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Mythical Creatures and Monsters of Australia

Updated on September 29, 2012

Mythical creatures of Australia

Among the monsters that populate the myths and legends of Australia, there are some who truly can claim loyalty to the dynasty of the dragon. The most popular is the bunyip - a freshwater animal protein potential, as there are witnesses who have compared it with a seal, a filly, an emu, a sea cow, a bulldog and, inevitably, a dragon.

A freak

Using the Desktop Cleanup I have found that one day these photographs kept with the intention of posting about them and they were forgotten between cyber cobwebs in a corner of the attic of the unusual stories.

The Lambton Worm

On the morning of Easter Sunday in 1420, everyone in the town of Washington, near the River Wear, County Durham, England, were rushing to go to church - all but John Lambton, heir disso

On the morning of Easter Sunday in 1420

On the morning of Easter Sunday in 1420, everyone in the town of Washington, near the River Wear, County Durham, England, were rushing to go to church - all but John Lambton, heir dissolute young the nearby Lambton Castle.

Avoiding spiritual comfort and observation of the material pleasures Sunday and disrespectful, fished in the river, ignoring the stares of disapproval of the practitioners. The morning gave way to evening, and although no fish had taken the bait, the mood darkened Lambton, and cursed out loud with abandon blasphemous to his bad luck.

A wave trembled above the river surface. Moments later, the young man suddenly felt something pulling your strings, but it was a fish. When out of the water, at first thought it was an aquatic form of snake or leech, with black skin and sticky. Then he raised his head and looked at him, and even brash Lambton took her breath, horrified, as his fighter had unexpected dragon head and face of a demon.

His jaws were thin, were filled to the brim with long needle-shaped teeth, and a smelly fluid coming out of the nine gill slits on each side of his neck: but all he saw were his eyes Lambton. Spirals shone like ice, trapping in a trance glacial and fascinating, and while staring at him helplessly, all the sins of his misspent youth danced in his darkness evil, mocking like ghosts.

John Lambton had planned to keep what he caught, but now all I wanted was to get rid of this creature, so he wasted no time and threw it into a nearby well. Since that time, was a changed person, seeking redemption and salvation for his previous misdeeds, a mission that took a few years later a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. And so, left the town and its castle far behind, but also left behind a monstrous manifestation of his former wickedness.

Although Lambton did not know his captive had grown strongly in the dark confines of the well, growing steadily and stealthily becoming larger and even more powerful. One morning, some villagers in Washington found a strange footprint brilliant, coming from the well to a nearby mountain. Intrigued, they followed the trail and found a terrible scene.

A dreadful dragon limbless the type known as worm or orm lay in the sun. The mud dried grass livid under his body, and a poisonous vapor that spiral out of his mouth drooped leaves from surrounding trees.

Thus began the reign of terror creepy snake Lambton, during which swept the country in times of verdant Washington, devoured livestock and even small children, and turned the villagers into prisoners locked in their homes. Desperate, following an ancient custom utilized in times of siege by a dragon lurking, attempted to calm the monster giving milk.

A huge trough filled with fresh milk and placed in the courtyard of Lambton Castle, where the snake could see it easily. As expected, the creature to slip quickly into place and drank the offering to lick. But when the next morning there was no milk, angry people raged, while terrified inhabitants took refuge in their homes. So from then on, each cow is milked exclusively to offer the snake a daily tribute enough to satisfy you.

Very often, a few villagers braver than the rest tried to kill with his sword or spear to the snake enslaving. But even if they could cut the beast in half, both sides returned to join immediately, resulting in an intact snake, very irascible, who rarely gave his attackers the opportunity to repeat the trick or flee from the fray.

The years passed before John Lambton returned home at last. He was appalled to discover the grim face of the serpent and set out to rid their land of the evil he had inflicted on his own decadent youth, so he sought the advice of an old witch. It informed him that would only kill the monster if he wore a special armor, with sharp blades across the surface, and if he was facing in the middle of the river where fish originally had.

However, I had to pay a price for this victory. Once you slay the serpent, had to kill the next living thing with which he might be. If he did, the Lambton lineage would be cursed for nine generations and heritage no heir would die in his bed.

John Lambton ordered to prepare a nail armor and prepared to wage battle with his terrible enemy. With a fast and lightweight handling of the sword, drew the snake into the swift current of water from the River Wear. Once there, grabbed the snake with its coils, but the more I tried to crush him, his body more severely cut the razor sharp blades Lambton's armor. Aided by the thrusts of his sword, the blades eventually cut the snake into several segments and, before they could put back, the rapid river current took them. This will destroy the terrifying snake Lambton.

ubilant, the young man returned home at Lambton Castle, but, although he had conquered serpietne remained his curse. His old father, very excited and happy that his son had survived the impressive meeting was the first living thing that came to greet him. When I saw John Lambton went pale with fear knowing that if I wanted to ensure the safety of their descendants had to kill his own father - but I just could not. Instead, he killed his faithful dog, with the hope that this sacrifice enough, but it was not, and for nine generations, each heir of Lambton Castle had a tragic end.


The English legend is still very strong in British folklore, numerous literary and musical works have been based on it and has even been made ‚Äč‚Äčinto a film in a couple of occasions. In the town of Washington is very much on the local level, with bars, pubs and other establishments that are very present in your decor and even still celebrating the victory of Lambton. Like all legends, has different versions. There is known as The Lambton Worm, although worm literally means "worm", it is considered that the average age is thus called the Dragons or Snakes of considerable size.



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    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 6 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      thanks Talisker. Lots of strangeness in this world!

    • Talisker profile image

      Honor Meci 6 years ago from UK

      An enjoyable read. I hadn't heard of this myth until now, but it's a good fierce creature well described!