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Mystical Magic

Updated on April 9, 2014

A beautiful fairy comes into play

To warm a child's thoughts throughout the day

She takes the girls hand and brings her out into the light

The child is shown beauty, warmth, laughter, and love

The child looks at the heavens up above

The sky is blue

The clouds are white

A perfect view

A glorious sight

The fairy dances by the tree

And gracefully touches her hand upon the sea

The feel of nature is in the palm of her hand

She tells the girl they are in God's land

For God makes his people feel peaceful and warm

The girl told the fairy, "This is how I felt since the day I was born!"

It's good to have imagination to keep the spirit going

In children's eyes, magic is real and dreams come true

This seems like a good point of view

Without that fairy the child may never have seen

A true way of living her own special dream


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