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NASCAR Racing and Being Frozen in Time

Updated on January 4, 2018


I’ve never really been one to watch NASCAR or any type of racing for that matter. I have never really understood why someone would want to get into a car and drive 500 times, let alone once, around a track that went nowhere. Just around and around and around and around and around … again and again. No change in the track shape. No change in the scenery inside the car. And, no change in the scenery outside the car. It’s never over until it’s over, and only one single driver is deemed the victor as he or she speeds across the finish line, which, with no coincidence, is also the starting line.

Then, why? Why do I go around and around and around and around and around … again and again … getting nothing accomplished or getting anywhere? Because this is what happens when I decide to live life according to my purpose. And, just when I think I have succeeded, just when I think the race is completed, just when I think I’m about to cross over that finish line, things stop, frozen in time. Only, things stop for me, not for anyone else. So, while I’m frozen in time, other people are passing me by, continuing on with their own races. Someone is walking into her workplace, with a huge smile on her. A woman is walking hand in hand with her husband with no thought to any care of this world. A mother is going around and around on a merry-go-round with her children, not screaming at them, rather laughing and tumbling around on the ground when the merry-go-round spins her and her children to the ground. A young woman is sitting at an outside café sipping coffee with a group of her friends. A daughter is walking arm in arm with her mother, leaning in close to her mother in order to hear every word her mother is saying. And, I’m watching all of this, frozen in time, with awe and wonder, wondering why those people aren’t me, trying to understand any true purpose in life. Where can I improve? Where can I be more organized? What can I replace with something else or what can I get rid of in order to minimize? Where is my place in the workforce? How am I faring as a wife, mother, friend, or daughter? Is there anything in my own life that is missing or seems out of place? By the by, this could be the reason for my chronic vertigo! (LOL)

Yesha’yah (Isaiah) 38:16--”Adonai, men live by these things; and my spirit finds life in all of them: You restore me, and cause me to live.”



One given definition of revival is that which an improvement in the condition of a single thing or person. That person is me. When things seem to be missing in my life, or even out of place, I need to partake in a revival of my spirit. I am the one that has to look at the race going on around me while I stand frozen in time and I am the one that has to decide where the improvements need to happen in my life.

I’m the one that decides to either be melancholy in my daily work or praise YeHoVaH while I work. I’m the one that decides to either argue all the time with my husband or praise YeHoVaH for the great man He has placed in my life. I’m the one that decides to either be screamy with my children all the time or praise YeHoVaH that I was blessed with children who need me to care about them and care for them. I’m the one that decides what kind of friend or daughter to be, one who shuns her friends and her mother or one who praises YeHoVaH for the people He places in my life at just the perfect and right times.

But, there’s even more … I want to splash in the puddles that fill up my yard after it’s rained all day! I want to throw my popcorn at anyone who passes by me just to have a silly moment! I want to run through the open fields that surround my home because no one is going to watch me do so or criticize me while I am doing so! And, I want to do cartwheels and somersaults like I used to do when I was on the Ninth Grade Gymnastics Squad to prove that I can still do cartwheels and somersaults! I want to return to the moment when I held each of my children in my arms for the first time! I want to return to the moment when I kissed Mark, before Elohim and men, after saying, “I do!”! I want to return to the moment when my mother’s words for sure penetrated my heart because my heart is really her heart and her heart is really my heart! I want to return to that prior all-consuming joy!

I want to return to the passion I once knew as a new Believer in Yeshua ha-Meshiach!! I want a revival in my spirit!!

Sometimes, to get to the revival I so badly need in my spirit, I have to be frozen in time to see that which is passing me by so that I can know where the improvements need to happen in my own life. When I think life is out of control, I need to stop (Tehillim (Psalms) 46:10) and seek YeHoVah in prayer (Yesha’yah 55:6) and remember that YeHoVaH is in control- Yesha’yah 41:10 says, “Don’t you be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be dismayed, for I am your Elohim. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. Yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness.”



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