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Inmate Pronounced Dead But Lived To Share His Experience

Updated on June 13, 2015
My friend Baleegh, shared his inmate story about near death experience.
My friend Baleegh, shared his inmate story about near death experience.

Mom's Faith In God Brought Him Back

I was in Tacoma county jail for 61 days for a crime I didn't commit. During my stay, I play spades all day with guys just to pass time. One day an x-gang member and I was sitting at the table alone.Out of nowhere he says to me "man I was shot 7 times. I was dead! I was in a place that was so pitch black, I couldn't see anything but blackness. I was never so scared in my entire life. I was in the hospital on this cold metal slate with the sheet covering my head. My mom and dad was there. My moms kept begging the doctor to revive me but the doctor kept saying "sorry Miss but he's gone". My mom kept crying,no!no!no! my baby ain't dead. GOD won't take my baby" [he's 41 years of age at the time he shared this with me]... He said his dad was on his cell phone calling relatives to inform them of his death and letting everyone know to attend the funeral. Meanwhile his mom was still crying "my baby aint dead, God is not taking my baby!"...then he says " man all the sudden the sheet turned bloody around my nose. Blood was coming outta my nose... I came from under that sheet hollering momma,momma,momma!!!".... [fast forwarding the tape] he says to me "man, I was a gang banger. I was selling drugs, shooting people and lots more bad shit...."

While listening and taking all this in, I was wondering what he was sharing with had some meaning but I couldn't figure out what it meant at that time. About a year or so later, I was still trying to understand what he shared with me,then it dawned on me what the moral of his story. I recalled him saying that his mom was a christian in church as far back as he could remember as a child. I concluded that it was for his mom that God brought him back from the dead or from a trip to hell. It appeared to me that God owed her that favor for having so much faith and belief in him...Now that was a deep story he shared with me.Only now i can relate to Jesus being dead and rising 3 days later...

* I didn't understand near death experience until meeting someone I knew personally attempting suicide. Prior to listening to this girl experience attempt suicide, I had also considered suicide a few year back. Let me explain, I'm such an independent person and didn't want to burden anyone if i became helpless not being able to take care myself so I tried to get anyone close to e to promise that they would they do a mercy killing if i got to the point that i couldn't take care myself. Her story changed my mind big time on suicide. Some of the creatures she encountered during her near death was far worse than any horror movies you can ever imagine. Conclusion, GOD created us and only he can take us.Eternal hell is where you will pay if you commit suicide or murder...This I'm thoroughly convinced ...BIG SIN!!!

Inmates playing cards
Inmates playing cards | Source


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