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New Year Rituals

Updated on December 4, 2014

New Year Rituals

Do you have any rituals that you do before the year ends? I do. I remember when I was a little girl, I would always see my mom cleaning, and donating things that had no use anymore. Now that I am an adult, I find myself doing the same. Cleaning out closets, cleaning the house, re arranging things, for the energy to cleanse and flow properly.

There is something magical about starting a new year, so many possibilities, new goals, new dreams, new adventures. I am a believer that this magic can be felt everyday when you wake up, but many wait for new years to begin their resolutions. Here a few of my personal rituals.


Remember, this is all for fun. You have to have an open mind, and positive energy.

Mopping the house

My first ritual, which I learned from my Grandmother and mom, is easy, and fun. You start off by mopping your home, in my case, I mop the kitchen and bathrooms, because the rest is carpet. You then take the bucket with the water and leave it by your front or back door. When the clock hits midnight, you take the bucket, the water symbolizes the negative energy, and as you throw out the water, visualize throwing out the negative energy. It is simple, and it is fun. I have cherished memories of doing this with my mom growing up.

Lighting a Candle with Money Underneath
This one as well, is a tradition in my family. Once again, it is simple and fun. As the night approaches, take some coins, or bills (I prefer coins) and place them in a glass jar. Light a candle, it can be green, or white. Visualize the new year that is coming in, bringing in more wealth as the fruit of your hard work. Not only for you, but for those you love. Then place the bills, or coins next to the candle, and light the candle as you visualize the wealth. Let the candle burn itself out, so I suggest using a small candle, a tea light candle works great. Make sure it doesn't go out until after midnight. Then once it goes out, take the jar, and place it somewhere safe in your home, and leave it for the rest of the year in that spot. If you are using a dollar bill, then take the bill and place it under the mat in your door, therefor when people come in and out, that energy is spreading the wealth.

Letting Go

This one is one of my favorites. It is simple, and fun, and you can do it as a group or in private. You take a piece of paper. Before you do this, you can cast your circle. Make sure there isn't any negative energy around you when you work. Think about the things that you want to let go of, negative thoughts, habits, anything. Be confident that you want these things to move on, and you are ready. Write these things on a piece of paper, carefully visualizing letting go. You can write a simple word, or great detail if you wish. Whatever works for you. Then, take the paper and burn it. Make sure it is all gone. After that, pay a lot of attention to your thoughts, and when you see the negative thoughts creeping in, repeat the word "STOP" in your mind. Do it as often as possible, and with time you will see how everything begins to change. This wont work, unless you are truly ready, and have the power from within.

A White Candle for Peace

This one is all in the title. Take a white candle, and as you light it, feel the peace running through you, and visualize peace for you and your love ones. Let the candle burn, as you are sending these peaceful vibes to your surroundings as well as to those in your life.

New Year, New Hope

I believe everyone has their rituals for New Years, and in order for them to work, you have to believe in them. The New Year is about starting new, a second chance, hope for your dreams. And when you really believe in your personal energy, you are capable of making al of your dreams come true. Its all about that beautiful balance in the universe, and that beautiful feeling that we call Hope.


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