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New Moon Manifestation Ritual Ideas

Updated on July 3, 2017
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The New Moon brings us the energy of new beginnings. It is the perfect time to manifest something into your life. Rituals are a way to focus into what it is that you are wanting to manifest. You are announcing to the universe that you are ready for your intentions to come to you. The more personal the ritual is, the more powerful it becomes. I recommend that you create your own over time. Start with one of these or try all of them, Then take what feels right to you and create your own. New Moon rituals can be done the night before, the day of, or 2-3 days after the New Moon.

Remember that writing your manifestations and doing rituals is just the beginning of the process. Do your part and show the universe that you are really ready for what you are asking for. Walk the walk and talk the talk around your manifestations. Act and talk as if you already have what you want.

1. Cleansing Ritual

Do a special cleansing ritual during a New Moon to make room for new beginnings and new things to come into your life. Every ritual should start with an overall cleansing. However, it is very important when you are manifesting for new beginnings. Every new book starts with a crisp clean piece of paper. Doing an overall cleansing, starts you with a clean slate for the new chapter that you are creating.

This is a good ritual to do even if you are not clear on what you are wanting to manifest at the moment. There can be times that you are not necessarily wanting to manifest anything except what is within the best interest of yourself and others around you. By doing an overall cleansing with the intention of welcoming in something new, you are leaving it open for the universe to send to you what is important at the time.

What you will need

Sage stick or incense

Fireproof burning bowl


Light your sage or incense. If you are using a sage stick, make sure to keep your lighter with you as you cleanse. The sage will go out often through out your ritual. Create as large amount of smoke as you possibly can.

Hold your fire proof vessel under the sage or incense to catch any hot ashes. Use the feather to swirl the smoke around. Do this throughout your whole house, paying special attention to your doors and windows.

Cleanse with the intention of letting in the new beginning that you are manifesting. You can either visualize your intention or you can vocalize your intention to the universe with an affirmation laced with gratitude. "I welcome in a new love into my life. I am open and appreciative of all of the help and guidance that I receive."

If you are leaving it open to the universe, then have the intention of being open to whatever it sends you. Trusting that it will be for your higher good. Once you are finished with the house, wave the smoke from the sage stick or incense around yourself with the intention of cleansing and opening yourself up to new beginnings and inspirations.

2.Three Candle Ritual

The three candle ritual is excellent for manifesting three different things; or three stages of one intention. Each candle represents each one of the manifestations. Use a candle color that resembles what it is that you are manifesting. Let's say that you are working on career, prosperity and family. Then by referring to a Feng Shui Bagua map, dark blue which represents career, purple for prosperity and green is associated with family.

If all of your intentions are around love, then you might have three pink candles or three different shades of red. If you are wanting to grow infatuation into love, then start with a soft pink or even white for purity and progress to red.

What you will need

Three 4-8 hour candles in the colors that you need.

Three small pieces of paper and a pen.

A burning vessel.

Loose sage or a sage stick

A Bagua map that has the colors of each life sector represented

Place the candles where they can burn safely to the end. Create an alter or use a spot on the kitchen counter. Do a space cleansing. Prepare yourself by meditating, saying a prayer, or however you center yourself.

On each piece of paper, write down what feeling it is that you are wanting to manifest. Think about how you would feel if you had this thing in your life. Maybe you are wanting to feel more secure or prosperous. Sit and actually feel what it would be like to always have a feeling of prosperity or security. You can write this in one word or a whole sentence. Feeling prosperous gives me a peaceful sense of security. Underneath that, write down one actual thing that would bring you that feeling. A promotion, or a windfall of money.

Light each candle thinking about the intention that it represents. Concentrate on the feeling that you are are wanting to have. With each candle that you light, watch the flame while you are holding onto that feeling. When the flame becomes strong, move onto the next candle and intention.

Crumple up some sage into your burn vessel. Read the first manifestation out loud ending with "and so it is done". Light the paper on fire with the flame from the coordinating candle. Put the lit paper into your burning vessel with the sage. Watch the smoke until it is gone visualizing your request being sent out to the universe. Move onto the next manifestation. Add more sage as needed to your burn vessel. Once you've finished with all three, say a prayer if gratitude. Throw the ashes outside releasing it to the universe.

Let the candles burn until the end or until they go out on their own. When a candle burns down to the end then your intention is going to manifest. If a candle goes out before burning to the end, then it is possible that it is not a good time to manifest that intention, It could also mean that your intention is working but at a slower pace. Add it into your next New Moon candle ritual with a fresh candle. If it happens again then you might need to rethink that intention.

3. The Window Sill Ritual

The window sill ritual should be done the day of the New Moon. It directly uses the dark sky's energy. You can manifest as many intentions as you want but focusing on no more than three works the best.

This ritual uses the power of crystals and stones. Crystals carry the wisdom of billions of years. They are used for the healing of body, mind and soul. Both crystals and rocks radiate a unique energy that can be used to assist in manifestation.

What you will need

Notebook paper and a pen.

A crystal or rock.

A window sill

Write out what it is that you are manifesting. Turn it into a story if you want. The more creative that you get, the more you will experience the feeling that goes along with what you are manifesting. It doesn't matter if it is spelled correctly or if it has correct punctuation. Write down whatever comes to you about what you are manifesting. When you are finished, fold the paper four times always folding the paper towards yourself. This signifies your manifestation coming to you. Place the folded paper on the window sill.

Get a crystal (or a rock if you do not have any crystals), and place it on top of your folded paper. The best crystals to use with moon work are Moonstones and darker crystals such as Hematite. Of course you can use a crystal that has the energy of what it is that you are manifesting. Rose Quartz would be good for manifesting a new love.

Leave it on the window sill for 24 hours. Make sure that the night sky is visible on the window that you are using and not facing a wall. Once the 24 hours is up, read it one more time either out loud or to yourself. You can then either bury it or burn it. Releasing it to the universe to handle it with your highest good in mind.

4. The Singing Bowl Ritual

The singing bowl ritual uses the vibration of sound to send your intention out to the universe. Tibetan singing bowls are used for meditation, healing and rituals. They have been around since 2000 B. C. There are so many really beautiful ones to choose from. The best ones are made of 7 metals. Each one representing the 7 astrological bodies.

  • Saturn - Lead
  • Jupiter - Tin
  • Sun - Gold
  • Venus - Copper
  • Mercury - Mercury
  • Moon - Silver
  • Mars - Iron

This is a good ritual to use when manifesting intentions of a more spiritual nature. For instance, you can use it to manifest psychic dreams or feeling a closer connection to your higher self or guides.

What you will need

A singing bowl

Paper and a pen

Loose sage or a sage stick

A 3-4 hour candle

Prepare yourself for the ritual with meditation or prayer. Sit in front of your singing bowl and a light a candle. Sprinkle some sage into the singing bowl. Strike your singing bowl three times letting the universe know that you are ready. Write out your manifestations and focus on how you will feel when you have manifested what you are writing.

Once you are done writing out your manifestations. strike the bowl once and read your manifestations one by one out loud. Use the flame from the candle to light your paper on fire and put it into the singing bowl. Strike your singing bowl three times. Watch the smoke and visualize your intention manifesting. Do this with each intention that you have written. End the ritual with a prayer of gratitude.

Once you are finished, cleanse your singing bowl and let the candle burn down to the end.

Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl with the Image of Buddha and Auspicious Symbols - Aluminium
Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl with the Image of Buddha and Auspicious Symbols - Aluminium

This is one of my favorite singing bowls. The size is perfect because you can easily tuck it away when you are not using it. Excellent sound. I had a friend who had one of these and I fell in love with it so I bought one myself. It travels well because of the size and the price is affordable. Beautifully designed with Buddah and spiritual symbols around it. This is a perfect hand held singing bowl and looks beautiful on my alter!


May all of your manifestation come into fruition within your highest good.


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