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Night - All Black or A Splash of Colours?

Updated on August 19, 2014

Why Wait For The Night To Pass?

Man has always viewed night as the dark hours like it should be one's inborn right to attach a sense of fear to it and taboo it as an unholy curse! Right from the era of the stone age , man started to visualize night with doubt and suspicion as to what an apocalypse it might unfold in the next instant. He loved the sun and the day. After the sunset , the scenario changed and he used to crawl to a corner of his dark cave and pray for the light to reappear. A sudden flash of lightening across the horizon and he jumped up with joy and thanked the Master. Hence he created God who would relieve them of the blackness.

The tradition continued over the centuries and the children were taught to keep away from the dark room at hand.The frantic minutes when a child has to visit the washroom in the middle of the night can undeniably feel like hours to him. A sudden yet innocent hoot of an owl or a whisper of the wind can make even an adult pull the pillow or a blanket over his ears and sweat.


What The Nights Hold For Me...

The lifelong companions
The lifelong companions | Source

1. Some exercise for my creative brain

Night , to me , seems like a bliss. It poses itself as that wondrous phase of the clock when I can think properly and peacefully. Having scrambled through the deafening howls , squeaks and smoke of the whole day , my oxygen - deprived brain looks for some space to cool down. Being a party - hater myself , my soul longs for something more interesting...a pen and a copy , a drawing page or a board of chess can provide me with all the nutrients even tonnes of vegetables can not.

A tune , a random line of a song pop up in my head when I am alone. In fact , all that I have been able to compose and jot down , were born at night. Just as a car is a piece of junk without the fuel , creativity is just a word with people screaming around me.

It's amazing how a city surrenders itself to a night!
It's amazing how a city surrenders itself to a night! | Source

2. Solitude after a busy day

A cup of coffee and a seat by the window acts as a vital catalyst for my brain to reboot. The fresh and cool night wind that greets my tired eyes seems light years better than the A.C. The lonely street sleeps on and a distant cuckoo sings the elegy of a long - lost lover.

Often at night , the clouds engaged in hide-and-seek with the moon and the stars winking from beyond the unknown are the real mood-lifters for me.

The acres of greenery in front of my house look like an ocean with the leaves dancing like the waves in it. i like it the best when it rains and I can feel the dampness on the panes. I love the smell of rain!

Just not a six-string! A life!
Just not a six-string! A life! | Source

3. Music

Music is the oxygen which keeps me sane. A soft country music or a relaxation tune playing in the background with me immersed in it with a cup of coffee is my alternative to a night club.

Being a "boring person" to quite a few , whose television time is restricted to dinner hours only , and whose watching television means flipping through the news and sports channels , I don't find a great companion in it.

It is my guitar which seems to stay with me when no one else does. It sings , laughs and cries with me. After the fatigue of the whole day , I prefer to find some peace in the manuscripts and the voice of the strings gently ringing with the rhythms of the calmness of a night.

A raging ocean!
A raging ocean! | Source

4. A quality book

There is nothing like getting a hold on a nice book to spend the night with. A book can be the greatest of magicians to keep one mesmerized for days with all the gems between the covers. I can't keep track of the hours ticking by when I find a book of my taste.

Eyes strain but as long as my head doesn't drop on the open pages , I keep on reading with just a lamp awake in the room.

Just like my guitar , my books are a treasure to me , some of which may be very old , but are always in their best possible states.

A man gets to know himself in the perfect way when he attaches himself to nature
A man gets to know himself in the perfect way when he attaches himself to nature | Source

5. Reflections on the previous day

I love to focus on the day that just went past with all the incidents. It is necessary to have a look back on the positives as well as the negatives as each aspect has a lot to offer and teach , I think. The lonely hours offer me the chance to improve on the performances in the days to follow. It helps me to take better decisions and get ready for yet another battle of a day!

A dream!
A dream! | Source

6. Sleep

Well , that's the very reason why I am called an insomniac. Sleeping comes last in my to-do list , if it comes at all. I prefer the last few hours of night to take some rest and I sleep late. i guess my brain is made like that...that's speaking in general.

There are days when I am too tired to keep my eyelids up for work. Save for those nights , the lamp and the pen stays on for hours.


Let's hear from you!

What do you like the most about night?

See results

Have a look!

At night , what if...
What to do...
I feel really alone
Call up a close friend. They are generally ready to take your late-night naggings :)
I am really tired
Listen to a soft music. Refrain from any tasks,no matter how urgent they are.
i am sad
Go for something which really makes you happy. Indulge yourself in creating something constructive.
Some negative feelings which pop up after a busy day at work and the tentative possible solutions

The tendency of comparing night to death and 'the end' is so ridiculous and wrong! The darkness of a night can never indicate being all lost and void but it gives us the chance to cherish the wonderful stars which one can never witness in broad daylight.

We are never bothered by a is just the darkness that we are scared of. The moment we start embracing it and appreciate the countless blessings that each and every night brings with it , we can stop considering darkness as the end!

I fell in love with night. Did it love me back?

Well , I guess it sure did!


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    • Nilanjan Ghosh profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from KOLKATA (CALCUTTA),INDIA

      Thank you very much bluebird!

      It is all about blending oneself with nature and everything else just seems to be so free flowing. Sadly , we don't have any time to realize this fact.

    • bluebird profile image


      4 years ago

      I see night in a spiritual sort of way - it pictures the darkness of this present evil world. But it's the opportunity to SHINE! Lights in the dark walking a lighted path - "this is the way, walk ye in it." Most can't see the way or don't even want to, but it will change soon, it surely will!

      I enjoyed this hub and the video at the end, very good to see. And I liked your ideas and creativity.


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