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New Moon in Aquarius: Time for a Change

Updated on January 27, 2020
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Finally, the new moon in Aquarius took place last January 24th and it ended the very transcendental eclipses season.

The cloudless sky reminds us of the many possibilities that the Aquarian energy can find.

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Last January 24th, the moon ended a transcendental period of time: eclipses season, which started on November 26th, 2019. It is highly possible that if you ask anyone about their lives in the past two months, they are going to say that it was everything but usual. Before, during and after eclipses, life is a bumpy ride. For some, it can be fun. For some other ones, a lot of movement may trigger some wounded areas that need not only healing but curing. What was your case?

A time to process

There was a lot going on: eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer, Saturn met Pluto in Capricorn and some other astrological events. We all lived different situations that we still need to process now that the tide is low. This new moon in Aquarius invites us to find stability so that we feel ready to make decisions and take action, because everything that happens during the eclipses season is to push us back on track: the episodes and reasons why we are living on this planet.

A time to start changes
This new moon is ruled by Uranus, because it rules the sign in which it happens. Uranus squared the Moon and the Sun, which pushes us to think outside the box and act for a change. We all need to check on our natal chart in which house the new moon took place so that we know in which aspects of our life we go for such a change. We have 2 weeks to still feel this energy (until it is full moon -in Leo-). As a matter of fact, we have 6 months until we see the full moon in this sign: Aquarius. Chiron was involved, too, so it means that our decisions need to imply healing our emotional, psychological and physical wounds. Chiron is in Aries, so our own self and our will are what may ask healing attention from us.

Go shine!

Mars in Sagittarius and Mercury in Aquarius participate in the energy of this full moon, too. If we have a project in mind, it is time to release it and present it to the world, especially if it implies technology (Aquarius) and foreign countries (Sagittarius). Go for it! And act for the expansion that technology allows nowadays.

Work to transcend

Jupiter in Capricorn holds an aspect with Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which means that we have the luck to commit and work with relationships that help us to transcend ego and reach universal fraternity. Remember to value yourself first, then, act and work based on your value. It will help life get you closer to better associations and partners.

Material innovation

Palas and Uranus are also in touch (in Capricorn and Taurus respectively). Earth signs are active. It is time to be pragmatic! Uranus in Taurus is about many topics, but one of them is material innovation. Are you updating your physical reality? Is it asking you for a radical change? Since Palas is involved, we have the power of diplomacy and commitment on our side. Let us commit with ourselves so that our physical daily life is a reflection of our inner evolution. Let us not forget that in order to manifest such an innovative change in our lives, we need to keep all structures in balance (Palas in Capricorn).

Your will cannot affect others’ will

Chiron in Aries squared Palas in Capricorn. In other words, healing our self, our individual determination cannot affect the harmony and balance with others, especially in work settings or scenarios where commitment is involved. Let us trust ourselves that we can do both: act upon our will and heal it with the necessary diplomatic wisdom.

In case you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to read them. What other astrological articles would you like to read?

May we all enjoy the following two weeks with this available energy, and let us benefit from the lucid thinking that Aquarius grants us until the Pisces month starts to finish a zodiac year. Let us keep in touch, but most importantly, conscious and generous with the love, energy and actions that we share.


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