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Newsweek biggest questions... Why are PK's the craziest kids in the world?

Updated on February 25, 2015

The beginnings of d) all of the above

Well, welcome to my blog... what I am about to divulge will be the utmost answer to Newsweeks cover story question and the ultimate reasoning to why my life has been the answer d) all of the above...

I was not only born on a Sunday, but spent every Sunday for the next 18 years in a prodestant church with or without prejudice.

I never once looked at my "religious" commitment as anything other than what just "was". When your father is the minister, the world seems to become a bigger, brighter and more enlightening place to exsist, ecpecially when people of the congregation can't talk to my father after services, so apparently the closest 5 year old to him seemed to suffice :)

Some of these people had feelings that I couldn't at the time explain besides desperation for God's forgiveness. The stories they told, the confessions they made and the passion for the need to tell someone. Being a "PK", the ony thing I was taught was just to listen and never speak. So I did...

I think I was about 6 years old when I noticed a painting my father cherished from his years on the streets of the Bronx. NYC (where he was from) of a budda in an abstract location on a black background with only small notations of white (besides the Budda). I, as well, became obsessed with the painting... at the time it never went past that until I became 8 or 9 years old when a friend of mine asked me to go with her to a bible study... of course my father agreed.

By the way tonight, off the topic... I got a new tatto on the entire left side of my body which is currently being a little abnoxious. I would show you guys the pic, but I'm currently PMSing and therefore bloated and have no intrest in showing you all my incredibly bloated gut. Give me a week to actually get my (oh hell) PERIOD when my gut will go back to normal...

OK - blame it on my adult onset ADD (the song "Sail - Feed me Remix' without the "adult onset" part) I know I'm leaving you ALL in breathless wonder to the answer to my what whatever the hell catagory I chose for this conversation...

Good... a little aderral and now I can focus :) Right, 8 or 9 years old (who on earth would remember now?) my father let me take the bus with my friend Lisa Williams to this crazy small baptist church (yeah, we'll get into Lisa another time GRIN) which I came to love and became the only little white girl who actually began attending services regularly just for the formality of the women who white gloves and sang gospel that filled my entire body with song, love, hope and grace.

My father let me follow that Baptist path and REASON 1 (PK) religion is the acknowlegment of God, whichever way he fills you... "explore every religion you can Jen... education in spirtuality could never make you less intelligent - it can only make you grow and realize God in every element. When you can appreciate God in every element, you can be complete. God will be there in everything you find"

Maybe when I was about 10 or 11 year old (again, who the hell would remember) after church one day, heard everyone's story of life from everyone who (again) couldn't get time to talk to my father, I went to him and asked the ultimate PK question... "What EXACTLY will God NOT forgive you for"... his answer explained Newsweeks question and held the future for every PK around the world for our "all of the above's".... " never kill anyone or yourself'. So, I responded "everything else will be forgiven?" His answer "YES".

What did you expect to be the result of THAT?....... ME and every incredibly AWESOME story that has followed me since.

Have a great night everyone... I'm on a quick ride of debauchery :)

Could I be anything else? I know I can be forgiven... ;)


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    • D-alloftheabove profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer McKinley (Peter) Moore 

      3 years ago from Middletown, New Jersey (currently)

      Thank you all... I'm going to attempt to write something brief, just to fullill my requirements ha ha ha - I have NO idea where I'm going with this so hold on to your breaches and lets have a go!

    • Jim McKinley profile image

      Jim McKinley 

      3 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      You say it well, sister.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am looking so forward to traveling this journey with you!!


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