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Nature of Reality, Will the Real YHWH Please Step Forward, 11) The Greatest Change Possible

Updated on January 27, 2015

Things can change with effort and planning

The old front, the Carrotwood tree destroyed the sidewalk, my yard was a bit of a mess even for a jungle
The old front, the Carrotwood tree destroyed the sidewalk, my yard was a bit of a mess even for a jungle | Source
I had no choice, they removed the tree and sidewalk
I had no choice, they removed the tree and sidewalk | Source
I added the garden wall, much better now
I added the garden wall, much better now | Source
The new tree is a bit Charlie Brownish, but it will change also. My jungle survived!
The new tree is a bit Charlie Brownish, but it will change also. My jungle survived! | Source


We have introduced (and affirmed) the Trinity, Christian churches do this as well, so, let’s deal with types or kinds of change. Specifically let’s deal with the greatest kind of change possible in the universe.

Mankind can now do every alchemists dream: Change lead into gold. It is simply extremely costly to do so. We can bombard lead in a cyclotron until the atoms have the right number of nuclei and orbiting electrons. It’s just that it costs a few million times the value of the gold. We can change one metal into another. Expensive, but not really a dramatic change, they are both similar heavy, soft malleable metals.

We can even imaging huge changes. On the stage a witch turns into a beautiful lady, it is dramatic change for the actor. If it were real, it would be a radical change of a person, but she would still be a female person.

We can now do sex change operations. It is really a change like the drama on stage because you have not changed the underlying person, you have merely performed radical plastic surgery and artificial hormones (artificial in the sense of being produced by an artificer even if from a natural source) to effect some limited internal changes. You have not effected the person’s DNA, they still have the X_X or X_Y chromosomes that produced the original external organs.

A horrible example of radical change was Hiroshima the day the United States dropped the atomic bomb on it. That was true change, homes and people and animals and trees were changed from one kind of matter into plasma and heat and gasses. However, the laws of thermodynamics demand that all that energy still exists, just in radically different form.

Necessary and Contingent Beings

YHWH is a special type of being which, in philosophic terms is “necessary” meaning always there, and uncreated.

Humans are not, in fact, neither is anything else. We are “contingent” beings meaning 1) not necessary, my non-existence is possible, and 2) something else caused me to be, I.E. my parents.

For every contingent thing there must be a sine qua non (pronounced sin-a kwa non) or a sufficient reason for its existence. The full term is condicio sine qua non, or sufficient condition, or indispensable condition or cause or action to explain the effect.

Things do not just pop into existence, there is an explanation for everything that is a contingent thing. The issue is, you can’t keep going back forever with contingent beings, there has to be a first.

The Bible claims that a necessary God created a contingent world. He brought into existence something that had not previously existed.

Radical Change

That is a radical change, but still not the most radical change possible, but it did make that change possible. So what could be a greater change than a necessary being creating a contingent universe and world, and life on that world.

Another change was the creation of morally responsible beings that are self-determined. They are morally responsible for what they do and can effect real and true change in the world about them. They can choose to do right and wrong, and they can change the future. (Do you really want to say that the bomb at Hiroshima did not change Hiroshima?)

This is real change, but still not the greatest possible change.

The greatest possible change would be if the necessary uncreated being were to take on or make part of his being a piece of what he created, to become both the uncreated being and also a created being at the same time. The Artisan became the art he created.

This happened at the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

If Jesus was who he claimed to be, the creator of the universe, the uncreated God, YHWH, then that event, the incarnation of the uncreated necessary being was the greatest possible change in all of reality.

A larger change cannot be described.


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