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Necromancy High Magick

Updated on December 18, 2008

Black Magick and Necromancy

In Dark (Black, i will use the two terms interchangably) Magick, be it Necromancy, Night Magick, Blood Magick, or "Demonic" the goal is power at any cost. Its not for the weak or faint of heart. Cutting, burning, and working in pitch black are common elements of these types of Magick.

You will deal with spirits, Elementals, the gods and goddesses of old still empowered by the belief of ages and many more frightning things. I hope you can handle it.

To begin you must learn to control your fear and increase your tolerance for pain. Sit in a dark room gazing into the void, drip the wax from a burning candle on your most sensitive areas, get a sharp knife and make small cuts on your fingers. Remember to use proper first aid after, practicing dark Magick does not protect you from bacteria.

To the casual reader This may seem insane. Cut myself? Drip wax on my sensitive areas? Are you NUTS?!!

No im not.

There is power in pain and blood. Learning to use that energy to project your desires is the key to Dark Magick, no matter what kind. The Basic priciples of Dark Magick are simple, use the elements of life others are afraid of to bring greater power to your rituals.

Black Magick is not for everyone, but like any good tool it shouldn't be fully discarded either.

Necromancy is Death Magick. Specificly manipulating spirits to do your work for you, or rather to empower it. It is not a friendly type of magick, you will be actinf as a Bully to the spirits. The idea is to force them to do what you want, not be nice to them.

Night Magick is fairly straight forward. I first read about the concept in the books of Konstantinos, a noted Pagan Author. His approach is very gothic, and still in the relm of "good magick". I prefer to use the principles of Night Magick with a darker twist. The basic idea behind Night magick, is that we spend a full half of our lives (more or less) in the dark of night, there is power in the dark. There is also power in the fear of the dark, yours and others.

Blood Magick is specificly using blood to power a ritual. Yours or a willing donor. Any type of Magick can be combined with any other. Most consider using blood as simply a part of some rituals, I consider it a type of Magick in itself. When used right it can bring great potency to any ritual. I have a few rituals that are purely blood and pain rituals.

"Demonic" Magick is the summoning of dark spirits and Elementals. Elementals are nature spirits, like nature they are powerful and dangerous to fool around with. A common element of High Magick is calling on beings people have given power to. Call them gods, demons, or imaginary friends. Over the ages the beleif in these things has given them power, and personality. Some call them "Thought forms". They are ideas given power by belief in them. All areas of true Magick deal with these "ideas", i will specificly deal with the darker ones.

Dark Sex Magick envolves elements of simulated Necrophilia, S&M and other fetish sexual practices. Whether Male or Female, Dark Sex Magick is about domination and power over your partner. I suggest you tread carefully when suggesting these rituals to a lover.


What is Necromancy? Necromancy is the practice of using the dead to get what you want. The most common application is summoning a spirit to give you information. More extreme applications can be trying to raise the dead, or putting an outside spirit into a corpse. I don't really think that is possible.

I use it mainly as a synergy with my preferred style of Magick. Night magick. I use the power of the dark to charge my castings.

Necromancy is best done in the dark. Calling upon spirits to do your dirty work can be a tasking experience. They don't like being forced to act for you. That is the primary goal of Necromancy, to force spirits to do what you want. They will try to get back at you. Expect bad dreams, and odd occurrences from less powerful spirits, to full blown hauntings from the stronger ones. Try to avoid nature spirits; sometimes called elementals, they are harder to compel and can be vindictive to an incredible degree.

Simple Scrying: Use a bowl of water, candle, and a pen and paper. You will need a sharp knife and an Ice Cube with your blood in it made up before hand. A musky incense, and a shot of some sort of hard liquer. Do this is in a dark place. A basement, room with covered windows etc.

You must start the ritual at 10 to midnight. Start by getting the ice cube(keep it from melting, leave it in its trey and cover it, obviously this works better in a cold room), bowl of water, and the pen and paper. At ten to midnight; with the lights on, carefully draw out a symbol to represent what you are asking questions about, try to keep yourself to three questions. It's a traditional number that seems to get good results.

You must put your energy into the symbol(s). (If you have not learned to summon and direct energy, you have no business trying something like this.) It should take about 5 minutes to draw the symbols, they don't need to be complex, just something to represent your questions.

The key to it is putting your energy into the symbol(s). At 5 to midnight you need to go to turn off the lights and light the candle and incense at least a couple of feet away. You want the light to play with the water elusive. Put the paper with your symbol under the bowl. Sit a gather your energy until it hits midnight. At that point you need to drop the ice cube into the bowl.

Concentrate on your questions and project them into the bowl. As the cube melts your blood will slowly cloud the water.(you can use a fresh cut and drop it in if you like). You should have roughly an hour to conduct your ritual. While the blood clouds the water you should take the shot of liquor, this is to loosen your handle on the common.

Gaze into the water projecting your questions and compelling a spirit to answer. Do not be polite, be commanding. If you want to practice Necromancy, being polite is not an option. How you choose to compel the spirit is up to you, and the way they will answer is never the consistent. At 1AM, end your ritual and turn on the lights. Sometimes you will see and hear the spirits during the ritual, more often they find small ways to get your attention and answer you later. So stay alert to anything odd for the next few days.

Compelling a spirit to do something for you: This is best done is a very cold room, as dark as you can get it. This is mainly about gathering energy and mental projection. I have used a knife to cut symbols into my skin with some good results, but that was for a blood curse. I suggest the simple method before you go slicing yourself up.

This ritual is all about stamina and will power. You must sit in the completely dark room gathering energy from the earth, then projecting it along with your desire. While also doing something to compel the spirits to act for you. Again, the method you choose is yours to decide. I must stress the point that you can not be nice to them, you are a necromancer, not a beggar.

Alternate between calling spirits, and projecting energy. If you are doing this right you will feel very tired after a short time. You must try to keep it up for two hours. From Midnight to 2AM. The longer you keep going the stronger the spirits that will respond to your call.

You will nearly always have a backlash of some sort from this ritual. If you want to live dangerously, you can direct your summoning toward nature rather than the astral/spirit plane. Your margin of success is lower because elemental spirits are less likely to respond, but if one does, you will get results. You will also risk cursing yourself with a pissed off nature spirit, but I never said Necromancy was all that safe.

Dealing with pissed off Spirits: You can try to force them to leave, first off. It doesn’t work very well. unless you are possessed of superior will power, they will come back. The weaker ones are more a nuisance than anything, they hide things and generally are just annoying. Stronger ones will haunt you and try to scare you as bad as they can.

Elementals are more subtle, but more dangerous. Don't be surprised if they cause trouble while you are driving, or doing other activities that require your focus.

The most common backlash is nightmares. Very bad, very disturbing nightmares. They generally only last a few days. This is not always a spirit getting back at you, its more from touching the spirit world so aggressively. If normal spirit summoning is a gentle caress to get a response, Necromancy is a punch in the gut. If you want to practice Necromancy, get used to acting like a paranormal thug. If you would like to learn more please visit my Site


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Becareful when messing with dark forces. Necromancy is very real. I feel its should not be practised with the dole intention of of just using lower realm spirits only . Evil can be used to do good and help people . I hope the writer has the same desires if not I send love your way. I do not critise you just hope your are careful. the most damaging things I have practiced is messing with Necromancy which I reguard as the highest magic. Chaos magic can bind spirits to your soul cause mental impairments it should not be practiced by mentally instable or poor people especially single men with nothing to lose because some of these spirits are dying for company. Becareful friend.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have no experience at all,I am super interested in necromancy,I feel that I have potential because I am really good at putting focus & energy into things.ive had supernatural experiences,I feel like this is something that I have like a hidden talent,I feel like I can feel energies around me,I think there's something within me that's pyschic or something.I want to become a great necromancer.but I'd like a study group rather then just myself.i have no idea where to find these people.& people I can trust & talk to outside of just necromancy,like friends + we would have the same interest lol idk if that sounded corny but I don't care.anyway,I wouldn't even be allow to do necromancy in my home

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      5 years ago from Summerland

      Necromancy is simply communicating with the dead, it is not just "trying to get what you want out of the spirits". That is a misnomer.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It's my opinion, that when it comes to magic, it is all in the individuls will. Robes, candles, and other rituals are used only to enhance a persons' awareness and cocentration, but aren't necessary. In other words, if you can attain the mind set needed, the ritual aspect is needless, especially in necromancy. Necromancer's are individualist. You wanna see ghost, don't bring a friend. You need to go alone. This is why all the tv shows on air are bs. Necromancing is a personal, unrelatable magic. Do not share experience of the art personally had with others. You must be an individual with a silent disposition.

      If you are tuly serious about ghost, do not bring a video recorder, just yourself. You'll experience things as long as you invite the experince. And don't be afrad when things go happen. Expect them in advance. Fear, as hard as it is to avoid, is what melevolent forces feed upon, empowering them. If possible, fear nothing at all, and ct complete as if you're in control of what is occuring (because you are the source).

      A good first step is using a 'dark mirror'. Use a substance, such as marijuana, to open your senses. A dark mirror is as easily to discover, as simple as the old fasioned curved, tube modeled tv's faded out in the late 90's. You'll see that life is everywhere in this world taking place, unaware to your all sensesprior. Entities, will make themselves visible, but I can't relate exactly what it is you'll see. Expect 'frames' of 'activity' rather than actually faces. Again, this is a first step and a safe one to open you're mind. Do not relate your visions. They are your own and as I said previously, necrmancy is a personal experience. You will weaken yourself to experience if trying to relate something to another who could never possibly grasps your personal vision.

      If you invite them, they will make themselves known to you, but only on a personal level. Expect life to change after. Also, have a source of protection, such as a faith in a certain guide. Whomeveryou may think will keep you safe.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ok, so why even use blood in the water? If you are looking for a cloudy surface you can drop anything in there. I think of summoning spirits and having them work your will, not dropping blood into water and then piss and moan at the ghost until it gives you nightmares. And if a ghost is giving you nightmares, then I think you are a scared boy NOT a necromancer.

    • profile image

      Frater Akenu 

      6 years ago

      @Kabogh: Not necessarily, different people have different agendas whether they are necromancers, shintoists, voodoo priests, etc. Necromancy is not about prolonging life, necromancy is mainly about communication with spirits. If necromancer has such a goal, then necromancer has such a goal.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ha ! ha ! ha ! Necromancy is a "pseudo-science" as some may call it to seek immortality . The dead people raised are experiments for bypassing death , prolonging life is the only goal of a necromancer , you may ask them if they are able to do things they were when alive , DO NOT FORCE them to do your "dirty work" ! I'm not surprised you got haunting and nightmares !

    • profile image

      Frater Akenu 

      6 years ago

      Ritual for scrying is good, the rest is a piece of s**t.

      1) Forcing spirits? No... I say, they do, if not there is some problem in my practice

      2) Scary nightmares? Necromancer cannot have fears, necromancer cannot fear death, else he could have a very big troubles.

      I guess you are still young, go for IIH before working with dead souls, else you will lose your sanity.

    • profile image

      Discordia Of Chaos 

      6 years ago

      Bully? Thug? Such Humen Thinking. I Come Here Seeking A Few Impovements In My Own Workings And This Amacure Desply Is what I Find? Let Me Exsplane Some Things Deary: 1. Will Power Will Souly (Huh..Bad Death Pun) Help You If You Are Being Prossesed-And Even THEN It Will Usely Fail. 2. The Gods Do Not Care For Your Afairs-Trust Me They Are All Self-Absorbed Ego-Maniacs Who Do Everything Based On The Reasnon That They CAN. And The Most Importent-3. A Humen Trying To Be A Bully To The Dead Will Just Get Him Killed. The Astral Plan Is FULL Of Spirts And Not ALL Of Them Are Ghost So To Try To FORCE Something You Do Not Even Know To Do Your Bidding Is So Incrdably Foolish You Put Your Own Useless Race At Shame. The Way To Getting ANY Summioned Being To Do What You Want Is CHARM. Give Them A REASON To Serve You-Even For A Moment. I Tell You Right Now Piss Off A Demon,Dragoncan Or GOD And You Will Get FAR Worse Then A Simple Nightmare-You Will Be HORRABLY Killed Not Just Phyacly Where You Get One More Chance But ASTRALY Where You Die THERE-Your DEAD. Anyway Just Figured I Would Show You Little Kiddies How It's Done-Goddess Of Chaos OUT.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      It seems to me that if you knew proper respect for spirits and were not trying force them into doing things they don't want to do you would not have these issues with hauntings and such. Would you want to be a puppet

    • profile image

      The one who learns 

      7 years ago

      The anonymous colleague, if you are reading this then i would be greatly thank full for you to contact me. i too find this article a bit primitave.i am still quite young and i believe learning from people like the one who wrote this article, would be a waste of my time. and after all, time is all we have really. my Email is thank you for your consideration

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have to agree with The Anonymous Colleague.

      I want the ancient ways to come back. When people actually respected their crafts as well! *sighs*

      It seems to me, everything is loosing its meaning and soul. I blame the internet for the most part.

    • profile image

      passing buy 

      7 years ago

      well i would like to know a bit more i am a pagan and do practice in blood magic and alchemy and such and was looking to brodden my practices maybe with night magic do you have any titels i can look up?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      thankyou regardless of the anonymous colleague even though i agree with most points still every thing changes and the young do it anyway decent article and some things are really bang on like the way you laid it out and anonymous colleague i don't see you giving one bit of advice or any real help so maybe the spirits you sending are non existing like your powers at least he tried to clarify what he could and explain better little shared than whole libraries buried i will take his effort and thank him.

    • profile image

      The Anonymous Colleague 

      8 years ago

      While I admire your obvious devotion to the black arts, I find your methods both primitive and ineffective. In short, you give necromancy and its practitioners a bad name. I will be sending any and all "pissed off spirits" as you call them, your way.

      It seems the young have no respect for the arts nowadays. What a pity. I yearn for a return to the days of proper rituals, demonic pacts, and certain results. In short, I am embarrassed to share a theology with you.

      Good day to you.

    • Ur Anaite profile image

      Ur Anaite 

      8 years ago from The Land of the Dead

      Konstantinos is an extremely poor source of information. Why would you post as an authority if you have had no success thus far?

    • deathlance profile image


      8 years ago from El Paso,Texas

      Thank you for this information i want to become a necromancer actually

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      your an idiot enough said.


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