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New Zodiac Sign -Ophiuchus

Updated on December 27, 2013
12 Zodiac sign
12 Zodiac sign
new zodiac sign ophiuchus
new zodiac sign ophiuchus

What is Ophiuchus?

Astronomer Parke Kunkle, a Minnesota astronomy professor strikes a new conversation by adding a new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus to the astrology calendar this year. This announcement commences a wave of confusion among the people who believe in astrology. Astronomer Parke Kunkle further discloses that due to new changes in the Earth's alignment the dates of many zodiac signs have also transformed and there may be a 13th, a new Zodiac sign that would be called as Ophiuchus, the serpent holder.

Ophiuchus (the serpent holder) is an astrological sign that is not included in most versions of the Zodiac. The word ‘Ophiuchus’ means serpent-bearer in Greek. It is also known by the name Serpentarius and is located near the celestial equator. Ophiuchus is thought to represent several different characters from Greek mythology like Asclepius, Laocoon and Phorbas. The sign Ophiuchus is found in the Sidereal Zodiac, which is based on a moving Zodiac rather than the fixed ones used in Western astrology. The Zodiac sign, Ophiuchus falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This sign which was rarely used, has now forayed into the astrological picture.

This does not happen all of sudden. The 12 signs were nominated to different days of the year almost 3,000 years ago, at the time when astrology began. According to Parke Kunkle, this is the outcome of a steady move that has been happening over the past 3,000 years.

Astrological Theory Behind New Sign

Astrological principles say that the sun travels from the constellation Scorpios and then into the sign of Sagittarius. However due to the continuous motion of the cosmos, the Sun enters the star constellation 'Ophiuchus' for a few days of the year, before entering Sagittarius. This gives birth to a new zodiac sign, thirteenth sign of the Zodiac that is Ophiuchus.

If you are the one who believe in western astrology, then need not to be panic because western astrologers draw up horoscopes looking to the movements of the planets along a static zodiac based on the seasons rather then looking to the constellations.

This 13th sign of the zodiac is related to a real human being named Imhotep, who subsisted in ancient Egypt around the 27th century BC. Imhotep is acclaimed for bringing the art of healing, the knowledge and use of medicine to mankind. At that time symbol of a serpent was used to represent Imhotep.

Ophiuchus Sign Details

People who are born in between the dates NOVEMBER 30 to DECEMBER 17 are now associated with the 13th sign - Ophiuchus. Here are some attributes that describe this new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus:

  • Liking of vibrant colours specially in clothing
  • Bestowed with distinguished father
  • 12 number holds great impact in this persons life
  • apple of father's eye
  • looks for higher education
  • attracts good luck
  • predictor of dreams; instinct
  • seeks peace and harmony
  • haughty ideals
  • may have secret enemies in family

Check your Zodiac Sign

You can say that mingle of Scorpio with Sagittarius characteristics gives origin to new zodiac sign Ophiucus personality. The Zodiac sign many persons were born under, may now be dissimilar. You can check if your zodiac sign has changed:

  • Capricorn: Jan 20-Feb 16
  • Aquarius: Feb 16-March 11
  • Pisces: March 11-April 18
  • Aries: April 18-May 13
  • Taurus: May 13-June 20
  • Gemini: June 21-July 20
  • Cancer: July 20 - Aug 10
  • Leo: Aug 10-Sep 16
  • Virgo: Sep 16 - Oct 30
  • Libra: Oct 30 - Nov 23
  • Scorpio: Nov 23 - 29
  • Ophiuchus: Nov 29 - Dec 17
  • Sagittarius: Dec 17 - Jan 20

Arguments against the new sign

There are some people who argue that Sun signs must never be equated with fixed star constellations. They don’t believe that the real star constellations have been shifting relative to the astrological signs in course of years. In addition they argue that the Sun passes each year through the 13th constellation which includes the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus. They think that these are all incorrect assumptions

Astronomers use the Ophiuchus constellation while it is not included by astrologers. The new dates are not actually new to astronomers; however, astrologers never include this new zodiac sign Ophiuchus officially because they might have the opinion that the Sun doesn't spend sufficient time in this sign, hence not fit to be given an official position in the zodiac list.

Now it’s time for me to know your opinion. Do you believe in the existence of this new sign? Try to include your reasons.

Ophiuchus Poll

Do you believe in the existence of this new sign? Try to include your reasons.

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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi H P, Om And Jas,

      Thanks for your supportive comments.

    • profile image

      Jas 4 years ago

      No I am no Turas I was born June tenth and I am a proud gemini I've allways had the mindset and to have such a close to home sign I can take comfort in- I am Gemini






      Constintly on the move

      Shifting up down side to side

      Fowllowing only the drum of the wings of my thoughts

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 6 years ago

      Interesting. The new sign looks really funky. It doesn't affect me, though. I'm still a pisces! :)

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

      zodiac sign - a subject requires further research and search.