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Natural Magick Guide: Love

Updated on May 24, 2014



Deities: Jupiter, Hera

Energy: Feminine

Forms: extract, seed

Anise is a herb with many uses relating to the broad field of love. Add the seeds to calm the roaming lust of a lover, or rub along an appropriate-sex figurine candle and burn to keep your significant other faithful.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: feminine

Form: whole, stem, seed, oil, any part of fruit

Many myths and mystery and symbolism surrounds this "forbidden" fruit. For love related magick we want to stick with red apples, as green and yellow are better suited for other purposes. From rubbing apple-oil into candles, to divination with twisting the stem and even carving the name in the whole fruit and offering it under a tree or by the sea for the goddess of love, the possibilities of incorporating apples to your love spell are endless.


Deities: Apollo

Energy: masculine

Form: all

Apricot's use in love spells is specialized with healing. Use different parts of it to heal relationship issues or to bring a lover back and establish re connections.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: Feminine

Forms: dried, whole, powdered

Being a herb of the goddess of love, barley is most effective in love spells when incorporated with water. Though its inherent power should not be ignored, either! The very presence of this herb on an altar will assist with your intentions.


Ruler: Venus, Mars

Energy: Any

Forms: spice, pods

Adding cardamom to your love rituals will draw in attraction and sensuality while speeding up the results. Using it in cooking, or even grinding it up and adding it to wine will act as an aphrodisiac. Also, cardamom is an appropriate ingredient for fidelity rituals and spellwork as well.


Deities: Jupiter/Zeus, Moon goddesses

Energy: masculine/either

Forms: any

Your views on the energies and ruling deities of this nut will depend on your particular faith. Most consider chestnuts to be masculine and as a symbol of the highest ranking god (Jupiter/Zeus). Some, though, consider that because it is round, like most round natural objects, it is a symbol of the moon goddess.

Chestnut is best used for love spells during winter, around the solstice. A common, simple ritual is to carve the names of the person you desire into the shell (or write it) and throw it into a fire. As it cracks open, the person's heart will also open and make room for love.

Chestnuts are often selected as ingredients to spells that also are for the various moods of the winter holiday season, including peace and togetherness.


Ruler: Venus/Aphrodite/love goddesses

Energy: feminine

Forms: raw (powder), solid, food,

The "darker" the cocoa powder or chocolate is, the more powerful. Being that chocolate will raise endorphin levels in the body, chocolate is a power herb and should not be used in magick lightly. When consumed, it behaves like an aphrodisiac. Consume dark chocolate during love rituals that require action on your part. Milk chocolate is generally reserved for non-romantic and non-lustful types of love, such as friendship and family matters.

White chocolate is not made with cocoa powder. Instead it is made with cocoa butter, which is extracted from the cocoa bean. Because of this, white chocolate is not a very powerful option for your love spells.


Deities: Moon goddesses, love goddesses

Energy: feminine

Forms: any

It is said that one can break a love spell placed on him or her by kicking one until it breaks open. Coconuts as ingredients for love magick are most powerful when left in offering to a goddess to bless your intentions. You might even use the coconut as a bowl for additional offerings.


Deities: Native American

Energy: either

Forms: smoke, plant

Coltsfoot has the strongest ties in magickal use to two things: visions, and soul mate-based love. It is best for spells to bring your soul mate closer to you, or other spells that are specifically for your soul mate.

Some witches do not believe in soul mates- how can our souls grow if we are stuck with the same partner through all our lives?- in which case it is best you avoid coltsfoot as a magickal ingredient for this purpose, as it is sacred to Native American spirits and gods.


Deities: Love god/desse/s

Energy: feminine

Forms: metal, mineral

It is believed by some that wearing solid copper bracelets is beneficial to one's health by opening biological channels of love and increase love-related traits, such as patience and forgiveness. It is sacred in particular to Venus, and is used to call her attention and ask her blessing particularly when placed on love-themed altars and in love spells.


Deities: Aphrodite/Venus, Poseidon/Neptune

Energy: either

Form: X

While red coral is a powerful tool for love spells, I cannot condone the use of it because of the endangerment of natural coral reefs. If you must use coral, or really want to, please use a fake decorative piece or synthetic coral.


Deities: Sun, Aztec and Mayan Deities, Earth and harvest goddesses

Energy: masculine

Form: fiber

An ingredient best associated with desire, such as if you wanted something more with a person you desire. Tie two ropes of cornsilk together to symbolize a union. Or just add a few strands to your spell.


Deities: Saturn/Kronos, Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: either

Form: fruit

Dates are eaten to cleanse and refresh one's energy, and so they can be eaten during a ritual for used in a spell to clear barricades that have come up in your love life.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: feminine

Forms: oil, herb,

This is the ingredient of choice if you wish to attract a compassionate and faithful lover. You might choose to add the oil to a ritual bath, or rub into candles for your spell or ritual.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: feminine

Forms: herb, any

The incorporation of dill in love spells is closely tied to awakening passions, and while effective by itself, being burned in the classic spell like manner, is also very effective when prepared in a dish and fed to the lover who is in need of rekindling.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: either

Forms: mineral, gemstone, whole, raw, cut, polished

Adding an emerald to your love altar will increase the power of your love-based intentions, including sensuality, by adding the sense of security and the solid foundation that comes with the element earth.


Deities: Moon goddess

energy: feminine

Forms: flower, whole, oil, powdered,

An ingredient that is sacred to the full moon, use it on the night of the full moon in a love-based ritual bath to invoke its full potential. You might add the oil to a bath or use the whole flowers to decorate the sides of the tub or put them in the water. Also a fine addition to a beauty ritual, if those intentions coincide.


Deities: Oshun, Venus/Aphrodite, Love goddesses

Energy: feminine

Forms: food, raw

May be used magickally as food, ritual bath ingredient or as an offering to a love goddess. Be sure to taste the honey first, as the goddess Oshun was nearly poisoned by honey in an assassination attempt, in remembrance.


Deities: Moon godesses

Energy: feminine

Forms: fruit

Another fruit that embodies the power of the full moon, though the powers of this fruit are more attuned to marriages and love, specifically when it comes to solving marital problems. Use it as an offering bowl for a goddess during your healing love spell.


Deities: Hyacinthus, Apollo

Energy: masculine

Forms: plant, flower, oil

This ingredient is sacred and most effective on male couples, specifically about curing love and relationship related problems. It is also effective as a protective herb for the protection of pregnant women.


Deities: Saturn

energy: masculine

forms: shape, jewelry, old-fashioned, any

Keys are symbolic of both locking something up to keep it safe or unlocking doors for potential adventures or hidden treasures. You can use this information to incorporate a key into your spells and rituals, by drawing a key or blessing a key and giving it to your significant other as a gift to wear.


Deities: Saturn

Energy: both

Forms: tied in various materials, tied around things

Knot magic is generally associated with love, hence the saying, tie the knot. Which actually comes from the handfasting marriage ceremony. Tying two objects, be them hands, candles or even just a single piece of rope or string, while making wishes or requests is a common practice. As a talisman, wear a knot close to your heart.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: feminine

Forms: flower, oil, powder

Particularly good for capturing the eye of that one special person. Most effective in ritual baths or as perfumes and scents. Also a wonderful side ingredient in love-healing rituals.


Deities: Moon goddesses

Energy: feminine

Forms: oil, pulp, peel, juice, seeds, fruit

Also a useful cleansing ingredient, lemons are a versatile ingredient, so you can incorporate them to increase the power of your spell in a variety of ways- from rubbing oil and a candle to adding some juice to a ritual bath to adding some peels to the spell. You can either use it for one of its many powerful aspects or incorporate all of them together in the form of a love-healing spell.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite, Yemaya

Energy: feminine

Forms: fruit, whole, skin, pulp, juice, pit

Mango is a popular, ancient ingredient for love-based magicks. From its skin to its pit, each part can be used for any love based spell or ritual to add that kind of power. The juice increases sexual attraction, pulps increases stimulation and stamina. Whole fruits can be eaten whole or in pieces for similar effect, or words can be carved into the flesh and offered to the earth or eaten to fulfill ritual desires.


Deities: Love goddesses

Energy: feminine

Forms: flower

Marizpan is more appropriate in the form of an offering to love goddesses than as a spell ingredient. Offer some in the shape of a flower to a love goddess while making a wish for love.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: feminine

Form: flower, leaves, oil

This flower is a powerful blessed flower of the love goddess, and as such it must be used sparingly in magick. One drop of the oil in a love potion will cause intense infatuation, put a flower in your bridal bouquet to invoke her blessing, or use the leaves and parts to decorate a love altar.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: either

Form: stone, cut, raw, polished

Wearing an opal stone can draw love and faithful companions to you. Alternatively, use one or have one present for your love spell or ritual to cause more romantic spontaneity. Especially useful for couples who need to mix things up in the bedroom.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: feminine

Forms: oil

Adding drops of this oil to a ritualistic bath or love potion will create more lust and passion towards you, as it has strong seduction properties.


Deities: Buddha, Juno/Hera, Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: either

Forms: fruit, seeds, peel, pulp, juice

In Chinese traditions, oranges are symbols of prosperity. But in Greek and Roman traditions, the fruit and the flower are a symbol of committed love, and blood oranges symbolic of passion.


Deities: Love goddesses

Energy: feminine

Form: flower, oil

Using orchids in magick increases your sexual allure, charisma, power and success. Use them when you're in need of a competitive edge, the most effective use would be bathing in the petals.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: either

Forms: root, powder, oil

Using the powder and oil on your body will attract a lover and increases playfullness and pleasure. You can also rub the oils into candles for love spells to release inhibitions, or use the roots in magick to give relationships longevity. This ingredient is also great for rituals that involve gay couples coming out.


Deities: Mercury

Energy: either

Forms: flowers

Pansies are the flower of choice for love magick for long distance relationships, or couples who are currently parted.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: masculine

Forms: powder, spice

Most effectively used with meat dishes. Also useful when sprinkled on love altars. Sweet varieties of paprika are best for keeping lovers faithful, and spicy blends are best for spicing up the passions.


Deities: Neptune, Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: either

Form: mineral, any

Pearls are for both love and transformation. Wear them to open the heart, allowing for a positive emotional transformation. Though because of their value, I don't advise using them disposably in your work but rather the same way you would use precious earth stones.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: feminine

Forms: seed, fruit

This was used as an offering to Venus for happiness in love, especially over new unions, by the Romans. Add some to your love offering, or in your work if you wish to summon the blessing of the goddess of love.

Rain Water

Ruler: Moon goddesses, Jupiter/Zeus

Energy: either

Forms: seasonal: spring and summer

Rain water collected in the season of spring can be a powerful addition to a ritual bath to attract a new lover. Mix with summer rain water to incorporate some lust for something a little more exciting!


Ruler: Mars/Ares, Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: both/either

Forms: color

Venus and Mars (Ares and Aphrodite) have one of the steamiest relationships in Roman/Greek mythology, and so their love and lust comes together with this burning-bright color that represents their passion, lust and love.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite, Oshun, Taurus

Energy: either

Forms: flower, seeds, oil, thorns, petals

The oldest symbol that represents love. But the overuse of it does not mitigate it's power! Add the petals to a bath, a spell, an altar. Use the scent as a perfume to attract love, or burn while performing a love ritual. Drink rose tea for love rituals. Use different color roses to specify your love spell and intentions.

Rose Quartz

Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: feminine

Forms: mineral, raw, cut, polished

Rose quartz brings in the qualities of the element earth to your love rituals and spells. Use rose quartz to add security and re-establish the foundation of your relationship.


Deities: Sun and Sun gods

Energy: masculine

Forms: mineral, cut, raw, polished

Best used for serious relationships, for magick to increase longevity, passion for success and love.


Deities: Earth-based gods and goddesses

Energy: either

Forms: fabric

Incorporating silk to your spells and rituals where appropriate will add aspects of luxury and lavishing comfort, as well as the strength that comes with the element earth.


Deities: Orishas, Venus/Aphrodite, Cuban, Brazilian and African gods

Energy: either

Forms: mineral, raw, powdered, liquid, confectioners, cane

Using sugar in magick will influence another to return your affections. Some believe that the more raw form you use, the more powerful it is, but in my humble opinion, the form doesn't matter as much as the intention. Sugar is also a good offering to love gods and goddesses.


Deities: Venus/Aphrodite

Energy: both

Forms: flesh, skin, seeds, dried, fresh, powdered

Need to spice things up, with yourself or with a new partner? Need a boost to feel a little more confident in your love endeavors? Tomato is just the thing you need! It enhances your seductive powers, passion and wild side.

Why not add some beauty to that love ritual bath?

Need some communication ingredients to add to this love spell?


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Awesome, great guide for people trying to design their own love spells! I do have to wonder how long you would have to kick around a coconut to break it open though. LOL my foot would probably break first. Wonderful hub! Voted up & pinned.


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