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NASA Swarmed by UFO's in failed new propulsion technology attempt

Updated on July 31, 2016

Dozens of disk shaped objects seemed excited by the broken tether.

This shows how the objects may look from closer.
This shows how the objects may look from closer.

The tether was to create propulsion without the use of fuel

The Mission

The Tether Satellite System was a satellite attached to the shuttle by a copper conductor cable. They hoped to reel it out to a distance of 12.9 mile (20.7km).

NASA was testing how much electricity they could harness from the Earth's electromagnetic field to power possible future electric propulsion technology for satellites and space stations. This would save billions of dollars each year in fuel.

However shortly after the device was deployed, an overload of electricity fried the tether and the satellite and tether both began to drift from the shuttle.

Mission control seemed shocked

"Franklin we see a long line, a couple of star-like things and a lot of things swimming in the foreground" This is the statement made by mission control to the space shuttle crew when he is explaining what he is seeing in the video feed streaming back to NASA.

The Objects

The space shuttle filmed the mission and it was being streamed back to NASA. Soon after the tether snapped and was drifting 77 nautical miles from the shuttle, the tether and satellite were swarmed by disk or doughnut shaped objects. Some of these objects were moving in all directions and looked very excited by the technology, others were stationary around the drifting cord.

Mission control narrates through the video and at 3:40 in the video you hear them say "we've got a long line, couple of star-like things and a lot of things swimming around in the foreground" when explaining to the shuttle's crew what they are seeing from the video feed.

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