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New perception to facing Giants

Updated on November 4, 2010

Smooth stones.

Use what He provided..

Alright so young David has just come on the scene after the Philistine has challenged all of Israel in 1 Samuel 17 starting in verse 32. David being the boy that we see in this story, desires to responds to the challenge and goes to the king. The fact that he is just a boy and the philistine is a man trained in battle concerns the king. Though no other man in Israel, would dare to go out against this worthy adversary. This young boy David volunteers. Now after doing so, the king and the others started to dress young David in the king’s armor. David being as young as he is was unable to fit or move properly in the armor. So David decided it was best not to wear it. And went out and found himself five smooth stones from a near by brook.

Now as you can see from the story, David goes out against this philistine and is victorious. To the point that he even goes onto take the enemy’s own weapon and uses it to lop of his head.

The perspective I would like you to see is how when we have to face certain things in our lives that others are unwilling to deal with or confront, we must rise up to the situation and be victorious. With God we will be able to conquer. For Jesus has already overcome the world. Back to the story though, I would like to point out the part where the very one who should have gone out to stand against this foe was very quick to offer David what he thought was needed in the situation. The part where the king had David in his armor, well now this is like people in our lives today who believe they know what’s best and want to help out where they can, and are ready to send you out to observe the out come. Now I’m not saying that anyone wants to see you fail, but sometimes what may work for others may not work for you. Such as the armor, it just did not fit right and constricted David’s movements. We all deal with things in life differently.

So what did David do? He went out and picked out some smooth stones from a near by brook. Let’s call these the rainbow stones! Multi-colors like a rainbow. Like the rainbow God placed in the sky as a promise. They are going to represent the promises of God in our lives. Now David, instead of fighting with what others wanted him to fight with, chose to use what God had already provided for him along the way. In doing so he was able to disable the enemy. Then David took the very weapon the enemy fashioned against him and used it to remove his head.

Now, we know that the word of God goes forth and accomplishes what He intended it for, and does not come back void. When we take what God has already equipped us with or spoken into our lives so to speak, we can disable the enemy and use the very weapon that he fashioned against us on him. Think of it like this, we know the truth that set us free and are no longer in bondage to, let say pornography, but acknowledging the truth and by revealing the hidden things as such, we also can be used to liberate others who are in bondage and in doing so using the enemies weapon to take his head in victory.

Sometimes issues in life can be complicated and lots of people would rather avoid certain things than to address them. It’s easy to sweep things under the rug, than truly deal with the tougher things in life. What are we to do? Pretend there is no problem? It is easy to bury things so that our comforts are not threatened so our own sin is not exposed. So are we to all live in fear of what the others may think? Or fear of our sin being exposed? Are we not to go out to face the giants that are taunting us? By ignoring the true issues of life, and not exposing the sin for what it is, are we not truly doing more damage than the enemy is in the lives of our loved ones?

To keep people in bondage rather than working with what God has given us and not seeing them set free is a great injustice. We must be willing to stand and fight. We must rise up when no one else will, and address these things to see true liberation. To see our family members come to a greater freedom in Christ. We must be willing to be accountable and address these real and raw issues in life. Lets take the enemy’s head!


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    • profile image

      exorter 7 years ago from virginia

      very good!

      I have been advised to ignore things that is wrong in Church, such as speaking against other Churches, which is a hard battle to fight, Preachers do not want to hear that they are doing something wrong, but with encouragement from other Christians, just may be we will choose to fight to cleanse the body of Christ from leaven.

      thanks for your hubs