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Night Prayer, A Poem

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 04/27/09 - Poem

Night has come, and the day has past
Time to bed down, and rest at last

God has guided me, through this day
On my knees at my bedside, I'll Pray

Asking God, my Lord of all
To lift me up, when I fall

To strengthen me, each and every day
To guide me through, show me the way

But as I, prepare to sleep
My soul I'll ask, Him to keep

His cover & protection, upon me
His forgiveness has, set me free

I'll rest all warm, and safe in bed
After I kneel, and bow my head

Seeking guidance, for the life I lead
Asking provision, for those in need

Pray for healing, for those in pain
Along the bed, where I'll soon be lain

A closing Amen, to God above
A thank you Father, for all His Love

Peacefully to rest now, upon my bed laid
Knowing full well, my debt has been paid

Silent slumber, throughout the night
To awaken again, when the sun shines bright


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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