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Fate Is Just a Four-Letter Word

Updated on June 21, 2014

Do you believe in Black Magic?

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Do you believe in supernaturals? Do you think that there are equally powerful or even more often evil forces as there are good ones? Do you think 'Black Magic ' actually happens ? Well in anycase read the story and find out for yourself.

Her joy knew know bounds when she came to know that she was expecting. The whole house had already started preparations for the new coming member. It was too early, yet everyone was seen blithely busy with suggesting names , deciding on clothes, discussing on how the baby would crawl, walk, talk, act and even what he/she would become on growing up. After all it was the first baby to come after so many years. A new generation was to start. So much happiness and felicity prevailed in the air, that everyone who saw them said "kahin nazar na lag jaaye"

She herself was seen sometimes gazing when the thought of her child came to her mind. She felt the shiver of joy and a sense of achievement. Afterall She was going to be promoted in life from a wife , a daughter-in-law to a mother, a complete woman. That's what the most beautiful and the hardest role in the world is "being a mother."

Everything was perfect to the last details in following what the family doctor had prescribed, she never missed vomiting. Took pills everyday for the sake of morning sickness and restless nights. But somehow her condition deteriorated, every time she ate something or felt like eating. She could not even drink water for whatever she consumed made her restless than ever before. The doctor whom the family consulted gave her pills to slowdown her uneasiness and help her eating. While she did whatever the doctor told her, she felt something was terribly wrong.

Everybody in the house was tensed about her condition but nobody dared mentioning or discussing it, Though everyone tried to ease her restlessness. The mother-in-law gave some home made remedies, while her father-in-law consulted the local Hakim, though her husband was contended that there was nothing better than the allopathy treatment which she was put on. The first trimester was coming to an end and the time of her first sonography had come. She asked her husband to take her to her mother's place, to her old home as she felt she might feel better there. Her husband happily agreed.

A few days after that all of a sudden she had fever. High fever to say. A sharp 103 F on the thermometer!. The doctor was called in for the emergency. He prescribed her some antibiotics , a couple of injections and glucose to be administered.

She took the prescribed medicine and was relieved of the fever but with that something strange happened. Something that could not be explained, But something that was spine-chilling to the core.

At night around 3:00 A.M , she felt a shiver, her body was feverish again , she took the prescribed tablets. Her mother was sleeping beside her. But something made her feel restless. She was still shivering and this time it was not the fever!! something had taken over her ears. Her restlessness was growing by every second. She kept tossing on the bed but there was no relief. She had an uncanny feeling that something terrible is going to happen, something which she couldn’t understand but she knows about .She tried taking deep breaths, put on the fan on a faster mode, drank some water, but there was no respite.

Suddenly, she heard something, something like the sound of a woman reading aloud some mantras, she could not hear what she was saying, but the sound was like a woman was doing something magical, something destructive and devilish . The sound of manjiras, dhol and bells was what accompanied the mantras. At that very moment she had a feeling of a tight twist inside her , like someone was holding her baby and pulling that little soul away from her .She screamed with pain, she tried hard but could not resist the pull. The mantras were louder than ever, and so were the instruments… loud that she could not hear the sound of her own screams. It was as if no one was listening to her cries. Her heart was pounding and the pulse rate was throbbing and this battle went on for half an hour.

Suddenly everything stopped, the loud mantras, and even the sound of the manjira, dhol and bells stopped. She sensed that something inside her was travelling far ,far away from her. She tried but couldn't do anything to stop that feeling. She lay in the bed in sweat and tears and with hair all messed up. She woke up her mother and told her about what happened. Her mother just said that she must have had a bad dream and that she didn’t hear her crying or screaming either and anyhow the next morning they were going to meet the doctor for checkup. She didn’t get a minute's sleep after that and stayed awake till the morning.

Next morning they headed straight to the clinic for sonography at around 8 A.M. half an hour before the clinic actually opened . She was tensed all the time with an unknown fear, a fear which refused to go away ever since the incident happened. The checkup was done and the reports came out at around 10, and with that the verdict came, her worst fears had come true………. the child was dead ! No this can not happen! She cried bitterly again, so much that her recently gifted bangles broke and guess what everyone could hear her this time !

It was later heard from the doctors that the child had been dead for almost 7 hours!! precisely since the time when she heard the mantras and felt something was leaving her body forever! Even the best doctors of the town couldn’t explain the reason of the death.Till date it is a mystery.

"Shayad khushiyon ko kisi ki nazar lag gayi"

Life is a bitch. When on one hand it feeds us with happiness , felicity , hope and trust, it snatches away something that is priceless or Amulya as they call it. A few things are better unsaid but a few others do require words, words that have emotions ,tears and one such sorrow is the pain of losing piece of your own flesh and blood , your own child.


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