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Never Knowing What God Intended

Updated on July 30, 2017

Does this reflect the emotions of losing a child?

Never knowing what God intended,

Or what wasn’t meant to be.

I clasp your tiny hands in mine,

And sorrowfully I weep.

Mourning the life whose smile,

I’ve never got to behold.

Praising Him all the while,

To Him my tears are extolled.

I’m reminded of His love,

As I suffer through this pain and loss.

I still have His blessed assurance,

Provided by His precious cross.

I know that one day soon,

We’ll surely meet again.

But for now I’m just hanging on,

To Jesus, my dearest friend.

The pain still overtakes me,

And sorrowfully I weep.

Looking at your tender face,

Whose’ image I’ll always keep.

I lay you down to the earth,

And plant you deep,

Like a flower preparing to bloom,

While in Jesus you peacefully sleep.

I cannot question or demand from God,

I can only trust His grace,

And believe that in time,

I will feel your warm embrace.

That my pain will be gone,

And this but a bitter-sweet memory.

I must keep my faith in His will,

For one day I’ll be free.

In the arms of Jesus, in Heaven above

May you rest far from any cares,

Knowing that one day

My little one

I’ll surely meet you there.


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    • profile image

      exorter 7 years ago from virginia

      I lost a little girl allmost 40 years ago, buried her when she was 4 months old, still remember Jesus being there with me, stil can see her little face looking up at me as she went, something a parent can never forget. But I do praise our lord for letting me know her for the four months, that was a great poem

    • Singing Bill profile image

      Singing Bill 7 years ago

      I can think of nothing worst than losing a child. I have been fortunate that I have not had to endure this, but it is one of my most horrifying nightmares.

      Loved it. Thanks.