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Newsweek Making Money Off Jesus Under The Guise Of Critiquing Traditional Christianity...

Updated on July 16, 2013

NewsWeek Making Money Off Jesus Under The Guise Of Critiquing Traditional Christianity

Like past blogs, I am always on the lookout for those who would criticize those of us who believe in Traditional Christianity… and here comes the current Newsweek and its assassin in prose, Andrew Sullivan, malignantly criticizing Traditional Christianity. Mr. Sullivan is either ignorant of the tenets of the Gospel of Jesus or moreover, he refused to embrace the teachings that are anathema to the current spate of ‘Alternative Lifestyles” that are all the rage and are in vogue - incidentally, said lifestyles Jesus warned would be rampant at the end of the age. Mr. Sullivan must have known that the tenets of the Gospel did not support his premise - so he invokes Thomas Jefferson to augment his position, as if Traditional Christians will say, well, it is Thomas Jefferson, a Founding Father, and, therefore, he is infallible.

Mr. Sullivan conveyed that Jefferson had redacted from the Bible all of the supernatural feats recorded and attributed to Jesus and focused on the teachings. Now, the question that begs itself is that this Newsweek issue came out in time for Easter… a time which is symbolic of the greatest supernatural feat ever recorded, that of the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. We must then extrapolate from Sullivan’s premise and his invoking of Jefferson’s disbelief of the miracles of Jesus… that Mr. Sullivan places no credence into the Resurrection of the Christ.

Mr. Sullivan rails against those who preach ‘the Prosperity Gospel’ and there is some merit to his argument, but he mistakenly says that Jesus did not want anyone to be rich. Joseph of Arimathea was a believer in Jesus and it was the former who asked for Jesus’ body and buried it in his personal tomb… by the way, this Joseph was wealthy. In that same vein of thought… Zacchaeus was not only short of stature, but he was rich and a believer in Jesus, yet when the Christ lead him to Salvation, He did not tell Zaccheaus that it was sinful for him to be wealthy - I wonder then who gave Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, and Solomon their respective riches. Mr. Sullivan implies that - although Jesus said that He was in Heaven in the beginning before He came in the flesh and that He and the Father (Jehovah) are one - Jesus in essence was disassociating Himself from the acts of the Old Testament God. It is why Mr. Sullivan said that Jesus never spoke about homosexuality and abortion; Mr. Sullivan has to do this 'disassociation' between Jesus and God-the-Father because God deemed same sex relations an abomination and came down and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for those who were engaged in that behavior, among others (Genesis 19).

Why should I listen to Thomas Jefferson - notwithstanding his brilliant take and contributions to our Constitution and form of government - on the teaching of the Bible? Perhaps, I should give Jefferson more credence than the Apostle Peter who walked with Christ. I pose a question to Mr. Sullivan and our dead Founding Father Jefferson, who, one way or the other knows the truth now since he is in the grave, why, if all the disciples ran during Jesus’ trial/Crucifixion… then why the reconvening of all of the Disciples, save for John, who then preached the Gospel to their respective martyrdoms? Something extraordinary (Christ' Resurrection) happened for the Disciples to after running away to decide to get back together and become zealots for advocating this Gospel, which subsequently caused all their deaths. And since Mr. Sullivan is keened on invoking Jefferson’s take on the Bible and implying that the Founding Father lived according to the true Christian principles, I must piously convey that none of the Disciples owned slaves or saw fit to have children - those who were married - with others outside their marriages, Ala Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings....

The Quakers who have a Traditional take on the teachings of the Bible have always preached against slavery and Fornication/Adultery - I wonder what possess them to take such stances when such enlightened men like Jefferson owned slaves in abundance and slept with said slaves? I wonder what Mr. Sullivan has to say about Jesus’ saying that there is only one God and no one goes to Him but through Jesus? From the lawyers I have debated to Mr. Sullivan on this issue... always lie by saying that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality - but those of us who read the Bible know that this is false because Jesus more than once referenced Sodom and Gomorrah - I supposed we should ignore the meaning of the word ‘Sodomy’ and whence it came. In the Gospel, it is recorded that Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding… why do I have the feeling that soon people like Mr. Sullivan will make the wedding gender neutral, implying that Jesus would have condone same sex marriages… oops, I should also be trying to figure out Thomas Jefferson’s take on abortion and homosexuality... I have an inkling that the Founding Father would have been an advocate.


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    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      6 years ago from New York

      When John the Baptist was in his mother's womb - he kicked when hh recognized his Cousin and moreover his Savior - I supposed it would have been ok for the Baptist' mother to abort him at that stage - and note how old both babies were in their respective mother's wombs - Do I really need to address abortion with that knowledge. You implied I lied, but I did read the article - did I just culled Mr. Sulivan name from whole cloth? I have no need to lie because to do so that would betray my faith in the most blatant of ways. I noticed that you did not address the part of the Bible that speak out against sodomy... should I have quoted Romans - I know what you will say... Jesus did not inspire Paul to write that part. You may not believe me, but I have no lingeeing hatred for anyone and when hatred creeps up into me, I ask the Lord to forgive me... but I will not compromise the plain word of the Bible, yet, there are things I have done that are against the word of God and things I still struggle with, but I am not going to say something is ok because my flesh like it and the word plainly say is wrong. I supposed that when my preacher, or Paul or Peter or the very Christ admonishes about not partaking in certain behaviors - it is all hate speech. The Bible warns against cheating on my wife - I supposed that is hate speech or intolerance too. I should listen to you and Sullivan or even one our Founding Fathers and not the Apostle Paul or John, or Luke or Peter. I have never hide my bias concerning my faith - I am a traditional Christian... meaning any behavior that was wrong when Jesus was in the flesh, it is still so now. I do not treat the Bible like the Constitution as an evolving document - It is the unchanging Word of God. It was wrong to sleep with someone of the same sex then and it is so now; it is wrong to commit fornication/adultery then and it wrong now, even if I myself engage in such behavior. Throughout my blogs, I have enough quotes from the Bible and I will not do so for you because I have the sense that you know where to find them. Tolerance now is seen as lincense to engage in all kind of behavior, which we all fall short and do, but we should not lie and say it is scriptual when the Bible says it is wrong.

    • profile image

      Stephen Severance 

      6 years ago

      I read the same article in Newsweek just this week-end, but apparently I must have received the "non-Traditional Christian" issue, since I could hardly recognize the article from your review above! To begin with, I may have some mis-conception concerning the meaning of "Traditional Christian." Jefferson's own words quoted in the article, "I am a real Christian...that is to say , a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus," having been written in the 1770s, would certainly meet my perception, perhaps naive, of "traditional." Then, of course, the author of the article describes himself as a Catholic, one who "believes in Jesus' divinity and resurrection," basically identifying with a Christian faith dating back to not that long after Christ.Strangely, in the issue of Newsweek I received, no mention was made of redacting supernatural beliefs, but merely excised all but teachings directly ascribed to Jesus, rather than written down decades to centuries later, with the great majority of those writing never having EVEN MET Jesus.Basically, this simply left Jefferson with the Christianity that he chose to embrace, what he called "the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man"----strangely, the same form of Christianity I learned as a young man attending protestant church and studying the non-Jefferson version, likely the same version you read. No matter what version of the Bible, or in what language one read's it, it seems very hard to read anywhere the simple biographical elements of Jesus' humbly lived life and not perceive a wonderful teacher---one who taught not by mandate, but by example---an example of infinite love, tolerance, and, most important of all, inclusiveness---the very qualities seemingly missing from today's self-described "Fundamentsl" (capitals yours/theirs) Christians, who are usually better described as "Fundamentlists" of "Evangelicals," religions hard to describe as "traditional," since most were not around a 100 years ago, although certainly they've been around in some form or another since their Puritan forebearers were burning people at the stake in this country and long before. Anyway, I'd love to acquire a copy of the NewsWeek article you read, or perhaps simply leaven your next rant with a few actual quotes from the article and, even better, with some relevant facts, such as where in the Bible Jesus himself actually addresses birth-control,or for that matter, abortion.


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