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Navratri the festival of india

Updated on February 18, 2017
maa durga image
maa durga image

Navratri is the festival of joy and austerity. It is the festival that brings you closer toward Shakti or goddess Durga.The real meaning of navratri is nine night. It is the festival that is celebrated two times in year. First navratri festival takes place in month of March and other during the Dussehra festival (in the month of October and November).

In Navratri Women usually worship goddess Durga or Shakti so that their family can lead a happy life full with wealth, wisdom and beauty etc. Since Durga Devi is women, this festival appeal more to women, however men also in good number celebrate this festival. It is festival of austerity also because during these nine days women fast whole day and eat only one time in a day. Some women do severe austerities in these nine days to please the goddess Durga.

Navratri is celebrated in other states of India in unique way.Now we will see will how it is celebrated in Gujrat & Kolkatta state of India.

Navratri celeberation in gujrat

Goddess Durga is also called navdurga because Durga Devi has nine forms which are usually worshiped in this navratri festival. Although navratri is celebrated in whole country but the beauty of navratri can be seen in Gujarat state of India where women, men and children play garba dance. Garba is the dancing program where men and women having held 2 wooden stick dance in circle singing song glorifying goddess Durga.

Initially it was limited to only Gujarat but due to its popularity, it is now played in all the states of India. When navratri festival comes closer, many professional dancers teach garba and charge good amount of money. Garba also attracts corporate who sponsor this garba dance in many places and advertise their products.

Navratri in west bengal

Another state where Navratri is celebrated in style is in West Bengal state of India. In west Bengal, goddess Durga is main deity. Here you will see number of beautiful deity of goddess Durga. Durga puja preparation starts one or two month in advance. Employees get special bonus from the government so that they buy new cloths for their family.Children get holiday from school and he whole market readies itself in expectation of buyer. Festival of Durga puja here last for 3 days during which all the school and colleges remain closed.

Maa durga idol in durga puja in west bengal
Maa durga idol in durga puja in west bengal

Do You Know nine forms Of Goddess Durga?

In the nine days of navratri, people worship nine forms of goddess Durga. In each day, a new form of Durga Devi is worshiped. 1) During first of navratri, Devotees worship Shalputri. Worship of Shalputri brings happiness and healthy life in person life. In this day Goddess Shalputri is offered Ghee (condensed form of milk).

2. On the second of navratri, another form of goddess Durga Brahamcharni is worshiped. During this Devi accepts sugar which symbolises to bring sweetness and happiness in the life of devotee.

3.Chandraghanta-Goddess chandraghanta is worshiped on the third day of navratri. The goddess has golden colour with three eyes. Her unalloyed devotion gives worshiper peace ,protection and prosperity.

4.Kushmanda devi-Kushmanda devi has sun like glow in her face and always rides on tiger. It worship destroys all the hurdle of the worshiper and brings peace in their life.

5.Skandmata-Wordhip of skandmata during this day brings peace and happiness in the life of worshiper. In this Skandmata accepts milk as an offering.

6.Katyani-On the sixth day of navratri, Katyani form of goddess is worshiped which is believed to bring strength and energy in life. It also removes hurdles of life. There is ritual of worship katyani with the honey.

7.Kalratri-The name looks very terrifying but it is not so. Goddess kalratri is very merciful. It gives you strength, protection and courage to fight with difficult situations.

8.Mahagauri –On the eighth day of navratri, goddess mahagauri is worshiped. Mahagauri is very merciful and can be pleased very easily on this if you will offer her milk.

9.Siddhidatri-On last day of navratri worship of goddess siddhidatri takes place who is giver of ealth,wisdom and strength to the devotees.

In the last day of navratri, the ram navmi festival is celebrated. Ram navmi is celebrated to commemorate the killing of demon Ravana by Lord shri Rama who is incarnation of supreme personality of godhead krsna. In every big city of india ,the big effigy of demon ravana is made.Effigy is filled with lot of firework.Then common men in the disguise of lord sri ram releases fire arrow to kill the ravana which shows the victory good over bad.


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    • krbalram profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Bangalore

      thanking you very much mcxniftycalls for ur nice comment.

    • krbalram profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Bangalore

      thanking you very much HoneyBB for nice comment.It is by dicovering new cultures , we come close to other people.

    • HoneyBB profile image

      H Lax 

      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. You supplied many interesting facts on a fun topic that helps people understand a different culture.


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