooden target that Steve had built in our back yard. He placed the wooden target range at the edge of our wood, near our spring.

When Dylan was 13, Steve gave Dylan a 22' rifle.. He taught him about using the safety pin, and instructed him in gun safety..It seemed to be a rite of passage for sons, living in the country to be given guns at a early age... I was not comfortable with Dylan having a gun.. I knew how unpredictable children could be with guns.. but Steven, having been a soldier, was determined that Dylan was to have a gun of his own. He wanted his son, to know how to protect himself and how to fire a gun...

I had never been exposed to guns, until I met Steve and he then fell compelled to teach me how to shoot a shotgun. After we married, he sometimes took me into the Greene County woods to squirrel hunt. We walked stealthily on crisp leaves, without alerting the barking squirrels early on autumn mornings. .I didn't like shooting with a 4'10 shotgun...I couldn't see the squirrels very well, as they perched high in the hickory nut trees...and the only two times, I ever shot an animal, was when I wounded them... I was saddened, when Steve would beat them against the tree, to end their suffering. Steve would never eat what he killed.. He would always give the squirrels and rabbits to his elderly aunt, and she would cook them up for dinner. I felt compassion for the animals, and I could never shoot another animal after that.

One day after I had arrived home from schooI, I received a frantic call from Jan, who had just arrived home, from shopping only to find a lot of blood in her bathtub!. She said," Her son, Andrew was not at home, and neither was her husband...I told her, I didn't know what had happened, but I had an uneasy intuitive feeling, that my son was deeply involved.. Dylan showed up shortly afterwards, and I questioned him.. He said, "mom, "There was an accident."

He then related, how he and Andrew had gone off into the woods, to target practice with their rifles.

Dylan said, as they were walking along a creek bed, "He and Andrew began shooting, at some rocks in a creek bed. Andrew suddenly, cried out, " I'm shot." One of the bullets, that Dylan had fired, richocheted and hit Andrew in the right foot...Andrew was bleeding profusely.

Dylan tried to staunch the bleeding with a rag, then loaded Andrew onto the back of Dylan's bicycle. Dylan rode his bike as fast as he could, pedaling through the woods, as quick as he could up the hill, to Andrew's house...He then helped Andrew into his home.

Andrew's dad, George, was luckily at home at the time, quickly cleaned the wound, and rushed Andrew to the Bloomington hospital... Andrew came home that night, with his foot all bandaged, with a small hole in his heel... I was with Jan and and Andrew at the hospital, and later rode back home, with them. I felt badly that the accident had occured....and was grateful, that Andrew was now safely back at home.

Andrew fully recovered frorm his injury with no damage to his foot...It was a hard lesson to learn and luckily for us, Andrew's family forgave Dylan for the accident.. Steve still refused to lock up Dylan's gun for his own safety...

A series of frightening events was soon to occur, which would change our life in dramatic ways...We still lived in our "haunted house in the hills of Owensburg.. and dream visions, or nightmares have a way of coming true.


One particular morning, Dylan came into the kitchen, and said "Mom I just had an awful dream".

He then described a horrifying dream that he'd had, the night before.There was fear in his voice, as he related that he had dreamed, that," he was going to be shot, in his stomach".

In the dream, "he saw himself being shot by two men''

My stomach sank, as he described, his nightmarish dream. My first thought was, that "please God, don't let him have the "intuitive gift, that some of us had inherited in our family".

This was not always a gift,. in fact it was often a curse,.as it sometimes forbode danger or even death, for family members. I reassured Dylan, "that maybe he just experienced a frghtening nightmare!''


Dylan had, a most unusual experience a few months before in August before his awful nightmare. He and I were on summer vacation when we decided to stay at my brother Ed's log cabin in Doswell, Virginia, for a couple of nights. My brother had bought a beautiful, old cabin in the country, that he and his girlfirend, Marilyn had moved into..

Ed and Marilyn were now enjoying life in their new rustic cabin. Marilyn was presently away on business, when Dylan and I drove up to Ed's cabin. Ed greeted us at the door and gave us a quick tour of his cabin and property. Ed was working in Richmond at a bank at this time, when we arrived at his home.

Dylan and I had just been visiting my parents and siblings in Norfolk for two weeks.. We were on our way back to Indiana, after visiting family. We'd enjoyed great leisure time, playing, and body surfing at the local beaches.

We'd had a wonderful time, visiting with our family and all our friends, We were now going to stop and visit Ed and Marilyn for a couple of nights, before heading back home to Indiana.

After dinner, and catching up on all the news, with Ed, Dylan and I retired for the night. I went to sleep in the lofty attic in the guest bedroom. The room was nicely furnished in timeless old antiques, and the bed room was especially inviting.

I heard thunder, as I fell deeply into sleep. I dreamed disturbing dreams, of a man who would not let a woman go..He was determined to keep her in the house against her will.. Something was not quite right in this house.

I awoke early, and hurriedly, went down the stairs. My son, was wide awake on the couch in the living room. I asked Dylan, if he had slept well, the night before... He, immediately, retorted, "no"! "Mom, somethng is wrong with Uncle Ed's house"..

He stated,"while trying to sleep, a thunder storm arose and several streaks of lightening flashed, across the room. The, lighting was eerie as it lit up the living room.. In one of the flashes of lightening, He stated, "he saw a very tall man". He described the man as somber and," the man was frowning at him with displeasure".

He said," it was scary., then the man disappeared, shortly! I told him, "that maybe it was just his imagination, because of the thunderstorm". After, reassuring Dylan, that all was fine, we then had breakfast..with Ed, before he went off to work

Neither of us, related to Ed what had happened, to Dylan, until that evening.When Ed returned home in the afternoon, we left quickly with Ed in his car to pick up Marilyn at the airport..She was returning from her trip, from Washington, D.C..

After we had returned from the airport with Marilyn that evening, we stopped at a local steak restaraunt. We enjoyed having dinner with Ed and Marilyn, and making small talk. We then returned to Ed's home, and , decided to watch a video in Ed's and Marilyn's bedroom. When we had all gathered, in Ed's and Marilyn's room, I blurted out,"Dylan, said,"He saw a ghost, last night"

Marilyn immediately got all excited, and wanted to know what the ghost looked like! Dylan then described in detail what he had seen.

Marilyn, after hearing what Dylan had to say about the ghost, then stated, "she saw him too,and that yes, he was very tall". She said, "I saw him the very first night, when we moved into the house! She was very excited, and related "how even my brother, Ed, had seen a ghostly woman that appeared to him". Dylan and I were amazed to hear their story. Ed said, "it's really unusual for Dylan to see a ghost at his age".


After returning home, I was greeted by my husband.. We talked about the recent events that had occurred in Virginia and our most recent loss of our beloved Joey...Steve was having alot of difficulty keeping our dog's remains buried! We were in the midst of a drought, and he could not bury Joey deep enough in the ground, as the soil was too hard.

Stray dogs, were coming to dig up Joey's grave at night. They were feeding on him.. Steve told me that he had found Joey, only because Joey's ghostly presence lead him to his body, lying in the road, by Joe's house...He said, "he followed Joey's short ghostly barks".. This was such a strange period in our life... I too, had heard his voice, this particular morning, and discovered his body dug up.... heartbroken, I called the police in Greene County.. An officer, kindly suggested that, " I put lime all over Joey's grave, and that should resolve the problem". I reburied what was left of Joey's remains and did as the officer had suggested. The lime worked. The dogs never dug up the grave again and we never had a problem, again with Joey's grave being disturbed, nor did we ever hear his bark again.

After Dylan told me about his nightmare, about being shot.. Later after arriving at school, I greeted my new assistant,Sandy and one of my older students, Jennifer. We were seated at the lunch table in the gym. I related the story about Dylan's we sat at the table, waiting for the arrival of the children.

At home the next day, I was thinking how being a teen was not easy for Dylan.. He was in a turbulent period of his life, rebelling and skipping school. His relationship with his dad was deteriorating. Even his friends, were going through troubled times..

Dylan's friend, Jimmy Anson had recently tried to hang himself!. The boy's grandfather, Joe, happened to see Jimmy, trying to hang himself, in his own back yard!

His grandfather quickly had the presence, to grab his loaded gun, and shoot the rope, tied to the tree, just as Jimmy had tied the rope around his own neck..

Luckily Jimmy survived his suicide attempt. Life was so strange and sad in the country!

Dylan felt guilty, about what happened, because he had recently criticized Jimmy, in an unkind way. Unfortunately his dad had forbidden Dylan to hang out with his former friend due to some vandalism that occured on our adjacent neighbors property!

Jimmy and some of the local boys were involved in the incident, and were not prosecuted for the vandalism..that had occurred.


Dylan had not participated, in the vandalism.. I reflected on all these strange occurences as I drove home.....For about, two weeks everything seemed to calm down in our lives.

One day, a couple weeks later, after all the, children had been picked up early at my afterschool program. I decided to stop in to chat with my Extended day director at Bloomington South. Her name was Wendy Perry.

Previously she and I had discussed our teens..She had a daughter, that was also having behavorial problems.. We talked about how things were going much better with our teens...I drove home to Owensburg in a peaceful state..

As I drove up in my winding driveway, I was startled to hear a piercing scream, as I parked my car.. I had just turned off my ignition... I heard the scream again,now recognising the scream as my son's.

.As I hurried from my car, my son, came running, around the corner, yelling, I've been shot! I've been shot!". He leaped, into the front passenger seat,, panicking, not wanting me to call a ambulance...I drove to town, about a mile, to a paramedics house.. Luckily Brenda Jackson and her husband, Larry, a fireman was there. Their son, a paramedic,Terry, luckily was home at the time.

In the middle of winter, with freezing temperatures, they cut off my son's favorite Levi's, as he lay in their yard.. Dylan had a bullet hole in the right side of his stomach.There was only a small amount of bleeding.. All we could do, was wait for the ambulance, shaken and scared, I knew I had to be strong for my son...

It seemed like a long time, before the ambulance arrived.. It was 45 minutes away...We lived 25 miles from the nearest hospital.. I held Dylan's hand and comforted him the best we could..When we arrived at Bloomington hospital, Dylan was hurried off to surgery,

I called Dylan's, dad in Indianapolis where he was staying in a motel. He worked as a electrician, in Indianapolis during the week... Normally he would come home on Friday nights..

It was unbelievable. I could not believe, that my son had been actually shot... A police officer came to see me at the hospital, and I told him, "all I knew was that Dylan had been running from the woods..when he was shot"..

A kind loving woman stood out in the hallway gently talking to me..She was like a angel.. I'll never forget her kindness.. I never saw her again. Steve arrived at the hospital, about the time, they brought Dylan out from the recovery room..

The doctor explained to us, that they had to perform exploratory surgery on Dylan. The bullet was a clean shot..The bullet whizzed by his colon, and liver and exited out his right side, without any damage to his major organs..We were so thankful, that Dylan was going to live..

It was all surreal, and to think my son had dreamed of his own accidental shooting! We visited with Dylan in his hospital room, but he was very groggy from the anesthetic that had been given to him... I was so grateful to God, for saving our son's life!!

The next day, I received a call from the principal, Mr. Hunt..He was in a very distressed state of mind.

He had a panic on his hands..All the students had heard about Dylan's shooting, and now were demanding,to be allowed to leave school to visit our son.They were afraid, he was dying. I told Mr Hunt" they must not come, as he was still in the intensive care unit". I later heard, most of the students, did not listen to the principal, and they just walked out of school, very upset.. I heard they were later suspended, for walking out ..I knew then how much they loved and cared for our son.

I went to the hospital the next day, Dylan was in a lot of pain, recovering from his surgery..he then related to me, and his dad, how he had been shot..The police officer was also there..He had returned to hear Dylan's story. Dylan decided to go turkey shooting.. he said, he "almost took his shotgun with him". Instead he reconsidered, and took his 22 rifle.

He never saw a turkey in the woods, and, was returning home when,He saw me driving up into our driveway, He then ran from the woods, with his rifle..He failed to put his safety on, was trying to beat me home. He foolishly ran with his rifle.. then ran up the steep small hill in our front yard, tripped,, fell, and the gun misfired a bullet into his abdomen..Terrified, and sure he was going to die, he then ran around the house to me,

Later that day after we returned home,, a police officer came and showed me where he found Dylans's rifle resting on the small hill, in our front yard where Dylan fell. He was very lucky, to be alive..

One of the nurses, Penny, who was at the hospital, when Dylan was brought in, was a resident of our small community. She also drove Dylan's school bus..She told me" it was a miracle that Dylan had survived" She had been at the hospital, when Dylan was brought in.. She said,"an angel must be watching over Dylan."

Tragically another student in Dylan's class, had been shot prior to Dylan's shooting.. He was still in the hospital, where he was recovering..He had accidentally shot a portion of his elbow off, and had to have surgery to repair it..

He had been illegally hunting deer with a spotlight at night when his accident occured...Attached to tubes, he came and visited Dylan in his room..This boosted Dylan's spirit, as he was ashamed of his accident..He was afraid his classmates, would laugh at him...I related to him, how they had walked out of school, very worried about him..and how they were now suspended!

He knew they cared about him..Dylan's girlfriend Kelly, also helped Dylan in his recovery..He was in the hospital for about a week and a half, and then we gladly took him home to recuperate at home..

Unfortunately there was to be another unfortunate accident with guns, at the time of Dylan's shooting... Two 12 year old students at Child's Elementary, (Ben and Nick) where I also worked, had been playing Russian Roulette, with a gun, that belonged to Ben's dad.. Unknown, to his friend Nick, Ben had placed a single bullet in the gun, and not knowing this, Nick fired the gun at Ben. The bullet ripped into Ben's neck.. Ben was paralyzed from the waist down...and remained in the hospital for a long time.

It would be my job to comfort Nick,, one day at school, in the cafeteria, Nick broke down, weeping in my arms.. The children had been taunting him, and I told him, what had happened to my son. My heart went out to him and Ben... Ben would not return to school, until spring, and it would became my job, to assist him too on the playground...

Dylan was not shot by the two men, that he dreamed of in his nightmare, but later on that same year, he did have the experience of having two men pull a gun on him, as he was mowing a yard, with his girlfriend. Dylan got angry, when he saw the two men aiming a gun at him, from their car window. Dylan glared at them, and after about a minute, they chose to drive off!!

So in some strange way, Dylan did experience his Paranormal nightmare on several levels...and this time he was so protected. Its quite possible, Dylan's guardian angel, was really watching over him!


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  • Jay C OBrien profile image

    Jay C OBrien 

    4 years ago from Houston, TX USA

    It is my understanding that a dream of three accidental shootings came true and a ghost sighting was verified by an adult.


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