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Natural Beauty of Bijhwar Sagar, Jaunpur City

Updated on May 15, 2015

Shahi Bridge, Jaunpur


Bijhwar Sagar Post Mufti Ganj, Tehsil Kerakat is a Small Village located in Jaunpur City, Uttar Pradesh. We have no sufficient data of this small village to describe it history but it’s important that it’s located in Jaunpur City, Uttar Pradesh. We have already been read about Jaunpur History in school life. For instance “Atala Masjid” one of the famous historical places in Jaunpur City. It’s also known as Sheeraz-e-Hind.

Beauty of their River

Gomati River has passing from there. It’s looking very charming in Early Morning and it’s waves echo playing like a music. You will enjoy it.

Gomati River is a good source of water for the villagers. It’s not providing only water to the villagers but also a big source of their feeding. Today’s there villagers drink it’s water directly and use water for cooking and also catching fish from it.

The villagers or their panchayat fix a bathing time for Ladies and Gents and make bathing “Ghat”. Everyone follow the rules made by them.

They using it for watered their crop land, bathing, washing clothes etc. There are some other sources of water like well, hand pump etc. but Gomati River is one of the best sources for water.

River is feeding villagers like a mother. They always give thanks to it. It’s a river beauty that will live our culture for a long time.

Gomati River

Beautiful Gomati River Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile
Beautiful Gomati River Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile | Source
Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile
Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile

Beauty of Their Crop Farm

Our country’s agriculture has given us best and beautiful Crop Farm. There are too many village and states in India like Punjab, Haryana, U.P, Bihar, M. P and more. Where thousands of acre land only for agricultural purpose? Bijhwar Sagar is also one of those kinds of village. Who people like greenery or these kinds of place that is good for them. We know very well that there is no greenery every time. It’s seasonable like winter or autumn season.

For some people it’s a very great pleasure. Those people want live every time there. When you will see a crop farm there than you will feel that you are looking like a sea because you will not see anything else so far beside farm. It will really a very charming and heartiest moment.

For some time you will feel that you are in the heaven. You will feel full peace of mind there. There atmosphere will very clean not polluted like urban area. You will take full of breath there. You will feel yourself cool and fresh.

There Greenery is unforgettable. You can get fresh vegetables and fruits from there. You will realize that it’s test is really something different.

Crop Land

Sugar Cane Farm, pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile
Sugar Cane Farm, pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile

Beauty of Their Fruit’s Trees

It feels amazing to think that there are too many different kinds of fruit’s tree in front of you. What will you do? When you will see this kind of scene? It’s really a feel good. Definitely you will not stop yourself to pluck the fruits from the fruit’s trees. You can see there, Mangoes, Papaya, Pomegranate , Guava, custard apple, jack fruit etc. Only Mango tree is one of the trees that available a large number of Trees.

It’s feel very good and interesting that you pluck the mango by own for eat. We want to thank God who constructs this beautiful universe.

Mango Trees

Mango Tree, Pics Captured by Me
Mango Tree, Pics Captured by Me
Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile
Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile

Beauty of their Peoples Language and Costumes

They speak “Bhojpuri Language”. Bhojpuri language has their own prestige of other languages. That’s the one of language who knows Hindi language can understand this language. Bhojpuri Language is melodious language. You will feel some affection on this language. It’s very sweet language.

They do wear ethnic wear clothes. We can see our culture there. They are not rich but they are happy to their life. They are living innocent life.

Beauty of Their Houses

There’s houses beauty are amazing. The houses roof is looking attractive and has give it very good shape and design, you have never seen before these kinds or roof. You can see that kind of roof only in village area. There are too many houses are made from “Kacchi Mitti”. Some of those houses made like houses made are in urban area. The houses are looking to attractive and beautiful because among every house has good distance and it surround by beautiful greenery crop farm. You will feel there cool and enjoy to live there good environment. You can’t get that kind of fresh air and peace of environment in city area.

Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile
Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile
Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile
Pics captured by me from my own Nokia Asha Mobile

Beauty of their Custom

Some time before they were also did child marriage but this thing has been too old. Now they understood what Good or bad for them?

The event of marriage they celebrate like a festival. We can see our culture and custom in their marriages. They follow too many customs of their marriages, one week before their marriage preparation started. They do their marriages very pump and show. Villagers follow all custom and methods. You can see our culture there.

I have describe the beauty of that small village, what I have realize and seen during my visit there. For most of people the name of village much unknown but their name is really unknown but their beauty is not unknown.

Some Other Real Facts

Above the complete story describe it’s beauty and it’s goodness but every coin has two sides. There are too many deficiencies in this village and also these kinds of village. That’s like limited electricity supply, Lake of good schools, lake of education, lake of hospital, lake of employment, lake of transport, lake of good treatment etc. Education is very important part in these because without it we can’t get good jobs. Illiteracy is symbol of our poverty. We have need to improvement Government policy and system. There are too many areas they didn’t get any benefit announced by Government. There are government just giving some money and people enjoy it. Actually government should give Good education system, good medical facility, and Good job opportunity.

People who live in rural are, If they get favorite job in their area than they can’t come on urban area for jobs search.

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Bijhwar Sagar Location


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  • sarojnaagar profile imageAUTHOR

    Saroj Naagar 

    4 years ago from New Delhi, India

    Thanks Nancy

  • Nancy Owens profile image

    Nancy Owens 

    4 years ago from USA

    These are very beautiful photos. I grew up on a farm at a time when things were much simpler in America. We had little but learned to enjoy all of Gods creations and the simple but hard work we did with our hands. Blessings to you. Keep up the good work.


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