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Empaths!!! It's Time to Stop Hiding and Start Using Your Gifts

Updated on April 1, 2019

Social Media and Empaths

Each and every day I see so many of my kind, Empaths who are hiding in the safety of their homes. Staying inside and away from the emotional turmoil which is the state of the world we live in today. I know how hard it is to deal with all these emotions, and worse is trying to figure out who’s emotions are we even dealing with? Is it our own or is it the ones we pick up along the way? Believe me I know.

Two years ago I moved across the country so that my partner and I could start our new life. For me this was coming back to the exact State that I had left all the bad things of my past life behind. I lived on the east coast for most of my life where I was married to a narcissist and that helped launch my son, my only child into the world of drug abuse. After 25 years of marriage to this narcissist one day I received and email from him saying that he wasn’t coming home and didn’t want to be married any more. My world was devasted and after the divorce I drove myself and my dog across the country. Half way between being scared to death to make this big of a change and a sense of liberation I created the life that I truly wanted on the west coast. But only after a few short years I met a man that really understood me and had no intention of ever changing the person that I am. He said to me once that if he had to choose for me to continue being free to be my creative self or go out and get a hum drum job working for the Man that he’d rather I stay creative because he couldn’t imagine our relationship where I didn’t have that freedom, that our happiness comes from my freedom to be ME. That is love, that was what brought me back to where it all started, and all that I had left behind.

At first moving back “home” I tried to look at it with my everything has a silver lining outlook. I was closer to my mother, and two of my three siblings. But I couldn’t be me around them at first because they only knew me for who I’ve always been in their eyes, they had no idea of the woman that I reinvented myself to be while living on the west coast. It was a difficult time for me. My partner tried his hardest to get me to go on walks in our beautiful historic little town but every time we did that I had anxiety attacks along the way and after a while I just stopped wanting to leave the house. With this amazing mans love and his knowledge of me he helped me find an interest in art. It wasn’t difficult for him to see what I was needing to get onto a path of healing. I needed color and lots of it. I took up acrylic pour painting (Fluid Art) and boy did that add color to my life. I started to become alive again and within months I gained enough self esteem to go back out in the world and take that woman that I invented back on the west coast with me. Within a year I was exhibiting in not just one gallery but two. However, even with this new-found passion I still came across people that didn’t have my best interests at heart and were belittling. Not belittling me but my life. At first it really hurt and I wanted to go back to not leaving the house but I fought the urge. I first off found a filter for my social media that would block all the keywords of my choice ie; war, politics, rape, shootings, global warming ect. Not that I have my head in the sand because I don’t, I know whats going on with our environment but I get that from reliable sources AND most importantly my intuition.

We See Signs Everywhere and This is Where I was Led

I started believing in myself and my gifts. I’ve always known that I had them but up until a few months ago I just talked the talk, I didn’t walk the walk. Now today when you look at my personal social media page its is nothing but positivity posts encouraging others to have a positive life with positive thinking. We as Empaths have an amazing gift and hiding in the house is not the appropriate use for them.

Who, how, or why do we even have these gifts? Honestly, I can’t tell you but I do know that it sets us apart from the rest of society. Now do you feel like hiding in your home and away from the over whelming negative emotions that are stirring in our world is the right thing to do? I don’t. I feel as though it is time for ALL of us to use these gifts for good. I know it is hard, I know that most days it seems impossible but you know that anxiety you feel? That is because you are trying to stifle your gift. It doesn’t want to be shut out. The Universe is doing everything it can to kick us in the arse and get us out into the world to do the good that we NEED to be doing.

I read a meme the other day that said do one good deed each day for a year and change 365 lives. Come on my fellow Empaths, this is easy breezy. There are literally millions of us so imagine if you put on your brave-ness and went out into the world today and did something for zero recognition and yet you brightened someone’s day? Imagine that if each one of us each day helped just one person see that not everyone is a hateful human being. By the end of the week we would have changed millions of lives one person at a time.

Rise Above


STOP HIDING!!!! Get out there and do your part. You weren’t chosen to have these gifts to boo-hoo online about it all day. Yes, there are narcissists out there and most of us know people that are being abused by them on a daily basis but we have the ability to be there for them, to give them strength. Use your gifts for GOOD!! If it is YOU that is being abused by a narcissist get out. You are not a tree, MOVE. I’m here to tell you that it is possible and it can be done. It is scary but each and every person knows someone somewhere that will help you get up onto your own two feet. One of our biggest issues of being Empaths is our inability to ask for help, ASK FOR HELP!!! Chances are good that someone who loves you from a distance is watching over you, supporting you, giving you silent strength and they are just waiting for the day you ask them for help. So make their day and allow them to help you find your way back to being the you that you were born to be.

Empaths, you know what love is. You know how a person should be treated. First set that boundary for your own self and then be the strength for the next person. Life is hard, we do live in a shitty emotional environment right now and again, we all know it and feel it. You have the power to change it, I have the power to change it, we are a powerful group that is under estimated all around the globe and yet it is us that are always saying about the power of positivity and we aren’t in it together empowering each other. It is time for that to stop. It is time to stop hiding. It is time to go out into the environment and get those positive vibes flowing.

Mother Earth is our place of power and we need to take care of her. She is hurting, she is breaking. If we don’t step up and take care of her and all that she is trying to offer we won’t have to worry about hiding in our homes so get out there and find your peace in grounding. Get your hands in the dirt, plant flowers for our pollinators. Plant a tree. Enjoy the stars. Take that love for life and sprinkle that shit everywhere.

You can do it..I can do it


Examples of Good Deeds. A Very Short List


Make sure that a friend’s birthday doesn’t go un-noticed

Paint a rock w encouraging words. The painted rock movement is global

Create art and randomly drop it in your community

Open the door for a stranger

Joke around with an elderly person

Take the time to enjoy the sun with a stranger or friend

Give a potted plant to a struggling business

Make a big deal about anothers success’s

Smile at the people you pass on the sidewalk, say Good Morning or Hello

Be aware and helpful

Be Kind

Compliment a stranger on their hair or outfit

Say Thank You to a child, treat them like people

Have coffee with a friend or acquaintance for no reason

Spread laughter

We Are All Connected

Earth Angels?

Doing Good Deeds will not only change someone’s outlook on humanity but the power of positivity in your own life will literally erase the negativity. Light drowns out darkness. The only power that anything has is the power that we give it. Do not play in the pool of negativity.

Follow me here on Hubpages as I am finally ready to sit down and write all of the musings about myself and being an Empath.

Soon to come;

How to Love an Empath

How to not destroy a relationship because you are an Empath

Medical Marijuana and being an Empath

The Creative World of Being an Empath

And so much more. I know that if I write that you will read and the only reason that I care to share my thoughts is because I know that I am gifted in making people feel better about themselves and about their gifts and I want you to know that you are not alone, not even close. But for some reason we are even hiding from each other. Our gifts are real and we really should be using them for good.

I’m in…Are you??

Just an after thought….If we are actually Earth angels and we are behaving this way is it any wonder that “our” angels may feel to us like they aren’t stepping up? Why should they work any harder then we are as Earth angels???

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Sierra Matthews


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