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My third UFO sighting (8-24-10)

Updated on August 25, 2010

Last night, my brother-in-law (Nery) and I were outside the front of my house around eleven. We were just chit chatting -talking about the various aspects of evolution, and how it fails- he was having a "smoke break" and I was sipping my cup of joe. Off in the distance, above the tree line, I noticed a bright object in the sky. Keep in mind that I'm a true skeptic at heart. I hate addressing and dealing with things unknown -I don't even like wrapped birthday presents- I like having answers but to this, I do not. Well, not a definitive one but a speculative one only.

This object was very bright and blinking various colors, alternating from red, yellow, white, and blue. What seemed at random, was that every once in awhile a solid flash of light -of the various colors- would come from the object. Nery told me that he had never seen anything like that. I told him, "are you sure that's not a planet or a star"? I know for sure it wasn't a plane or helicopter. He told me that neither would flash such a spectrum of color the way it did. The skeptic that I am, I said, "are you sure, are you really sure"? He said YES!

As we were discussing it, we were both analyzing it's height, position, and relation to the tree line. There were also telephone lines that we could use as a gauge for it's position in the sky. If I may add, he's an architect. He has a trained eye for calculations of various objects and their relation to each other. After about thirty minutes, it slowly started drifting, ever so slow, down and to the right of the tree that it was above when we first saw it. And it was a good distance above it when first saw the object. Nery noted to me that it for sure didn't have a flightpath of a plane or a helicopter. Of course all of the colors didn't match up either.

At this time, I knocked on the door of my neighbors (Johnny and Melissa) and they came out to see it. Without telling them anything of our "analysis" of the object -other than an apparent UFO- I asked them to look at the section of sky (where we saw this) and tell us what they see. Johnny spoke up and said exactly what we had been talking about for the past thirty minutes prior, before knocking on his door. I also wanted them to look so we had a testimony of four witnesses, other than Nery and I. Perhaps just us two were delusional? Nope. I asked Johnny if he had a good camera where we could take a picture, or a video. He took a decent amount of pictures, but they all came out grainy and at best, it couldn't make out the various colors, or its brightness. After all, he was using his iPhone that boasts only a 5.0 megapixel. Where was that Droid 8.0 megapixel when we needed it? Mr. Jobs you let us down man. Finally Johnny and Melissa went back into their house for the night. Nery and I watched the object slowly move and fade to where we almost couldn't see it anymore. The whole event lasted about an hour. Luke 21:11? I think so...


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    • jjmyles profile image


      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Very interesting.


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