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New Pope in The City

Updated on July 27, 2013

Faith, maybe.

So, there's a new Pope in the Vatican and already there's controversy over a religious kidnapping close to 40 years ago. And, Pope Francis is the 1st Jesuit pontiff to be chosen as Pope. What's the big deal?

From what I know about the Jesuits, it is a group which was instituted by John Paul III and their purpose was to increase belief in the Catholic faith, by any means. Now the founder, Ignatius of Loyola had a solider mentality so methods of conversion may have been a little distasteful in early days and probably as recent as at least 40 years ago in reference to the kidnapping incident. Oh, and they vow to obey the Pope.

The role of the Pope is to oversee followers. He is basically chief of the entire Catholic Church.

Now the Jesuits are worried about who the Pope will obey? Ummm, he will obey the Catholic faith, one would think. Maybe there is some confusion about belief. First of all, this Pope and all others are human, like me like you, vulnerable to the temptations of the world. Secondly, the vow should be to obey the word or higher power of chosen religion not Pope's that change with time. Too wrapped up in the idea of a pope forgetting in what is to be obeyed vs who.

Times change. Pope Francis simply took a title change. Now in the future other Jesuits might hope to be pope.

I am not Catholic. These are just my views on media reports and what I do know of the religion.


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