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Networking Christian writers around the world on a Christian blog

Updated on March 26, 2012
A good christian blog dedicated to preach the good news to unreached millions.
A good christian blog dedicated to preach the good news to unreached millions. | Source

Christian writers

Good news for Christian writers all around the world., a Christian blog which is committed to empower people, is offering an exciting opportunity for Christian writers all over the world to share their thoughts and beliefs on their blog. As this Christian blog from Christian-way is a popular one and receives a good number of hits every day, your content easily reaches thousands of people, earning you a nice reputation as a good writer.

Why should you share your faith?

While Christian writers are invited to share their faith on this Christian blog, one question is why should you share your faith at the first point? The answer is simple. Read the prayer of Jabez in I Chronicles, Chapter 4 and versus 9-10. Jabez asked God to bless him and extend his territories. God has heard his prayers and accepted his request. If you look into the other parts of the Bible, you don’t find Jabez anywhere else. He is seen only in 2 versus of the entire Bible. However, his prayer is powerful. Why? The simple reason is that his prayer is in accordance with the will of the Lord. God wants His children to be fruitful and multiply. This is the same commandment given to Adam and later to Naoh and other people. God always wants us to be blessed and multiply.

Christian Blog

Even in the New Testament, Jesus talks about being fruitful in the entire chapter of John, chapter 15. We need to be fruitful and multiply in number, in a spiritual aspect. The prayer of jabez is the need of the hour today. The Christian blog from Christian-way offers this excellent opportunity to share your thoughts on the site and encourage other people to come to the Lord.

Why to post content on this Christian blog?

While there are several places to post content, why should Christian writers use a good Christian blog? The first reason is that you should always use an authoritative site. The Christian blog from Christian-way is a good site which is serving people with commitment. This site is a part of network, a reputable store with a Christian touch, selling jewelry products. It has the same commitment to reach thousands of people who have not heard about Jesus. That is the reason why they are offering Christian writers a chance to showcase their writing skills and share their faith. Sharing your thoughts on this christian blog allows you to reach a wider audience and empower people to come closer to God, as prayed by Jabez.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this information. I will look into this site.