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Never rely on the fickle and wavering mind!

Updated on September 13, 2016

Mind must remain quiescence!

Mind is the main cause of all troubles!

The mind is not only fickle, but it is the most unreliable instrument. If anyone relies on the mind, thinking it as a best friend, he is thoroughly mistaken. There is a proverb in South India, ‘relying on a mud horse, if one get into the river, the result will be disastrous! The mind too can be compared to the mud horse! The mind will pose that it is a close reliable companion! The mind hoodwinks everyone in the world. Sadly, most of the people land into grief for relying on the fickle and unstable mind! Again, the mind will contradict itself. It will create more confusion than bring sanity. Unfortunately, the events happening in the world are decided in the minds of people without any discrimination or detachment!

The world has witnessed many wars due to the selfishness and greed of the leaders or rulers. The people living in a country suffer most due to the selfishness of the rulers. No leader today, baring a few is interested in the welfare of their citizens. Each of those leaders is pursuing their own personal agenda! If every leader desists from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, the world will not witness such unrest as we witness today. When powerful nations with enormous resources interfere into the internal tussle of certain countries, the result will be disastrous. We have seen this in the past in the case of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. When the US supports some leaders, Russia will become antagonist. This is the same situation all over the world. Capital and Communist countries never see eye to eye on any issue. In addition, the huge oil resources of gulf countries are always attracting certain powerful Nations to keep their friendship with them. Sadly the acrimony between Shea and Sunni Muslims results in hatred and killings all over the globe!

Computer criminals

Internet was misused by most people!

In many Muslim countries, Christians are in minorities. Hence there are frequent human right violations in such countries. The leaders of Muslim countries turn a blind eye towards such occurrences. In every country, the minority population suffers at the hands of majority communities. The peaceful existence of various communities was possible in secular states. But the global connectivity has enabled terrorism to spread its tentacles in wider areas. Hence even those countries which are secular had to suffer due to the provocations of terrorist outfits through social media and platforms. Originally social media served the purpose of sharing good ethos but now it serves the terrorists around the globe to recruit youngsters through brow beating videos and audios. The disgruntled mind everywhere jumps to such offers but only after joining such negative groups, they regret for their decision. Many people and families who live traditionally on the terrorist occupied areas feel the heat of their misrule. They are cordoned off from moving away or escaping from their homes. They sneak through some gaps in security and walk to distant territories along with their children for the safety of their life. They soon become refugees and seek asylum in several countries.

Hence, in a way, global connectivity has ruined the life of many peace loving citizens. Only after witnessing such atrocities in human population, we have to conclude that the net has done more harm to the people than any good things. Though the net could be utilized in many sectors contributing human welfare, internet has become a powerful tool with cyber criminals, terrorists and those bully the innocent young girls. When the internet was in the initial stages of evolution, none might have taught that unrestrained global connectivity will spell disaster in the long run. Billions of Pounds and Dollars are swindled through the loopholes available on net. Only after witnessing the activities of cyber criminals everywhere, the government, the financial institutions and other online traders started securing their transactions with encryption measures. But the fraudsters are more intelligent than the designers of secure software.

Many companies are focusing only on the software thefts, antivirus software and virus removal technology! How cunning are those who spread malicious software on the net. They silently enter a system as an attachment to mail, when downloaded spells disaster to the entire system. There are many cyber criminals who steal private and personal data, credit card data, e mail id of many clients and sell it to the fraudsters. Nowadays, browsing through the net has become a dangerous pastime. But for essential activities, many people who are aged and those who cannot commute to places, use the web for bill payments, ticket booking and other online purchases! Hence, if we look at the positive uses of internet, it may account hardly 10% of users. Other users surf the web for entertainment, watching videos, listening audio clips, news items and other pornographic contents. The use of social platforms among the youngsters increased the culpability of crimes. Innocent youngsters are mostly the victims, who browse the net for adventure and thrill and land in troubles with blackmailers and goons. Even if many writers point out the risks of browsing by the teenagers, the cyber criminals use innovative Technics to attract youngsters in revealing their personal detail and private date!

Cyber crimes!

Security of websites and software!

Unless researchers on software security make fruitful efforts and the government tightens the noose by punishing the secret persons behind unknown locations, crimes will increase manifold and many lives of innocent girls will be at peril. Human psychology is that we are easily attracted to newer technologies which offer exhilaration and adventure. People want to travel in uncharted territories and the web offers every opportunity for the youngsters to get caught in wilderness by accessing forbidden sites and platforms. The elders cannot exercise control over the youngsters due to the access of smartphones and tablets which are gifted to them by parents! I don’t think that there is child lock facility in these gadgets!

In conclusion, I can assert that it is the mind which is the culprit which seeks these forbidden adventures! Hence never rely on the mind. Avoid frequent browsing of net for news and other items. We may use the net for educational activities and useful knowledge. Researchers can access the net for new innovations and as a guide for their dissertation!

Thus spake Einstein!


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