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Howling Winds and the Alien Declare "Earth Could Be in Trouble".

Updated on March 13, 2013

Number 2 of the FANTASY Series

(Part I - Myra, The Alien Queen and the Cab Drivers Three Wishes)

“Chinook is an Indian word that means, “snow-eater”. The chinook winds can be a nice warming wind bringing instant spring in the middle of winter or a howling destructive windstorm. Chinook winds can raise temperatures by 25 to 35 degrees in minutes, melt snow completely, sandblast cars, collapse buildings and blow trucks off of the road.”

Here I was reading a tourist brochure about the Chinook, personified as a Spirit, sitting in my cab near Vail; just parked along a back road that gave me a fantastic view. The winds that were blowing were SO HOT, It reminded me of when I would go skiing during “Chinook” blows. The snow would hardly melt at all. It just evaporated.

Myra, Her Transforming Heat

This minor strange feature of nature, the Chinook, made me melt. It made me think of Myra. Myra literally increased my body temperature. I was hot to my own touch! My unforgettable encounter with Myra, the Alien Queen, held me in a state of paralysis. I had taken her from a burning Denver building, driven her to the middle of Nevada, watched her leave on a Space Ship; and here I was driving back to Denver. I was transfixed by her. When she took me up to her space ship, I still was hypnotized by her beauty. Sure we took a two minute trip to New York, and then 4 minutes back to San Francisco, and yes, she had a coterie of similarly beautiful support personnel, but me, Mick the Cab Driver, I was just a seriously helpless male Earth-bound humanoid.

Until the cops stopped me on I-70. I had done a wily job of taking back roads trying to evade the constables. In my fearful mind I conjured up several possibilities: Colorado Highway Patrol, NSA, CIA, FBI - any number of secret government agencies who somehow were tracking the space ship. So, there I was still melting with thoughts of Myra, now melting even more with fearful thoughts of human imagination. “What if these cops are allied with the “grays” – what Myra called the “Trogandorks” (I didn’t know if that was some foul dirty cussword, or an actual historical name of her enemies).

He walked up to my window, dressed like a super cop. I say that because he actually did have a handgun that was made of some luminescent alloy. He put his hand over the gun. “Hey, Mick. Myra sent me. I am Sam. We have much to talk about. Things are gonna get hot for you. Come and sit in my vehicle so we won’t look suspicious as we talk.”

Of course I obediently followed. “When you get home tonight, you will find that your wife has been kidnapped by the Trogandorks.” I had a powerful reaction, but he did not wait for me to register it. My eyes turned into wide empty circles. “ Besides their actual intent with your wife, the Trogan ndorks, could do anything with her. They have tortured and possessed your people for thousands of years. They think little of you as individuals. They envy you and despise you, but they have been playing with your organs and your neurological states for so long, that they think of you as playthings.

…Play with Love, Make You Forget the Whole Thing, but Deeply Long for it

“We are going to arm you with stuff like this.” He held up the slick Smith & Wesson type weapon that actually hummed as he took it off safety. “We don’t think they will kill her, but we are in new territory, we’re not sure what they will do.”

“ And if you have to end up actually smooshing them, be happy. They are related to lizards. High functioning, soul-less reptilian shits that will torture you, suck you dry, disembowel you, haunt your brain, fry your emotions, completely injure your psyche and turn you into a non-speaking idiot; unable to push pudding into your helpless lips. Or, they just take you away, play with your sex organs, and make you forget the whole thing, after they drop you on your front lawn. And yet still you walk around with a deep longing for another experience.

“When you say “smoosh” is this an actual word?” Adopting new vocabulary for interplanetary dealings was not one of my strengths. I could never keep up on Star Trek.

“They have this DNA-based reaction that kind of turns them into oatmeal when you kill them. One time I walked up to a heavily wounded one. I could tell he was about to grab his gun and I zapped him right through his heart, right in his upper back. Then, he turned into a red and green mush.”

“Earth in much more Trouble than we Thought!”

“Myra wants you to know that the Earth is in much more trouble than we thought. She has to come back. She is directly in charge of Earth’s Fate. “ Then Sam settled down and stared seriously into my eyes.

“Your specific family have been allied with us for generations. Your destiny was to do that cab driving for that day to save the world.”

“My whole life? I can’t wait to hear why my cab trip mattered.”

“It was a moment that we had to control. Thus, you “Cousins” are employed. We’re all the same people, going back aeons, but us “Cousins” are highly thought of. We are HOT!

“When things get highly dangerous, we use a multitude of influences, and yet we must avoid the appearance of involvement. We must not be officially observed.”

“Do you use the Trogandorks?”

“When we need them. Hey, we just let the Trogandorks play hell with Hitler. All of his foolish, idiotic, obsessed decisions were courtesy of…” He opened his palms and nodded his head.

“What did us “humanoids” do?”

“Too much to talk about now.” I’ll give you a tiny little thing with great power. “Rommel was in Germany for a little weekend on June 6 – D-Day, not in Normandy.”

“OK, why, how?”

“There are a thousand factors, but this is one we had to effect. His wife was a Gemini. She wanted to have her birthday party at home in Germany. Rommel wanted to get off the Normandy Coast, or maybe he was just persuaded. The fact that Rommel was not there the morning of June 6 made a big difference.”

Mick’s Wife Becomes “Chinooked” by the Spy System!

We arrived in Denver. We parked both cars near my home in the Highlands. It was a substantial brick Victorian.

“They must have spotted Myra getting into my Cab.” I looked at Sam. “How else would they know to grab my wife?”

“Myra is suffering over that. You see, our plans were to use you like an underground agent. But now the Trogandorks, and their Spy System have identified you as a “Cousin”. As soon as they did that, they went straight for your wife.”

“OK. The Battle over the old gold mines got settled. We won that one. For ages, the Platte River System has been the entry point for vast underground mining of all kinds of rare minerals and valuable by products. Underneath that little old group of houses, about a mile down, is where hot competition has roiled up and down the Rocky Mountain system for several thousand years.”

Sam and I were sipping on Cours Lights when the door bell rang. I looked through the peek hole.

Love Has the Heat to Melt our Distinctions.

“It’s the Denver Cops.”

I let them in and they dutifully delivered the news that my wife was found dead near Speer Boulevard and Broadway. They gave me the necessary information and facts and made an appointment for me to visit her in the morgue. Then they left directly. Tears cascaded down my face.

Sam intimated: “They knew she was important to you. They are hoping to make you a total non-factor.”

Sam gave me a hug. He was out of his cop uniform and dressed casually now. “Myra is going to have much to say.”

Just then a golden illumination brought great heat to our living room. “Man, it’s too hot!”

Myra walked in the house after the house stopped shaking and the temperature returned to about 100 degrees. Myra began, after addressing us both with her illumined smile. “Your wife was a Cousin of mine. And she had Awareness. She knew she could come into some horrible outcome. Her purpose was to help humanity toward its Purposefulness. And she felt for you because you had not been Recovered. You did not know who you were. We believe that your Nobility, without understanding your specific purpose, is all the more wonderful and exalting.”

Don’t Let Negatives Live Beyond “Day Tight Compartments”.

“Strong, long marriages, or long term relationships have a way of melting our distinctions. She admired your spunk and your humor. You had a way of making her laugh all the time. She also appreciated the way your love flowed out of you. It kept a warmth surrounding your union.

She believed that the changes that you two wrought in each other were changes that enhanced the quality of both of your souls.

I volunteered a remembrance. “She told me that she loved the way I left tensions and hurts and wounds in “day tight compartments”.

Myra smiled: “Yes that is a phrase we use in our religious observances. We believe that relationship negatives should not live longer than a day. The cleansing blaze of the Daily Sun must work its power on us so that scars cannot form, and loving living prevails. When the Blazing Hot Sun rises each day, it is a reminder that it is within our conscious power to re-establish our purposefulness and bless our loved ones with the continuing active commitment of union. Sam, we hope you are listening, because we have new plans for you too.”

I jumped in anxiously. “So, are you going to tell me about my family, and more about my wife?”

Myra posed in her elegant way, as if drawing a camera lens to her profile. “Well, first of all, there is a reason we use the phrase: “Cousins”.”


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