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Mystical Fairies or Angels?

Updated on May 31, 2015

Where Did the word Fairie even come from?

Well after quite a bit of research on SEVERAL different web-pages I have seemed to collect about all the data there is on fairies, their origin, and what they mean in different religions. If I have missed out on something please feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to my web-page as soon as possible.

Catholic View Point

The Catholics have offered several opinions on the matter of fairies. Many believe that fairies were fallen angels that sided with neither God nor Satan. When Satan tried to take over heaven and as an effect was cast out to earth. This he believed better than sending them to hell with the demons. The catholic also have some beliefs on where they landed. A place called Tir fo Thuinn (the land beneath the waves), which is in belief to be a beautiful sacred place.

Other Catholics told by priest believe that they are called the Hidden People, children of Eve. This story has two different versions to it. Some say that Eve was embarrassed by all the children she had. When God came to see all of her children she hid them making them invisible to all. The other story priests say that when Eve had many children and when God came to see them they were all very dirty, hence Eve hid them and when God came to see and found out Eve had hidden them, he made them invisible.

All in all, Catholics believe that they are unable to receive the grace of God and unable to receive salvation.

Scottish Folklore

Scottish people have a VERY different outlook upon the mystical creatures fairies. They believe them to be rather mischievous, dubious in nature, and capricious in their disposition of living. They are believed to live in the beautiful green hills of Scotland. They only emerge usually at night. They are believed to dance in the moonlight. There color is of green and/or heath-brown.

The Scottish also believe that the Brook of Beaumont is a place where the fairies haunt. This place has many circular stones and is considered extreme bad luck if passed by. They are also considered to play practical pranks on humans(non-violent), hence their mischievous behavior.

Now, where exactly did scottish folklore first evolve?


Over 2,000 years ago the myth of fairies was roaming around. This was a time when unexplained events were made into legends and tales.

Celtic folklore says that there was one main fairy that ruled the land for a VERY long time. Someone beautiful and could not be told no to. To this day there is proof emerging to support this fact. Battle ruins described in the myth are being found all across Scotland.

The Short Story of THE Celtic fairy

The Tuatha De Danann(Fairie) originally lived on what were called "the islands in the west," later traveled on a big cloud to the land (Connaught) that would later be called part of Ireland. Shortly after their arrival they defeated the Firbolg at the first battle of Mag Tuireadh; later giving them the province of Connacht because of the good fight. In the second battle of Mag Tuireadh they fought and conquered the Fomorians. The Sidhe(Fairies) were later driven to the underworld by the Milesians at Tetown.


Some people actually believe fairies to be demons. In the days of Puritanism. They believed any dealings with fairies in that era was consider high treason.


In rare cases some people have viewed them as spirits of the air. A very intelligent race that were almost a ghost. They are believed to travel by wind invisible to the human eye. Only appearing when wanting to be seen.


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