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New Orleans Vampires

Updated on July 7, 2011
New Orleans Is A Hot Bed Of Vampire Activity
New Orleans Is A Hot Bed Of Vampire Activity

Vampires of New Orleans

We all know the stories from Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles about the vampires of New Orleans and if you ever walked the dark rainy streets of the French Quarter at night you could believe in almost anything including vampires and all kinds of other things that go bump in the night.

Really weird things do go on in New Orleans. If you walk through the French Quarter at night you will see voodoo shops open selling their spells, goods, and more. And if you look deeper you will come across all kinds of weird and strange things. And if you know the right person to ask and ask in the right way you will be shown to vampire clubs. Yes vampire clubs do exist and are open every night in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

I have walked in these clubs and set there and took in the surroundings. There are people there in those clubs that believe with all their heart, body and soul that they are real live vampires. And some of the people there in the clubs really fear some of the vampires that visit the clubs by night. By day these vampire clubs are either closed and locked securely or they are turned into regular tourist bars.

The 1984 Vampire Murders

In 1984 nine people were found in and around the French Quarter of New Orleans. They had all been murdered by having their throats torn out. The paramedics responding to the scenes were struck by the fact that there was no blood at all at the scenes. They said it was like something or someone had simply sucked all the blood up. Police to this day do not have a suspect in the 1984 Vampire Murders. And the murders ended as quickly as they had began. Rumors at the time said that it was a rogue vampire and that he was destroyed by the elder vampires of New Orleans because he had brought so much heat down on the vampire community of New Orleans.

1933 Vampire Murders

In 1933 on two different nights police were called to Royal Street where on each night a young woman both suspected prostitutes were found laying in an alley with their throats torn out. Both women had been dead only a few minutes when they were found but no blood was found at the scene of either crime. It is interesting to note that a local resident who lived above one of the murder scenes claimed a dark figure had been down over the one woman when she was spotted and people began to scream for police. The man said the dark figure had climbed over a 12 foot wall at the end of the alley and that he had no trouble getting over the 12 foot wall. It appeared to him he said that the dark figure he assumed to be a man had simply walked up the wall and over the other side into the yard of a large house located there. Police searched but found nothing. And these two murders were never solved. And remain unsolved to this day.

Have you ever walked the French Quarter of New Orleans at night? What did you think? Tell us about it below.

Outside a real New Orleans Vampire Club that opens at Midnight and closes at 6 AM.
Outside a real New Orleans Vampire Club that opens at Midnight and closes at 6 AM.
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One of the flooded New Orleans Cemeteries during Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the DeadNew Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the DeadNew Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the Dead
One of the flooded New Orleans Cemeteries during Hurricane Katrina
One of the flooded New Orleans Cemeteries during Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the Dead
New Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the Dead
New Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the Dead
New Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the Dead
New Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the Dead
New Orleans Cemeteries , City's of the Dead

New Orleans Cemeteries Home To Vampires

If you visit New Orleans you will be warned not to visit the Cites of the Dead as the local cemeteries are known unless you go with an organized tour. Even on a organized tour you will see some really strange and unusual things including bodies that appear to have been torn from their tombs.

Locals will tell you that the old cemeteries are home to several vampires and that these vampires live there in old tombs in the cemeteries. But again I warn you if you go into these cemeteries do not go along. Go with several people as some very bad things do happen and go on in these cemeteries. Voodoo is very real and is still practiced in these cemeteries so there is no telling what you may walk upon so use care.

Police quite often arrest vampire hunters in the cemeteries complete with crosses, hammers and wooden stakes. The vast majority of these people are simply charged with trespassing and told not to come back. And yes some of these people really do believe that they are hunting for real vampires.

Post your comments about the vampires of New Orleans now.

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    • profile image

      Michelle 6 months ago

      I would really love to believe that vampires are real. Ever since I can remember, the Count on Sesame Street was and still is my favorite character. I am an open minded person and believe that there is more to life than what we can see.

      I have been been fascinated with New Orleans for a long time and I am actually planning a trip their not this coming April but April of 2019. I am so excited. I have heard the stories of vampires lurking in the shadows on the streets of NOLA so it will be interesting to say the least. This may sound crazy but I have been having visions and dreams of a mysterious gentleman that is about 6'1" tall, long dark hair, pale skin, piercing blue eyes. Very old. Like the 1600's old. He is a nobleman from France. I can't quite get his name but I am getting something like Roman or Rowan. I feel like this is why I am being drawn so strongly to NOLA. Is such a fascinating city. I also want to visit the old graveyards. I love walking through old graveyards. They hold so much energy and have such a story to tell

    • profile image

      Jeremy 9 months ago

      If anyone, with first hand knowledge, wishes to discuss the New Orleans vampire community I would like to learn. I'm thinking about visiting, possibly moving, to New Orleans and would like to meet members of communities.

    • profile image

      Marlitt Arnouville 9 months ago

      There are people who feel and act like modern day vampires, but the ones to really to fear are psychic vampires that can drain your energy and life force. Beware

    • profile image

      Stephanie 4 years ago

      Now I really have to go there...would be wonderful to be

    • profile image

      @domenico 5 years ago

      My girlfriend and I just came back from New Orleans and I must say I left there believing in the legend much more. What did me in was our visit to the garden district. We had wanted to do a vampire or cemetery tour but our time was limited because we were there for a wedding. We had left the day open on Good Friday and we decided to visit the old house that faces the Ursuline convenant. Unfortunately the tour was closed because of the religious holiday. Disappointed we simply decided to visit the garden district. We hopped on the trolley and unsure of where to get off on St.charles street something told me to get off further away from where the tourists were. When we finally got off we were surrounded by these old beautiful plantation homes that must have been the outline for Anne rices talented mind. We veered away from St.charles st walking a few blocks into the neighborhood. Unexpectedly my girlfriend pointed out " babe, it's a cemetery" I couldn't believe my eyes. It was almost as though we had been drawn to this magical place. What we came across was the old Lafayette cemetery. My lady and I walked around the place snapping photos like any other idiot would and we kept running into the grounds keeper. It was bizarre. It was almost as though he had been following us and keeping an eye on what we were up to. He seemed very friendly and appologetic when he'd get in the way off a shot. The grounds keeper had long stringy white hair that sat right below his ears and I swear his glasses were so thick his eyes must have been the size of peas. He's a character alright. I felt bad because I kept thinking to myself that he must have been a little slow or something because of his appearance but boy was I wrong. Upon our exit he was there waiting to say good-bye. Not knowing much about the history of the place I asked him a few questions and boy was he eager and helpful to let me into his mind. I won't tell you all the details because you can look them up yourself but what got me was his mouth. He had stitches for a cleffed pallet but it looked more bizarre. I almost felt as though this guy was stripped of his fangs or something. His presence was more like that of a guardian and protector of the place. I mean, he followed us around, c'mon. It was a given. We weren't with a group so perhaps he wanted to steer us away from something. He was highly intelligent and informative more than I would have thought and finally- his mouth and teeth were really bizarre. I suggest when you are in New Orleans you must visit this place on your own. The history of the place is amazing. Do yourself a favor and talk with this guy when you're there. I keep thinking about this place and personally it convinced me that something undead thrives down there.

    • profile image

      sam 5 years ago

      @Joseph R.

      I would really like to meet you and talk to you and your friends about this whole vampire thing..... I have always believed in vampires but never really found one. I would like your help when i come to New Orleans.

    • profile image

      Marcus 5 years ago

      Yeah im a believer in Vampires


      Anything Supernatural


      Cryptids I'm also a Witch and three of my friends are witches to I also have three werewolf friends I would love to meet a vampire but i don't know if I would like to be turned

    • profile image

      Kat 5 years ago


      Either you are trolling....

      Or doing the same thing as every one else googling and coming across interesting vamp articles.

      Or the fact that this is a "New Orleans" article and who ever has read Anne Rice will clearly know that Lestat Is the main character.

      But what I have to say is it amazes me that Anne Rice was capable of getting so much actual facts relating to strange murders in new Orleans and the oak story.

      So Mr Lestat if u happen to ever come across this site again please answer this, Judas or Jesus?

      The guy rose from the dead and disappeared! Something ain't right there...

    • profile image

      ?? 5 years ago


    • catospulse profile image

      catospulse 5 years ago from Night

      New Orleans is an absolutely delightful place! I'm pleased to read an article that celebrates its peculiar histories. I should think were you able to access the records, you might very well find more accounts of similar items.

    • profile image

      joseph R 6 years ago

      i live in new orleansand me and my friend go out every night to visit this old man.his name is alexander and he always tells us storys about europe and how it was a long time ago.he also gives us future reading and tarot cards,he is my best friend we all are vampire.we all found this out a young ages as we never acted like normal children and even though we are still children we still can relate to something and have different friends that are like us.if your ever in new orlaens try to find me if you like vampires me and my friends can show you tha city.i will not tell you what i look like because i know there are creepy people on the internet but remember just cause you see a vampire in a moive isn't the way real vampires act in real life.we don't kill people or drink blood we feed off endery from a family has lived in new orleans for generation and our blood line is thick with strange people.

    • profile image 6 years ago

      im 25 yrs old im in love with the darkness vampires etc iv wanted to be a vampire my whole life im going to new orleans for the 3rd time in march im inviting any vampire to change me ill be the pretty blonde with a wiccian vibe

    • Lotusbud101 profile image

      Lotusbud101 6 years ago from Somewhere pa

      @ lestat

      I would like to hear more info please??????

    • profile image

      lestat 6 years ago

      love vampires, plus i am one, thank u very much!

    • Lotusbud101 profile image

      Lotusbud101 6 years ago from Somewhere pa

      It is very interesting to see peoples opinions !!!!

    • profile image

      Vanessa 6 years ago

      I have walked the quarter many times at all hours and have never felt anything other than protected. I love it there.

    • profile image

      Tk0774 6 years ago

      I live in ouachita parish and i have met vampires here too, bt they r not immortal!! Bt they r everywhere in Louisiana!

    • profile image

      PHOEBE 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Lord_Cullin 7 years ago

      Yes we Vampires are real I wish I could just get royalties for my Last name being used with In the twilight series, but it is OKAY I don't mind. Yes I am a real living Vampire. I live with in the Mississippi area. Although I want all of you to know that we as Vampires do not have eternal life. That is strictly fantasy. Eventually we die as well. Although it would be nice to have emotionality. I am open to answer questions of those who may have questions. My E-mail is Oh by the way the Vampires In New Orleans are very real. I shall not reveal to any one my first name, but I will tell you it was used for one of the Vampires in the Twilight Saga and it is a Mal Vampire. Yes it is true one of the Vampires in the Twilight saga has a name of a real live vampire. Although my changing took place Down in New Orleans. Down deep with in the French Quarter. To Learn More you will have to wait for My book that will be coming out. I am telling my story to some one that is striving to become an Arthur. Once the book is finished I will let you all know more about it and how to obtain a copy to read.

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      This is a great hub! I really enjoyed it. I've never been to New Orleans, but I really want to go.

    • profile image

      Reina 7 years ago

      Angilia - V+

    • profile image

      annah roy  7 years ago

      hey i wanted to go new orleans and also want to go french quarter iwant see the real vampire

    • profile image

      Naomi 7 years ago

      Hi Angilia Lefaye I must talk with you email me on

    • profile image

      tonya bloss  7 years ago

      i am not a vampire nor do i claim to have seen one that i know of, but i do believe in them. i believe they are not good nor evil but they have a choice just the same as humans and for all you skeptics that may be reading this, do you honestly think that humans are the only intelligent species on this planet,well if you do then you are seriously closed minded. don't you ever wonder why some police cases can not be solved how do you explain where a perfectly healthy human body is laying dead on the ground hasn't been moved and there is wounds but no blood, and no drugs were found in the system nothing human made that could have caused it? if you do know one or you are one i want you to know you do have friends in the human world i do not desire to become one i am also not emo, Gothic, or a satanist. on the outside i appear to just like every one else, leading a normal boring life you would not be able to tell me from your neighbor. :)

    • profile image

      Shamrock 7 years ago

      Hey Anngilia leafaye i believe on you and i'm a good fan of vampires can you give me more information about vampires please contact me at

    • profile image

      tip22 7 years ago

      Anngilia lefaye if you have seen or met a vampire email me at put in the subject box vampires.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Some really great New Orleans vampire comments. They are appreciated.

    • profile image

      Angilia Lefaye 7 years ago

      I believe I know what vampire was to blame for the murders of 1933. I also may know the vampire whom was responsible for the 1984 murders. I am not allowed to give names for I actually have met these two vampires. In total I have actually met three vampires about eight years ago and I see one of them about every other night feeding on animals since I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. He does not feed on people for this reason. But if you ever hear of strange deaths in London, it is him who is responsible for that is where his estate is. He moved from New Orleans to London about the 1980s after he found his maker whom I have met. If you have never had a past life where your relative is a vampire then be careful. This is the only reason why I have not been harmed by a vampire for I was related to one of them back in the late 1500's. Re-incarnation is very true and I pity all of you whom live in New Orleans, but at least you will not have to worry about the most famous vampire in the mortal and vampiric world for this one was the one I was related to and was banished from New Orleans.

    • Dmian profile image

      Dmian 8 years ago

      If vampires were real I'd love to see one, even become one, anyway. amazing hub!

    • profile image

      kat n_n 8 years ago

      i don't get it im like vampire obbessed too ut reading this (( and other stories)) has made me think ... well maybe there isn't any good vamps out there just ones that ... drinking human blood and don't give humans a choice .. be like them or died i think the vampires choose for us ... great stories btw and im gunna tell my mate about them .

    • angel115707 profile image

      Angel Ward 8 years ago from Galveston, TX

      I love it, I think you have givin me some great starts for research of this fact.(in my eyes any way) When I was a young girl we lived in a New Orleans suburb, and I just knew, somehow i understood vampires, ghosts etc, the static in the air I suppose. I didn't just thinkthey were real I knew it, I saw my fisrt ghost in Slidell where I lived, I was only 7 years old.

      You know Anne Rice is he only one I read that had down pat the way I saw vampires as a little girl, not zombies but so much more, funny, so much the same you'd think she met a few herself.

    • profile image

      justin 8 years ago

      just got back from nol didn't see any vampires but don't rule out that they could be there

    • profile image

      yolanda 8 years ago

      I've lived in new orleans my entire life. All I've ever encountered were a bunch of gothic people that WANTED to be vampires - no real ones?!

    • profile image

      sara 8 years ago

      Can't wait to go to New Orleans soon. This added to more whole vampire obsession!

    • profile image

      lola likes... 8 years ago

      wow. i never knew any of this- more of a reason to go to new orleans. amazing- keep up the good work!

    • profile image

      Pachuca213 8 years ago

      this was cool! Always wanted to go down to New Orleans....I will be careful when I hit the club scene there, if ever I go. Something tells me though, I may fit right in there!;)

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 8 years ago from close to you...

      wow, this hub added more in my interest to vampires! thanks for sharing this crazyhorsesghost ;p

    • profile image

      katrina 8 years ago

      since i was kid i really wanted to be vampire,my family is like my cousins, aunts and uncle are aswang,, aswang is a creature the eat and dring humans,its been 100 years that my grandpa disbanded 2 der kind.they practice witchcraft,they have red eyes, and strong not easy to kill.

      believe can visit me and i can take u der,in my aswamg family.PLS>IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO BE VAMPIRE OR A VAMPIRE PLS EMAIL ME

      u can email

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Yes New Orleans has always been a hot bed of vampire activity. If you search the history of New Orleans for vampires you will find all kinds of unexplained things from over the last few hundred years

    • profile image

      Am I dead, yet? 8 years ago

      =o woah. I know that we have Vampires in New Orleans, but we love our ghosts-n-ghouls! Thanks for the warning, I think the Vampires only prey on Tourists xD ROFL!

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 8 years ago from United States

      As a Cajun American I have heard elderly relatives tell many stories about the cemeteries and the vampires. Nice hub!