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My Soul and I: A Poem

Updated on July 31, 2012

"There is only one place where love can be experienced truly, and that is in the human soul. Because the human soul is love."

Here's a poem I dedicate to my Soul (with lyrics from the song "Beauty and the Beast" interspersed between the lines:

Beauty and the Beast: I and My Soul!

Tale as old as time, my soul and I
True as it can be, each day a mystery
Barely even friends, strangers to each other
Then somebody bends unexpectedly

Then you walked into my dream
Just a little change, you walked into my life
Small to say the least, Spirit in plants and beasts
Beauty to the eye.

You've always been with me, ever just the same
Ever a surprise, revelations and insights a delight
Ever as before, even before the galaxies began
Ever just as sure, nurturing and nourishing me
Ever just as sure as the sun will rise.

Tale as old as time, my soul and I
Tune as old as song, remembering together
Bittersweet and strange, downfall we can use
Finding you can change, better I by you
Learning you were wrong, we'll always be together

Certain as the sun, now in conscious company
Rising in the east, good morning to you, Soul
Tale as old as time: what brings to us today?
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast: I and my Soul!


The first time I did some serious consideration about my soul was when I read Thomas Moore’s "Care of the Soul." It was saying that we had to take care of our soul, attending to it on a daily basis. I would leave the reader to the details by picking up a copy of the book. But somehow, upon pondering some of the ideas on the book, I seemed to have obtained some perceptible companionship with my soul.

It was a wonderful feeling, having a perfect companion to guide you with every move you made and every step you took, as the song goes.

The experience took me to a delicious feeling of adventure and alertness to what surprises my soul would have for me next. Not that my external world differed drastically. It seems to be more that my perception was heightened and I became more aware of the big and little miracles that were coming as I made my way through my world on a workaday basis.

After those first few days, that I perceived that strong feeling of companionship, it seemed to have waned. But I knew deep inside me that my soul was keeping me that same constant company. It was just that it was beyond my perception.

I have questions such as is my soul the God within me? Is the same as the Holy Spirit? So may I assume that my soul’s will is the same as God’s will? If I open a dialog with my soul would it be taking for granted the direct connection I had with God?

Or is it merely that based on my preconceived ideas, it felt less presumptuous to be conversing with my soul than conversing with God directly? Somehow, I get the feeling that these conversations are one and the same thing. It’s just my inhibitions that’s making me more open to a dialog with my soul rather than admitting it is actually a dialog with my Almighty Creator.

Aside from the human soul being love, I believe there are unfathomable mysteries that "only our souls can conceive (Neale Donald Walsh)". I have felt some strangeness on the verge of getting revelations from my soul. I get strange dreams that sometimes seem scary. Only to find out that these were instructions from my soul as to what negativities I can shed to make it a lighter spiritual journey for me.

I don’t know that I deserve to have this sweet relationship going on with my soul in constant contact with me, but I do know that God showers graces on us, undeserved or unearned. I only know that if I truly seek, and stay with the spiritual practices of prayer and meditation, my soul will continue to take me through a universe filled with God’s glory---daily great and small miracles.

"There is only one place where love can be experienced truly, and that is in the human soul. Because the human soul is love." – Neale Donald Walsch


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