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Negative Energies Around Us

Updated on September 27, 2010

Negative Energies Around Us


Negative energy can be caused by ourselves, the people around us, electrical equipment, misaligned earth energies, ‘black’ magic and the presence of spirits.

The idea behind clearing negative energy; whether it comes from natural sources or is created by humanity’s thoughtlessness, or by our own fears and anxieties; is to ensure that you are not only positive and uplifted yourself, but your surroundings are also light and free from negative influences.

Whatever the cause of negative energy, there are ways to counterbalance and minimize the effects.

Humanity has managed to survive and adapt to many changes in the environment - from drastic climactic alterations, to changing food sources, and we have overcome a variety of challenges to our well-being, from plagues to physical oppression.

In today’s world we deal with the problems of old as well as new ones such as electromagnetic stress and microwave emissions from mobile phones.

We are able to surmount these new challenges and bring ourselves into a positive, peaceful, harmonious and ‘light’ state. We are able to do this by using the power of our minds, our determination to overcome any threats to our well-being and our intention to enjoy a happy and healthy existence.

As we work on making ourselves positive, healthy and uplifted, so the effects of this personal healing will have a far-reaching and wider effect.

We influence our environment by the way we behave, what we think and believe, and our general attitude. We are able to make a difference by having a positive attitude to our lives and by keeping our environment clean and healing it with our positive ‘light’.

We are able to replace the negative energies and darkness in our lives with positivity and light.

If we all play our part in healing negative energies, our world will be a lighter and brighter place, and love and peace will be able to prevail.

Joanne    Sacred Scribes


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