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Mysterious Demonic Scratches Explained- What do these scratches on my body mean? (With Photos and Video)

Updated on January 8, 2017

Mysterious Scratches Explained

Mysterious Scratches: Three Lines

Three Scratches

Unexplained Bitemarks

Three 3 Scratch Marks: Destruction & Unholy trinity

Three scratch marks or 3 lines can represent either destruction or the unholy trinity. The purpose of this mark is to destroy. The spirit of destruction is usually present when this mysterious scratch appears on something, or on someones body. The destruction could be directed towards our relationships, finances, family, job,etc. What is it that they are trying to destroy? That can be discerned with the help of The Holy Spirit and prayer to Jesus Christ. Remember, we do NOT have to fear these things! Jesus Christ is The Conqueror over any principality, the devil, antichrist, and any evil spirit of deceit!

The three marks or 3 lines, has also represented the influence of the unholy trinity. They are Satan, antichrist, and the unholy spirit. All are deceiving spirits, and are usually trying to copy or pretend to be The Trinity. They usually represent a religious spirit. They don't mind church, or religious acts. These unholy spirits also try to create the illusion of miracles, calling themselves God, and also point toward a false Christ. They are however made to flee when we call out to Jesus Christ and ask Him to help us. Ask Him to help you to have a real relationship with Him, and not let any other influence lead or guide us.

Unexplained Bite Marks

Unexplained or mysterious bite marks have happened worldwide. They have appeared in real tiny bites, to big bites. They are demonic.These mysterious bite marks can be done by a demonic entity, or by humans under the influence of demons. These can appear from using witchcraft, Ouija boards, tarot cards, and occult rituals. This can be healed and removed with prayer of repentance (turning away and rejection) from sorcery. Ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and he will set you free.

Unexplained Bruises

Mysterious Bruises

Mysterious or unexplained bruises have appeared during times of demon influence, either from around us or others. These can become present from sorcery, witchcraft, occult practices and rituals. Other spirits or demons from around others may also try to "bully us" because we do not follow their influence. These mysterious or unexplained bruises, caused by demon or demonic influence, will also use this to try and get our focus off Jesus Christ, and try to instill fear in us. Trying to cause us to be led by fear. Do Not fear. Call on Jesus Christ. You do not have to be religious with Him. Just speak to him as you would a caring friend. He understands. He alone can set you free!

Unexplained Scratches: Peace?

What are these scratches? Peace Signs & Symbols

The peace sign usually of course means "peace". The way it is used in the demonic realm is actually to cause chaos. The peace symbol when used or said, in the spiritual realm, or worldly realm, means to cause war or chaos. When demon influences are present they will want to cause war or chaos. They do not like peace, forgiveness, or love. To remove this influence and be healed, ask for the peace of Jesus Christ, The Prince of Peace. Walk in peace with everyone. Forgive readily. Ask Jesus Christ for help to learn what His peace is. Study the word peace in The Bible.

Mysterious Scratches on Body

Mysterious Scratches: The Swirl

Demonic Scratches: Swirly

The swirly mark or scratch can appear on a persons body, and on television shows and commercials. This can represent confusion, hypnosis, or portals. The portal aspect is to try to get us to focus intently on something. Usually it is something hurtful, depressing, or just evil. It is used to try to get someone to look into the harmful thoughts that demons are encouraging. The way to remove this mysterious scratch is by focusing on Jesus Christ, and studying The Word of God. Jesus Christ is about clarity. The devil is about confusion. Ask Jesus Christ for clarity, and to help you to focus and meditate on right things, based on Truth and Love.

Mysterious Scratch: Infinity

Incomplete: The Half Circle

Mysterious Snakelike Bitemarks

Unexplained Scratches: Incomplete & Infinity

The mysterious scratch, infinity, is used to try to keep us in the same situation forever. Or to make us believe we will be in that situation forever. It also means to go nowhere, staying on the same track. The way to remove or get out of this situation is to seek Jesus Christ and His Word. Look up the word change in The Bible.

The mysterious scratch, incomplete, is a demon influence intended to cause us to not finish anything. The half circle is either closed or open, both have the same type of meaning. We should of course, first, seek Jesus Christ. Pray and ask for The Holy Spirits guidance. Be persistent in finishing "good things". Allow the "bad things" only, to remain incomplete. Look up the word persistence and complete in The Bible.

Mysterious Snake Bite Marks

Unexplained bite marks, that look snake like, are usually found when drugs are being used. Usually this is present when a person has been influenced by the devil, or "the old serpent", as Scripture calls him. These snake like bite marks appear when a person uses drugs, practices sorcery, or during immoral sexual acts. Sometimes they also may appear to make us feel condemned. Just like all the other mysterious scratches. Once we ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and to help us heal, we can be confident He will do so. Don't let any mysterious scratch lead you to fear. Let yourself be led only to Pure Love, through Jesus Christ.

The way to remove, or be healed from this is, to pray to Jesus Christ, study The Word of God, and repentance (turning away from and rejecting old habits that are evil). Study the words snake, cleanse, and heal (healing).

Unexplained Demonic Burns

Mysterious Burns

Mysterious or unexplained burn marks have also been known to appear on a persons body. These mysterious, burn like marks sometimes feel like a sunburn. These can be caused by immoral sexual acts or doing evil acts. They can represent "walking through hell" or demonic grabbing. These types of burn like marks can be healed through Jesus Christ. Look up the words burn, forgiveness, and healing in The Bible. Ask Jesus Christ to help you know what is happening and how to be healed.

Other Mysterious or Unexplained Scratches Meanings

The Image of Lust

Mysterious Scratches: Unexplained Hearts

The mysterious scratch "the heart" gets confused with love. The heart, in the demonic spiritual realm, represents lust. Lust means wanting. It is associated most of the time with immoral sexual acts. It is also a symbol of covetousness and envy as well. The natural heart, without Jesus Christs rule, will usually be found in want. Without contentment, gratitude, and being happy with what we got, the symbol of the heart may show up. In this case, call on Jesus Christ and ask Him to Help you identify what Love is, and how to obtain Pure Love. Look up, in The Bible, the words love, and lust. Ask Jesus Christ to Show you the difference.

Mysterious Scratches: Jesus Christ Redeems

We have learned that these mysterious or unexplained scratches are not to be feared. We should not get stuck in a feeling of condemnation either. They are revealed simply to let us know what might be around. We should always seek Jesus Christ and His Word. Through proven experience, we have found freedom and security ONLY through Jesus Christ. The things we have seen and experienced ended only when we sought Jesus Christ. We found answers in His Word. Look into how to put on The Armor of God in our article, Spiritual Awakening. He never called us crazy, He simply reached out. He knows these demons and has the power to make them flee from us. Submit to The Lord Jesus Christ and the devil will flee. That's a promise from Jesus Christ. Submission means to trust and take the advice given, knowing he leads us down the right path.Trust in the forgiveness, love, grace and mercy He offers. Don't seek religion to free you. Religion only leads to more bondage. Seek a relationship with Jesus Christ. Meet Jesus Christ in a new way.

Mysterious Scratches

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Mysterious Scratches: An Experience from a Youtuber


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    • profile image

      Jane 9 months ago

      To be honest, I've never seen something like this, kudos to you. I have actually had mysterious scratches before, but I don't think I've ever had anything to do with demons or God.